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    And another fake looking story put out by the Sun, which doesn’t check out…

    Cops investigating a fund set up for Grenfell Tower victims that could have conned people out of thousands

    October 1 2017

    COPS are investigating a fund set up for Grenfell Tower victims which is feared to have conned people out of tens of thousands of pounds.

    Generous punters searching online for appeals to help those involved in the horror came across a website called


    The professional-looking site appeared genuine so hundreds are thought to have donated via PayPal.

    But they were horrified to then receive emails from the Met’s online fraud unit revealing they were investigating an alleged scam.
    The police message read: “You may have unwittingly been defrauded into contributing to a fund which did not exist and instead your payment has been received into a PayPal account which has not passed your generous donations onto the legitimate Grenfell Fire victims and families.” It is feared there may be victims all over the world.

    One woman who donated £200 said: “It is an absolute disgrace that anyone would take advantage of such a tragedy and the highly charged emotive feelings of people who want to help.

    “We searched online for Grenfell Tower disaster donations and there were several sites. We picked one at random but it came up on the first page of results on Google which made us think it was genuine.

    “We gave £200 and forgot about it.

    Suuuurre….Sounds like fabricated nonsense to me.
    Well, I am astonished anybody found this obscure site which apparently only appeared in one video link to an ITV news broadcast with currently 75 views [!], is not archived on the web and the secretive, anonymous domain has been “suspended” There’s zero hard evidence for any part of this story.

    I think we know the real scam going on here.

    The public donated £20m in the aftermath of the blaze to genuine charities of which £12m has so far been distributed.

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    The BBC Newsnight programme, ever keen to give a stamp of authority to the ridiculous “survival” stories [and doing the opposite] put the spotlight on the two “miraculous” survivors from the 23rd, top floor.
    Husband/Dad died. What is interesting is that the staged group of “evacuated” survivors at the base of the tower included Farhad and Flora Neda, along with Oluwaseun Talabi and family [see earlier posts] from the 14th floor…***
    see @ 7:04 in their crisis acting role, prior to their “induced comas” with breathing masks on their faces [and the obligatory “hospital” images immediately following…

    Elsewhere, we learn that Grenfell witness, 2009 Big Brother contestant and near neighbour and Labour Councillor Beinazir Lasharie, who was evacuated to a hotel [present address unclear] is now the DEPUTY MAYOR of K&C!
    August 11 2017
    Ms Lasharie, 37, her husband Damon Deiches, son Liban and daughter Aaliyah are living in a Knightsbridge hotel after they were evacuated from their flat following the June 14 blaze.

    Ms Lasharie, who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, said: “A lot of my friends have got children who witnessed it. We were all evacuated at 3am when there was a fear the tower would fall. All of our children saw the fire when it was at its highest.”
    Her children have been referred for counselling but are waiting for a date to see a specialist.
    Her friend Ishmael Francis-Murray, 35, who lives on the same estate and grew up in Grenfell Tower, said his sons Elliot, eight, and Kalel, four, have been forgotten about by local authorities.

    And here’s her friend peddling the script

    Olawaseun Talabi
    Grenfell Tower Fire Survivor, 14th Floor:
    “It felt like a action/horror movie at the same time, but you’re in it… I start tying things together, like blankets. I went around every room in the house, all the dirty blankets, all the clean ones, all the old ones we don’t use, I started tying them together… Shouting from the window, help us! I have a child here! I tied it around the window, tied it so hard, as hard as I could. People was telling me, “No, what are you doing? Don’t do it.” But I wasn’t looking to die in there…

    yea, right.

    We also learned that Francis O’Connor,
    the driving force behind the Grenfell Action Group blog [who didn’t even live in the tower, neither for that matter did Joe Delaney, the other writer –
    has relocated to Ireland. such unselfish, altruistic people. Third “friend” being
    Kelvin Chappell

    One more friend of Francis, another non-resident of the tower…
    Verity Close resident Stewart Hall, who lives just yards from the tower, said the community wanted to know where the rest of the money is going.
    “We’ve got no problem with money going to the LET, but we want to know where the rest of the money has gone,” he said.
    “I’ve got friends struggling to feed their families in hotels, who have no kitchens who are having to buy takeaways every day. And it’s a wider issue as you’ve got people on the estate who aren’t able to go back to work because they are too traumatised by what they saw.”
    August 10 2017

    if I’m not mistaken, I thought Crispin Flintoff, a Labour party activist and Corbynite was a friend of Francis on facebook, now disappeared – perhaps he’s now distancing himself?
    About me
    Other unlikely who “survivors” have been out peddling their fake sounding stories
    [see above post 850821]
    were also quickly interviewed by Pink News the same day, which I had missed –
    Gay couple who lost everything in Grenfell Tower fire saved by amazing ‘twist of fate’

    Were it not for an extremely fortunate series of events, Jules Ng’s boyfriend Lee Stewart, 29, could have been included in that figure.
    Speaking to PinkNews, Jules, 30, explained: “I was away in Crawley for work, staying in a hotel.
    “My boyfriend was in London, but because it was his birthday today he took the day off and came over last night. Thank god he did.
    “In all likelihood, at that kind of time he would’ve been at the flat, and it doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened.”
    The couple, who have been together for six months, moved into Grenfell Tower less than a fortnight ago after hopping around different properties.
    Jules, a management consultant, said he and Lee “were hoping to settle down – but it wasn’t meant to be.
    “We heard around 3am,” he recalled. “Our landlord called to check we were okay, because he was very concerned.
    “I was in complete shock. The first thing I did was to see what was going on; I went on my phone and there it was – my entire building on fire.
    “I couldn’t believe it. It was horrible.
    “There were people in there obviously, and it was our home, where all our stuff was – we’d just moved our stuff.”

    But they were in flat 185, a fully furnished luxury flat which had been unlet since 2016
    They thank everyone for the GoFundMe donations [is that their old luxury flat, exchanged for Grenfell tower? Or their real flat together?]
    . We managed to collect £8,567 in total.

    Not so convenient for work though, strange place to move to, not near Basingstoke.

    However, Guildford is much closer..
    comment at pink news…
    Sam • 4 months ago
    These men came in our REISS store today in Guildford and if they ever read this I hope they know it was a privilege to meet the couple and to see them so strong after what unimaginable horror they have been through. My thoughts and prays are with you for the future and if there was ever anything more I could have done I would have given you all the clothes in the store for free if I could have. My heart goes out to you both
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    Well well, Guildford is where Julian’s sister lives and Crawley’s where she works.–kiu/cb24/2516279017/
    Amazing coincidences.

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    An astonishing development – the BBC Newsnight programme, one of the main propagators of the fake Grenfell narrative, has dropped the absurd dropped baby story like a hot potato.
    Dramatic Grenfell baby story probably never happened
    I think we ourselves can drop the word probably. It never happened, and all the other stories about people coming down knotted blankets, people shouting, people dying…”probably” never happened either. If a few key witnesses lied to the media, why can’t every “witness” be lying? “Probably” the building was empty at the time. “Probably” nobody died.

    The news was reported in the media right across the UK and the world.
    But neither the police nor ambulance service have a record of the event, and experts have questioned whether it is scientifically possible.
    No witnesses quoted at the time were willing to be interviewed on camera.

    Paid liars?

    The Press Association tweeted an interview with a woman named Samira Lamrani.
    She told them that she had witnessed a woman on the “ninth or 10th floor” throwing a baby from a window and that the child was caught by a man below.
    The quotes were picked up by news organisations across the UK.
    Newsnight contacted Ms Lamrani but she declined to be interviewed. “My memory of that night is fading… I don’t want to talk about it,” she said.
    Another witness quoted at the time was the broadcaster and architect George Clarke who told Newsnight on the day of the fire that he saw a man catch “a kid” thrown out of the window from the eighth floor.
    When we contacted him for this report, he told us he did not wish to make any comment on the matter at all. “It’s such a contentious issue and I think it’s so hurtful to so many people,” he said.

    “Probably” nobody jumped out of the tower. “Probably” the people at windows with flashlights were stunt actors who knew they could easily get out before the building was completely torched. “Probably” a lot of ex-residents are doing very nicely wherever they went to, alive or “dead”. “Probably…”

    So why did the BBC come out with this? To shore up the rest of the phoney narrative? The 99.9 per cent of sleeping idiots believed the thrown baby story didn’t they?


    If we have “deaths” then we have to have “funerals”. Why the long delay? Perhaps to dribbled them out over a long period to keep the psy-op in the news or perhaps to coincide with the “inquiry”.

    Grenfell Tower ?? @Still_I_Rise_GT
    #Grenfell #Victim #Funeral Denis Murphy 12/10 @ 12:30 serv @ st marys of d angels burial @ kensal rise cem Wake at d pav. Rest in peace SIR
    7:36 AM – 8 Oct 2017 [3:36 PM BST]

    GMRU? @GrenfellMRU
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Due to the families wishes, we are not able to release location of the funeral. #Grenfell

    2:00 AM 4 Oct 2017 [10AM BST]

    Not able to release location!!! Joseph Daniels? Muslim? All very strange.
    Who’s Joseph Daniels?
    Joseph Daniels, 69: he reportedly suffered from dementia and, in a state of confusion, could not be persuaded to leave the tower. His remains were recovered from the 16th floor, where he lived, and the cause of his death was also recorded as “consistent with the effects of fire”.
    “Consistent with” is standard fake death parlance.

    From the Evening Standard
    He was identified by DNA.

    Another psy-op favorite.

    Is there anything else we know about Daniels and the rest of Flat 135, a 2-bedroom job? Well yes, actually, it was slap bang next door to the one bed flat, 134 of Edward Daffarn who was parading around the street in a dressing gown the next day for the cameras and has been one of the small cast of activists ever since.

    And From the Irish Times
    Wed, Jun 21, 2017, 01:00
    Patrick Smyth in London

    Sam, my nephew, tried to persuade his father to leave their 16th-floor flat as the smoke billowed through the building an hour after the blaze began. But Joe, who has suffered from dementia, was confused and would not be moved.
    Sam was forced to leave him as the acrid smoke began to make him feel faint. He appealed to firemen coming up the stairs to rescue his father, but when they retreated 15 minutes later, also driven out by smoke, there was no sign of Joe.


    Another elderly neighbour from the 16th never got out, but Eddie, whose bedroom abuts Sam’s kitchen, did. He says he was woken by an alarm in Sam’s flat which the latter never heard

    who’s the “other elderly neighbour?
    My sister, Sam’s mum, a one-time leader of the Grenfell tenants, hums again and again an old family favourite about the Titanic:
    another old hoax

    A social media site erroneously reports my sister as missing…. Meetings set up for Sam with a police family liaison officer.

    Another psy-op favorite, the “family liaison officer” to manage the “transition”.

    From the pre-Inquiry transcripts, July 20 2017

    Hello, my name is Lucy Daniels. I was a
    18 resident of Grenfell Tower from 1983 to the late 1990s….My son and husband were still living there when the fire happened. My son has survived; my ex-husband has perished.

    She then goes on to recount a fire in 1997 when studying for an exam [chemistry??] and putting wet towels around the door…

    “doors were two-hour fire resident, the front doors, and our internal doors were one-hour fire resistant”

    The male Daniels pair seem to have dropped off the electoral register for 2017
    Sam has been very quiet since the fire, silent in fact.

    Any more recent “funerals”? Plentye>
    Hundreds of people have gathered in the
    al-Manaar mosque in west London to say funeral prayers for three women and two children who died in the Grenfell Tower fire.

    A rather long delay. 29 September 2017 but one must “identify” the “victims”
    After the 75-minute ceremony on Friday, members of the mosque and the local community lined a narrow street close to the Westway flyover to see coffins containing the remains of the victims taken for burial at the Gardens of Peace Muslim cemetery in Hainault, Essex.

    In driving rain, grieving members of the families clung to each other and wept as the coffins, draped in green cloth embroidered with verses from the Koran, were brought out of the mosque and placed in hearses.

    The remains of Rania Ibrahim, 31, and her daughters Fethia Hassan, four, and Hania Hassan, three, were found in their flat on the 23rd floor. Rania’s husband, Hassan Hassan, an employee of the mosque, was in Cairo at the time of the fire and watched his wife’s harrowing video uploaded on Facebook in real time before boarding a plane back to the UK.

    Rania was identified by dental records, and her children by “anthropology and secondary supporting evidence”, Westminster coroner’s court heard. The provisional cause of their deaths was given as “consistent with the effects of fire”. The mother and daughters were identified three months after the fire on 14 June.

    Isra Ibrahim, 33, and her mother, Fathia Ahmed, 71, also lived on the 23rd floor. The two women are believed to have sought refuge with Rania, who was their neighbour, as the flames and smoke advanced up the tower.

    Isra Ibrahim’s brother, Abufars Ibrahim, 39, died of multiple injuries after jumping from the building, an inquest heard.

    There’s no evidence anyone jumped from the building, any more than a baby was thrown from it.

    The Grenfell Muslim response unit has estimated that a majority – perhaps 80% – of those living in Grenfell Tower were Muslim.

    It doesn’t look 80 per cent Muslim in the 2013 pre-renovation list of tenants and owners.

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    Latest Grenfell news, the number of households needing re-housing has risen again from 196 to 203 [there were fewer than 130 flats in the tower, of which some had no survivors, allegedly…i.e. no rehousing requirement]
    October 11 2017

    of the 203 households left homeless by the fire, 92 were still living in hotels with no other offer of accommodation.
    Just 10 of them have moved into permanent new homes, and 44 were in temporary accommodation.
    Another 40 households have accepted the offer of permanent homes and 17 have taken temporary placements, but have not yet moved in,

    Making, neatly, 203 when totalled… so where are the 57 not in hotels or temporary accommodation? [or permanent accommodation?]

    We also read…

    Grenfell Tower fire survivors whose immigration status was uncertain will have the chance to be granted permanent UK residency, the Home Office has said.

    Hence the possibility to create homeless vicsims out of thin air, with a prize of citizenship for playing their cards right, or perhaps just lending their names to the event.

    The list of “Expert Witnesses” for the 9/11 commission style Inquiry has been published:
    Dr Barbara Lane, FREng, Chartered Fire Engineer, Leader of Fire Safety
    Engineering at Arup
    Colin Todd, Fire Safety Consultant, CS Todd & Associates Ltd
    Professor Edwin Galea, CAA Professor of Mathematical Modelling, Director
    Fire Safety Engineering Group, University of Greenwich
    Professor José L. Torero, John L. Bryan Chair and Director of the Center for
    Disaster Resilience, University of Maryland, USA

    Professor Luke Bisby, Professor of Fire and Structures and Head of Research
    Institute, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
    Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, Director of Research, Centre for Anatomy and
    Human Identification,
    School of Science and Engineering, University of
    Steve McGuirk, former Chief Fire Officer Greater Manchester, Cheshire and
    South Yorkshire, former President of the Chief Fire Officers Association,
    Board Member and Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and former Lead
    Adviser to the Local Government Association

    October 12 2017

    “There are still some families, particularly bereaved families, who are not ready to make a decision and don’t want to engage in the process.”

    who must like their [alleged] hotel rooms..

    Mr Javid [UK Govt. Housing Minister] said the council had already acquired 167 properties for use as permanent homes by Grenfell survivors, and aims to have 300 available by Christmas, including some which may be given to families from social housing near to the tower which was damaged by the fire.


    No mention of the £20 million collected, approx, and what has happened to it. Latest addition from establishement artists, Anthony Gormley and others …
    hoping to raise another £1m.

    Proceeds will be distributed by the Rugby Portobello Trust. Ms Heller ** said 100 per cent of the funds would go to the 164 Grenfell families. The works will go on display at Sotheby’s from Thursday.

    Bonhams is also holding an Art4Grenfell auction on October 25 with works donated by more than 100 artists including Gilbert and George, Dame Zandra Rhodes and Alison Hunter.

    Back to 146 familes, down from 203.

    ** Independent art curator, founder of Art4Grenfell

    hmmm, not much going on there.

    The most recent fund report from the Charity Commissioners is here
    october 12 2017 status
    Total raised – £20,701,638 Total sent to distributing organisations – £16,545,255 Total distributed – £12,503,614
    [i.e. £8m plus sitting around somewhere, and how was the £12m spent? The London Emergencies Trust is sitting on most of the £8m still.

    The LET and RPT have different areas of “distribution”
    C) Payments are available for immediate distribution to the
    next of kin of each missing person who has died or is declared
    missing presumed dead in the fire (initial payment of £20,000,
    follow up payment of £20,000 and further follow up of
    £20,000. Making the total £60,000 for each individual who has
    died or is missing).
    D) Initial payments of £3500 for those who spent over 6 hours
    in hospital. £154,000
    E) Payments are available for immediate distribution to each
    person seriously injured and requiring hospital treatment
    requiring a stay of over 7 days (initial payment of £10,000,
    follow up payment of £10,000 and a further follow up of
    £5,000. Making the total £25,000 for any individual who has
    been hospitalised for at least a week).

    The Rugby Portobello Trust is the other big recipient and spender…
    Most of the £8,027,914 has been “spent” as follows…
    A) Initial phase given out £30,000
    B) Expenditure of grants from Evening Standard, , London Community Foundation and Artists for Grenfell *** funds £3,686,500
    F) £10,000 for every household from Grenfell Tower and
    Grenfell Walk
    from the K&C Foundation Grenfell Tower Fund £1,656,000
    G) Other distributions £272,967
    H) A grant of £15,000 will go to each of the 139 households
    from the Grenfell Tower and a grant of £8,000 will go to the
    26 households in Grenfell Walk. £2,242,500

    Total distributed £7,887,967

    hmnmm more inflation, only 22 addresses in Grenfell Walk, 129 flats maximum in the tower.
    Item B is rather tantalisingly opaque. Expenditure of Grants, mostly from the Evening Standard collections, nearly £4m???

    the record industry came together to record a single for the victims of the disaster. Over 50 artists gave their time and support to make this happen. The song is ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. This website has been built to create a donation page which, together with the money raised by the record

    From the Charity Commissioners’ report above, Oct 12 2017
    Artists for Grenfell and The London Community Foundation raised – £700,000 sent to distributing organisations – £295,000

    We can immediately see how the inquiry will try to square the circle of the “exploding fridge” [perhaps this lie will also be withdrawn, along with the jettisoned baby?] to the combustion of most of the building, and also , in 9/11 style, the forensic identiication of the vicsims, for which Professor Niamh Nic Daéid of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee has been brought in.
    no strange to the media…
    <strong>Her team were involved in studying the infamous Philpott case in Derby when six children tragically died in a fire set by their parents, Mick and Mairead. +++ They devised experiments to find out why, despite having smoke alarms fitted inside the house, none of the children woke up.
    , Niamh talks about the serious problems facing the world of forensic science. The field, she says, is in crisis. With rock-bottom research budgets, and the list of miscarriages of justice growing, how can we fix forensic science?

    +++Probably psy-op

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    I’m not sure where the JustGiving collections fit into the above scheme –
    e.g Time To Help UK Charity Registration No. 1160467 £32,585, emergency fund for victims
    Karolina Hanusova [Karolina Hanusova Hardy aka Karolina Golightly] £407,045 The Director of KCF [Kensington & Chelsea Foundation] has confirmed that all the funds from this fundraiser will be paased to the Rugby Portobello Trust.
    Well, the RBT only raised £343,414, so that sum can’t have gone through that organisation. The KCF raised EXACTLY £6m which seems to exclude the odd £407,045 figure…

    But the biggest JustGiving site for Grenfell was that of Haley Yearwood
    Haley is a teacher, director of learning, Year 9, at Kensington Aldridge Academy, the school which the Grenfell Action Group didn’t want built…
    £1,418,245 raised! Where did that go to?
    Ans. – Family Action
    We will be establishing a new grants scheme in order to disburse £750,000 of the money Haley raised which will launch in the next few days. The rest of the money [appprox £668K] raised will fund a long term responsive service providing practical and emotional support to the Grenfell community


    The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, still open for a few more days, no doubt to hit £2m in donations…
    The appeal and distribution of funds to victims in need of support will be run by the London Community Foundation
    Current total £1,994,262 although the ESDF/LCF total, whether including or excluding JustGiving stands at £6,200,000 currently.

    Family Action separately raised £306,544
    We have now spent £318,000 – 100% of they money received. As we raise more money we will continue giving grants to those who lived in Grenfell Tower or Walk.

    You can hear our CEO David Holmes talking about our grants service at at 01:09:19. We are considering all grant requests within two working days so we get the money to the applicants very quickly. Applications for grants are made through our referral partners: ClementJames, Westway, The Rugby Portobello Trust, Action on Disability Kensington and Chelsea and The Venture Centre. These organisations are able to make grant applications on behalf of Grenfell residents that they are already supporting

    what might these Grants be for?
    • extraordinary or unexpected one off costs (such as to cover non-routine child care needs, e.g. to allow parents to attend therapy sessions or housing appointments, or large phone bills incurred contacting friends and family following the fire);

    • leisure activities and day trips to support families in rebuilding their family lives; or

    • the replacement of specialist equipment lost in the fire, such as to support with a disability or other particular need.

    We have kept the criteria for grants broad and flexible to meet the varying needs of people directly affected by the fire. We are considering almost any need for funding as long as the case is made to us about why it would help an applicant.

    We are offering grants of up to £2000 per applicant, with the option for people to apply again after six months, subject to the availability of funds.
    No mention of insurance claims anywhere by former residents.

    What about JustGiving? We note that one of the two founders has just retired from the business she co-launched, Zarine Kharas in 2000.
    FirstGiving in the US.
    No profits made for the first 5 years…hmmm £4 billion raised by 2016. Yet they take a 5pc cut for running costs.
    All very interesting. The Grenfell fire was evidently very good for business on that score. There were many other smaller JustGiving funds set up for individuals or families connected with the tower.

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    Early actor Rayaan Haq – where did he go to?
    Rayaan Haq @rayaanhaq ?
    Entrepreneur. Visionary. Motivator. Philanthropist.

    A great 15 minute oration, June 18, a trip through the official script
    Rayaan Haq, who lost a friend in the tragic blaze, vented his anger at Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy as he spoke to journalists and residents in west London this afternoon.

    As Commander Cundy gave a statement, Mr Haq shouted: ‘Will there be a criminal inquiry into the construction company that used the material which is banned in Dubai and redacted a statement that initially said they had checked fire safety standards?
    “The whole family had died…on the 20th floor”

    i.e. the 23rd floor.

    Worth also seeing the other fake stories put out by the press
    One witness said he saw a “child on fire” jump from the 22nd floor of the tower block.

    He said: “The fire started happening on third floor, we called the fire bridge who came 20 minutes later, and then the whole thing just went up.

    “An hour-and-a-half later I saw a kid on the 22nd floor on fire, he walked to the window, and he jumped.

    Samira Lamrami [discredited in the dropped baby story] also claimed a resident made a “homemade parachute” to lower himself out of the window as the fire raged.

    Another key emotive actor is Sajid Jamalvatan, [q.v. passim, 3rd floor living with mother and sister, apparently, a new, post renovation flat] who gave this emotive interview to complicit BBC Channel 4 news in July
    He was “at the cinema” that night and just returned to see the fire….”They’re there to kill us. Does this look like an accident?” No, it doesn’t! But nobody died,fortunately. “I’ve got a list of 123 people dead” Has he now? “More than 123 people….150…160” “I can take the ashes to my laboratory…”
    Reporter Jackie Long also interviewed
    Paul Menacer
    who it is said lost everything and was the beneficiary of a JustGiving Page
    Paul Menacer lived on the third floor of Grenfell Tower and managed to escape the fire
    i.e. the 6th floor.
    I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

    He was quickly into the media the same day…

    “I could see about 19 floors of flames above my head”
    woken up by “scraming, ‘don’t jump’, ‘stay in your flat’
    You were there alone…once I heard loads of shouting I went to the window…I went down to the main corridor area …as soon as I opened the front door…huge fume of black smoke coming towards my face…put my shoes on … t-shirt, shorts, went down the fire escape exit…others there? Firefighters wearing BA sets going towards the fire…really heroic of them… ”
    No mention of his neighbours by name!

    “Run run run’ I ran down to the bottom…the side of the building where the fire had actually started…looked up…could see about 19 floors of flames above my head run run to a safe zone .I did see two bodies on the floor so I would assume they jumped off the building…a lot of people still in the building at that time flashing their lights…small young lookingkids no older than ten about two of them, flashing torches…”

    Yes, he’s got the script.
    Mr Menacer is said to be a Crossrail construction worker for Morgan Sindall at Pudding Mill Lane, East London.
    Pre-renovation Flat 33, sixth floor, is occupied by Mr Rafik Menacer as sole occupier, and listed as such until 2016 at
    He has no connection with the fire, or any subsequent story. It’s a TWO bedroom rental flat.


    Paul Christopher K Menacer, birth also registered as Paul Christopher K Deegan 1994

    c.f two other Menacer births registered under two different names in Hammersmith
    Chanel Paige Z Querino/Menacer 1992
    Federico Lotfi F Fumagalli/Menacer 1990/1

    A marriage is listed at of Rafik Menacer to Patricia S Clarke but not listed at Genesreunited.
    who is the grandmother of Chanel
    Chanel Menacer Love u nanny Patricia Clarke x
    17 September at 19:58

    birth BEHIYA SARA Menacer [Clarke] 1981 listed at Free BMD
    An Alan J Clarke married an Ilhem Menacer in 1985 in Kensington.

    Looks complicated. Leaving this family, who’s living next door to number 33 in this neighbourly block, where everyone knows everyone else, allegedly?
    Josephine and Avelina A Shah [daughter and mother] at number 32, 2-bedroom flat also.
    JustGiving page also!
    £4475 raisee

    Thankyou all so much for your amazing support. Your incredible generosity will go a long way in helping my mum and I get back on our feet and move forward from this tragedy which has changed so many lives.
    From Josephine X
    Like · Reply · Jul 10, 2017 6:40pm
    b 1979
    Father Syed I.H. Shah, mother Avelina A Polidario
    who has gone to ground, one of the many “survivors” who have melted away without comment.

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    Who is the mysterious Rayaan Haq who was given a set among MPs, councillors and a few other key witnesses for the official narrative?

    e.g. at 10.30, 17:15, 25.10 where he talks about “WE” [not specificied] and that HE had a meeting with the UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, no less!

    “structural racism of which that building is a manifestation” – youth worker Daniel Renwick. Emotive, inflammatory nonsense. Quite a number of professional people lived in the tower. ***

    yes, Rayaan repeats the Amber Rudd story on his facebook page

    Here he is again with the tiny handful of vocifierous and articulate agitators and “survivors” at the start and around 15.00

    “845 homes”

    From the first video

    Fire Brigades union spokeswoman Lucy Masoud based at Chelsea Fire station:

    “We’re anygry as firefighters We weren’t able to rescue as many people we wanted to ….I’ve spoken to my colleagues who told me they litallly had to choose who they were going to rescue and who they were going to ;eave and die” I spoke to a colleague of mine who was presented with a mother and daughter
    “She saved the mother had to leave the daughter. This is absolutely unacceptable
    That fire shoudln’t have happened. There’s no way that fire should have spread in the manner it did”
    Er, didn’t the fire start [allegedly] as a fridge fire on the 4th floor which the fire brigade extinguished?

    Chose to leave the daughter?

    The man at 20.32 and 29.10 appears in both meetings but is not named.

    *** in fact the tower was “Full of talent” – Jon Snow, Channel 4 news.

    Including the young girl who allegedly died [along with her whole family at flat 192, idenfication confirmed “by DNA”..], but had met Bill Gates only four weeks beforehand…. fancy that.
    Pre-renovation occupant Nura Jemal aged 35, two bedroom flat. No trace of husband Hashim Kidir.

    deaths were “consistent with the effects of fire”.

    [inquest] As always.

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    The hoax continues to give and give.
    Now, we have 11,000 people needing counselling. Good work for the psychologisgts.
    And Pilgrim Tucker [q.q.v] of the “Radical Housing Network”[who worked with the Grenfell Action Group in 2015] reckons [BBC Radio Nov 1 2017] reckons hardly anybody has been rehoused!
    cue Tiago Alves, not unexpectedly. cue the NHS Grenfell Team, lead psychologist Dr Andrew Eagle, 70 extra psychologists, allegedly.
    Residents of three blocks next to Grenfell Tower [Barandon, Hurstway and Testerton Walks] who are living in temporary accommodation fear that they will be forced to return when the estate is refurbished even though many have traumatic memories of the deadly fire.
    [another engineered fear sub-project]

    A fascinating BBC Newsnight clip from June 14 involved Tucker and “Dr Shatha Hadhram/Ben Hadhram/Al Hadhram, a Kuwaiti nati
    onal who seems to have qualified in medicine, briefly but is more of an architect/engineer!
    Here she is wearing hoax quality blue gloves, with Pilgrim, stating that she rushed on foot from her address in Paddington to Grenfell tower where she was the only doctor present for nearly 8 hours…Unbelievable.
    And she’s not even working in the NHS.

    Rose keith? @Rose2keith
    #GlenfellTower dr shatha hadhram first doctor to arrive on site @3am second dr arrived @10:30am and both were volunteers those are heros!
    6:06 am – 15 Jun 2017 [2:06 PM BST]

    Imperial College London
    Degree NameMaster’s Degree Field Of Study town Planning Engineering
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2011 – 2012
    -Town Planning
    – 3D Modelling
    – Architectural Visualization
    – Structural & Civil Engineering
    – Planning Permission Consultancy
    – Project & Property Development
    Imperial College London
    Imperial College London
    Degree NameDoctor of Medicine (M.D.) Field Of StudyMedicine
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2010
    Clinical Attachment at London Charing Cross hospital 2008
    Junior Doctor at St.Marys Hospital London 2010

    And Yes I Quit My Job after that , I had enough with dealing with medicine 🙂
    I changed My Field.

    Company NamePortman Gate
    Dates EmployedOct 2016 – Present Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos
    LocationLondon, United Kingdom
    As Chairman and Head of Acquisition I am responsible for sourcing new projects/developments all over the UK.
    Portman GS Ltd
    Chairman of the Board
    Company Name Portman GS Ltd
    Dates EmployedFeb 2008 – Present Employment Duration9 yrs 10 mos
    LocationLondon, United Kingdom
    [HQ 64 Knightsbridge, London]

    Here she is “She’s a doctor” [but not since 2010…]

    Very very strange. “the only doctor on site until 10.30 treating people with high blood pressure, diabetes, panic attacks, treating all the non-existent evacuees from the tower who don’t appear in any videos….
    Tucker seems to be smiling a lot so soon after such a “tragedy”.
    Perhaps an NHS doctor would like to comment?

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    An interesting clip, filmed from another tower block.

    as the camera [invited to the event?] pans around in simulated amateur style, we can see no fewer than nine ambulances parked up, and when five are zoomed in on, we can see that there’s precious little activity going on.
    No escaping residents suffering from smoke inhalation, nothing.

    We can also note the La Hoax YouTube channel which is keen to say it’s all not a hoax. “100% Real Not a Hoax”. Well, the fire was real.
    All the channels which are screenshot towards the end of the video have been shut down…go figure.

    Grenfell Tower Fire – Hoax Theory Debunked #1
    The channel is a continuation of EclipseXD and another suffixed XD. Other videos are clips from news items, highlighting unbelievable witnesses [as found in large numbers around Grenfell tower….] e.g. from the Las Vegas 2017 shooting viz Hoax Theory #x etc.
    I paraphrase what La Hoax says at the start of the Grenfell “debunking” although he doesn’t mention fires, only shows images of them, Dubai etc…[start of video]

    Logic dictates…any mass shooting/terrorist attack is likely faked… if those we have identified as fake are truly fake then they’re all fake, because if these occurred with any frequency you wouldn’t need to fake them…why would you run the risk of faking one, rather than waiting for the next inevitable real one to come along?

    Perhaps someone can disambiguate that?
    We can’t apply logic to the lie system. What’s the risk of faking an event? Nobody dies, nobody gets hurt, nobody blows the whistle. Why is La Hoax so protective of the Grenfell Fire?


    Well, fancy that – we have a staged tower block fire in Dunmurry, Belfast, Northern Ireland and the next morning, further “confirmation” that 71 people “died” in Grenfell Tower.
    The Belfast event is from the same psy-op handbook as the Shepherds Bush and Bethnal Green fires –
    they believed the fire was “accidental” and that the man “was making toast at the time”.
    The fire service rescued a man from the ninth-floor flat in which the fire broke out.

    No exploding fridge this time. Perhaps an exploding toaster..

    It seems like the authorities were having trouble getting more than 71 deaths extracted from the Grenfell narrative.

    Seventy one victims of the Grenfell Tower fire have been formally identified and police believe that all those who died have now been recovered.
    The number of victims includes baby Logan Gomes, who was stillborn in hospital on 14 June, the day the 24-storey blaze broke out.
    The identities of the last two bodies found in the west London block were confirmed by the coroner on Tuesday.

    “Specialist teams working inside Grenfell Tower and the mortuary have pushed the boundaries of what was scientifically possible to identify people.


    Commander Cundy told BBC News: “There was only one way in and out of the tower and [CCTV] footage shows 223 people came out and survived.”
    He said not all 223 people were residents, some were visitors, and some residents were not in the tower at the time.
    While the final stage of the search operation is not expected to conclude until early December, the Met said in a statement: “Based on all the work carried out so far and the expert advice, it is highly unlikely there is anyone who remains inside Grenfell Tower”.
    Specially trained officers from the Met, City of London Police and British Transport Police have been involved in the search and recovery operation, thoroughly searching every single flat on every single floor.
    Officers have examined 15.5 tonnes of debris on each floor, helped by forensic anthropologists, archaeologists and forensic dentists or odontologists.

    specially trained in hoaxing… CCTV footage??? Oddly, media footage shows nobody emerging from the tower apart from one or two well known actors from the script pretending to be having breathing difficulties.
    Earlier this month, serial fraudster Anh Nhu Nguyen, 52, admitted two counts of fraud after claiming his wife and son died in the blaze, to pocket £12,500 intended to help victims.
    Another actor playing his small part role, along with the African actor who allegedly took photos of non-corpses, in the much bigger deception who was fingered earlier in the thread.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    I posted this in Discord but thought I might add it here for the record.
    In looking at the Belfast fire I was led to an intriguing detail in the reporting of the Grenfell event in the Northern Irish press.
    We remember the big inverted V shown in most all of the UK papers but I found Belfast Live went with something more akin to a huge H .

    I can’t remember ANY photo in the English press that even closely resembled this H shape to the fire.

    Northern Ireland, Blocks and H’s only suggest one thing in my mind – the notorious H-Blocks of HM Maze Prison which housed all Ireland’s most notorious terrorists.

    Closed since 2000, it seems the old place is being given a flaming reference .

    Perhaps then, not surprisingly 13 times Academy Award nominated big Irish Film Maker Jim Sheridan’s next film is going to be called, yeh, that’s right. ‘H Block’
    Jim Sheridan’s Prison Break Movie ‘H Block’ Being Postponed




    Some more detail emerges on the simulation of finding human remains in Grenfell Tower – as with 9/11:
    November 16 2017

    Some remains were difficult to identify because many victims had huddled together on upper floors. Some bones recovered were just 5mm long. The operation, assisted by advisers who investigated the 9/11 attacks, included 200 people in the tower.

    Back in July, this sub-drill simulation kicked off:

    Sergeant Alistair Hutchins, who was one of the first officers from the Disaster Victim Identification Unit (DVI) to enter the block, said: “We are looking at a fingertip search, of all flats on all floors.”
    He explained that officers will be on their hands and knees using small trowels, shovels and 6mm size sieves to help find small fragments of bone and teeth, which can be used to identify victims.

    sure…I bet the bones were all fused together in that huddle. Fakers assisting fakers. I’m looking for words like femur, skull, but I ain’t finding them.

    From about 0.34 in this video, we see the self same cockney geezer Alistair Hutchins from which the above article has been taken. It’s just a simulation.

    he’s been doing DVI for 18 years, he says [and has only progressed to serjeant…hmmm]
    “we’ve got a rough estimate of 4 months” says the geezer in mid July.
    And four months it was. Amazing crystal ball.
    It’s all BS.

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    I posted this in Discord but thought I might add it here for the record.
    In looking at the Belfast fire I was led to an intriguing detail in the reporting of the Grenfell event in the Northern Irish press.
    We remember the big inverted V shown in most all of the UK papers but I found Belfast Live went with something more akin to a huge H .

    Hmmm interesting choice of image – it comes from the London Fire Brigade’s own twitter feed, sent at 2.49 AM on the night of the staged fire. Probably they have a lot of time on their hands to send out tweets to the world’s MSM while these huge fires are raging.

    and here come the idiots…
    Occasion Candle? @CandleOccasion
    Replying to @LondonFire
    Huge thank you and well done to our wonderful services

    No, well done to our intelligence services for thinking this one up.

    Incidentallly, here’s one uploaded for the benefit of the MSM at 2.11 AM

    Branden Faulls? @omphe
    Colossal fire in Grenfell Tower. Huge London fire brigade presence and professionalism.

    6:11 PM – 13 Jun 2017 [PT]
    Branden Faulls? @omphe Branden Faulls
    I make digital things and connect ideas and people. Polyglot, full-stack tech troublemaker and ex-ballet dancer.

    11h11 hours ago
    My pornstar name is “Syntactic Sugar”

    Janie? @ilsared
    Jun 13 5:53 AM BST

    Replying to @omphe
    It looks like it went right up the whole side before encompassing the entire building. Suspect

    Yes, Janie, indeed it was suspect.

    So, is Branden a North Kensington local, who got woken up at ? Seems not

    Princes Risborough….

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Probably they have a lot of time on their hands to send out tweets to the world’s MSM while these huge fires are raging.

    Hah, yeh. Obviously an important part of good 21st century fire fighting, tweeting.



    Probably they have a lot of time on their hands to send out tweets to the worl Obviously an important part of good 21st century fire fighting, tweeting.

    It can be quite draining, posting all those images and tweets onto social media, hence the need for frequent breaks to prevent “burn-out”
    images from “fighting” the Grenfell fire as it was allowed to “burn out”


    The last two of the “71 who died” have been named…
    CCTV from within the foyer of Grenfell tower is available, says the policeman Supt Stuart Cundy
    Just like the WTC… making it look busy, hence the alleged 223 “escapees”. I guess it might be released but we will need to look at it sceptically to see how it was fabricated.

    A 71-year-old woman and her daughter, who died next to each other, are the last two victims of the Grenfell Tower fire to be identified.

    Police said 71 people died in June’s devastating blaze, including a stillborn baby whose mother survived.

    All those who died have now been recovered, police said.

    Victoria King and her daughter Alexandra Atala, a 40-year-old whose picture has not been released, were “devoted to one another”, their family said.

    In a statement, Ms King’s siblings said: “We were devastated to hear of our sister, Vicky’s, fate, and that of her daughter, Alexandra, in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

    “Some comfort can come from the knowledge that she and Alexandra were devoted to one another and spent so many mutually-supportive years together.
    “They died at each other’s side and now they can rest together in peace.

    “We will remember them always.”

    Scotland Yard said it is providing “every support we can” to the bereaved.

    Here’s Victoria King, nee Bennett, who has a daughter, Alexandra Catherine Atala b 1977 ….really? They’re laughing at us. Father Erkan D Atala now residing in Teddington.

    photo of 71 year old woman, would you believe….

    And who are “their family”? [who always like to provide quotes in any hoax]
    Ms King/Bennett’s siblings?

    Ship ahoy!

    BUT a man of multiple facebook identities – Turkey ahoy!

    A Victoria King had lived in flat 172 on the 20th floor but last on the electoral roll in 2013….
    I wonder where mother and daughter are “resting” i.e. relaxing. Somewhere sunny I hope.

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    The last two of the “71 who died” have been named…

    Well that’s amazing since back on June 19

    The number of people dead and missing presumed dead after the Grenfell Tower disaster has risen to 79, police have revealed.

    The extra 10 “survivors” may NOT include the Syrian Khudair family as this article confirms who mysteriously showed up alive.
    Police have revealed that five people reported missing in the Grenfell Tower fire have been found safe and well.

    Commander Stuart Cundy announced the news in a statement shortly before 11am today but did not reveal the identities of the survivors.

    It is not clear if this family of five is the same five referred to by police in the statement earlier today.

    One of the daughters, Rawan, speaking via Facebook, confirmed that the family had survived but that their flat was burned down and all their belongings destroyed.
    The family were reported missing by Catherine Lindsay, who had been tutoring them in English.
    The Khudairs moved to west London after fleeing as refugees from Syria.

    Anything else to prolong this massive hoax?
    November 17 2017
    Hundreds of residents from three streets close to Grenfell Tower are still living in hotels five months after the disaster and are being encouraged to return to their homes.

    About 360 households left Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk and Testerton Walk immediately after the June 14 fire because it destroyed their central boiler.

    The homes — which were not damaged by the blaze — have undergone a major refurbishment but Kensington and Chelsea council says 125 households have not moved back.

    Residents are now being offered £300 a week in financial assistance for the first two months if they return,
    as well help with moving.

    This was telepgraphed back in early August 2017
    Households from the three “finger” blocks near the high-rise – Testerton, Barandon and Hurstway Walks – are expected to receive “in the region of £2.7 million” in support from Kensington and Chelsea Council.
    The amount is based on the assumption that all households will take up offers of support and will cover grants, redecoration and cleaning services as residents attempt to rebuild their lives after the blaze tragedy, in which at least 80 people died.

    So, were they damaged [link abvoe] or “not damaged”? [link above]?

    “Police belive 293 people were in the tower when the fire started.”




    Over at Cluesforum, Cluedin notes a Bataclan “fraudster” with whom justice catches up…
    and asks

    I am not sure how to go about this story : how do we fit a criminal conviction for posing as a terror victim with the general suspicion of media fakery, which must surely involve the judicial system itself ?

    Well, I am pretty sure that these fraudulent sub-plots are part of the original script to shore up the whole fake story, a hoax within a hoax, and with the judicial system having yet another drink at the well of public taxation. Of course nobody is going to prison for being an actor in the psy-op
    Here’s our Mr Nguyen, who somehow [lol!] managed to fool the police and royalty

    He was discovered to be a fake when he gave several different flat numbers, some of which did not exist and one where a real victim lived.
    Nguyen showed no emotion as he entered his pleas through a translator.
    He will be sentenced on 15 December.
    Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and has been in the UK since the 1980s. He is a British citizen and has 17 aliases.
    He has 28 previous convictions for 56 offences spanning more than 30 years, including theft, arson and grievous bodily harm.
    Kate Mulholland from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Nguyen’s deceit in the aftermath of such a catastrophic loss of life was breathtaking.
    “He was willing to lie again and again, adapting his story when it was questioned, in order to profit from the huge aid efforts and outpouring of sympathy for true victims.”
    Elizabeth Campbell, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said: “It is disgraceful.
    “Fraud on any level directly and negatively impacts our efforts to give crucial help and support to the victims and survivors of the fire.”

    The whole story is laughable, totally unrealistic even for a B-film.
    I think we can detect a pattern though in these hoaxoes:
    Petty fraud within a much greater fraud

    And the Sun newspaper is warming up the rabble for some further indignation when our actor, heading off to alias #18, is sentenced soon.

    On June 18, Nguyen headed to the West Way Centre, which had been set up for those who had lost property and family, telling organisers that he had lived at flat 17.
    He was given £100 in cash, then given £260 in cash before being given accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express at the cost of £2,000.
    Three days later he applied for £5,000 at the West Way Centre, telling organisers that he lived at flat 18.
    <Detectives from the Met launched an investigation after suspicions were raised about the validity of Nguyen’s claims.
    Relatives of the person who lived in the flat Nguyen said he lived in were made aware of the investigation, and were spoken to by their family liaison officers.>

    but there is and was no flat#17 or #18….more nonsense

    DC James Tauber, the investigating officer, said: “Nguyen’s fraud was designed to make sure he profited from the support intended for the true victims of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.


    Ali Yawra Jafari aged 82….[wife Fatima aged 78] who allegedly tried to take an elevator because he had a heart condition…
    A Maria Jafari, daughter, was also registered at the address, but other children seem to have dropped off the electoral roll before 2015, odd because flat 81 is only a one-bedroom apaartment.

    The ridiculous story is here, from June 15,
    Are they really all in the [one bedroom] flat? Nadia, Maria, and the aged parents? Nadia is 27,apparently, 51 years younger than her mother….so we’re told.

    Maria goes to the ground floor in the elevator with her mother, but aren’t allowed back in to the building by firefighters, leaving her father, whom they declined to wake, in the flat… sure thing.
    BTW “By a miracle her sister Nadia survived the blaze after she managed to stumble out of the building.”
    Oh really?

    The story is such utter BS, that it needs repeating in full…
    Ms Jafari told the emergency crews her 82-year-old father was a heart patient and gave them the keys to her flat.

    In the meantime, upstairs, Mr Jafari and 27-year-old Nadia were struggling the escape the growing inferno.

    Shortly after Maria had left the flat, Nadia realised she had to get her father out so took him into the corridor.

    The elderly man was so terrified of the naked gas pipes in the stairwells he tried to escape with his daughter by using the lift, but after descending just one floor it filled with choking smoke.

    “They both said let’s go in the lift, it will go quickly. Because on the stairs they put the pipes for us; they were planning for our death,” said a traumatised Maria.
    What happened next is unclear, but it is believed Nadia was rescued by a firefighter, while her father lost consciousness in the lift or a few paces from it.
    “They couldn’t breath,” said Maria. “If normal people couldn’t breath, how could my father – he’s a heart patient?”

    Fighting against the choking smoke Nadia managed to stumble out of the building, but her father, has not been seen since.

    Around five or ten harrowing minutes later Maria was reunited with Nadia, as she stumbled clear of the tower, coughing and with a blackened face.

    She managed to splutter just seven words: “I lost my father in the lift.”

    Nadia was treated in hospital but has since been discharged.

    As with 9/11, just another empty building and a cast of deceivers.

    Six months later at a big jamboree/cRoyal commemoration service in St Paul’s Cathedral, the above deliverers of that totally unbelievable story were wheeled out Maria Jafari, 38 met Prince Harry along with “surviving” members of her family, including her mother 78. Indeed, they did seem to have “lost” their father in the fire,
    As Mrs Jafari began sobbing for her husband, who was 82 when he died, the prince asked an interpreter: ‘Just tell her I am so incredibly sorry for her loss.’

    Nadia Jafari, who escaped from the fire but lost her father, Ali Yawar Jafari, read a poem by the 13th-century Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi called Remember Me.

    PRINCE Harry comforted the sobbing daughter of a Grenfell Tower victim at today’s emotional service.

    I am incredibly sorry I can’t believe a word of the Jafaris’ ridiculous story.

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