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    And inside today’s Irish Daily Grot are a couple of implausible letters, purportedly written in the 1960s. Supposedly penned by (semi-literate) nuns at the Co. Tipperary children’s home mentioned by Tom above.

    Pretty much everything is wrong with these letters; they flunk the basic scratch-and-sniff test.

    From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2651766/We-need-dig-babies-graves-Ground-Penetrating-Radar-reveals-lies-beneath-Tuam-Home-site.html

    There’s also a gauche effort to weave that sense of hypocritical Catholic piety into the fake letter. Pushing the notion that Protestant [children’s] Homes are inferior – presumably to further inflame anti-Catholic sentiment among the wider readership.

    Notably, there isn’t a single nun identified in these letters. Wouldn’t the “sister-in-charge” use her personal name in such formal correspondence about the adoption of a child? And who was the “Rev’d Mother”, and why is she not referenced by her real name either?

    The religious salutations in these letters don’t feel right either (“God and Mary be with you”).. Hmm.. Mightn’t we expect a closing blessing that’s a whole lot deeper and more profound?

    Completely correct.

    There are a number of things wrong with that letter. As you say “God and Mary” is odd wording. Traditional Irish Catholics very rarely referred to God – it was always about Jesus, and occasionally, The Father Almighty. Likewise, “Mary” was the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The letter is anonymous because the person who faked it does not know the names of the Sisters who worked there. They would have signed by name, and also, I have never seen a letter from a Catholic nun which does not also include the signature of her order. Thus: a Loreto nun signs as Sister Catriona, IBVM, or a Mercy nun as Sister Columba, RSM. These letters stand for the name of their community, often in Latin. They are always, always, included in the formal signature on a letter.


    There are a number of things wrong with that letter.

    “…from your priest…”


    This psy-op has finally been warmed up, after a warning in April
    Hundreds of babies buried in a mass grave in a former religious-run mother and babies’ home in Tuam, Co Galway can be identified because of major advances in DNA testing, a team of scientists have declared.

    Suuuuure we can trust the “experts”.

    So, the “remains” are now to be “exhumed”….

    The expert technical group (ETG) highlighted difficulties with the exhumation and identification of the remains held in an underground chamber and an adjoining, disused septic tank, because remains are “commingled”.

    Ah yes, rather like the “Fused” 9/11, Grenfell bones. I’m sure the “experts” can simulate 800 remains [c.f. mass graves in Bosnia etc etc] using “DNA analysis” [c.f. 9/11 investigations when nobody died….]


    October 23 2018
    Government had agreed to implement a multi-disciplinary framework, known as “humanitarian forensic action”, as the appropriate response to the discover of the remains of children there.

    Expected to cost – i.e. to benefit the “experts” and “scientists” – £
    Eur6m – Eur13m kerrrching!

    mass grave – suuuuuuure

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