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    OK… we are familiar with the memorials which pop up, sure as night follows day, after a staged event where #NDNGH.
    It is frequently alluded to here at fakeologist.com that “war is a hoax” and is “strategic relocation”
    So when how far back do we go to find real deaths on memorials? Iraq? Vietnam, Korea? WW2? WW1?
    We can probably rule out all the names on recent disasters as being relocations.

    I just pulled one small village in England out of the hat – every similar place will have a war memorial either in a public place, cemetery, church, listing the names of the men who died – Caston, Norfolk, which I have no connection with, and which bears a modest 15 names for WW1. You can research their births and locations online.

    They all have memorials in various locations in mainland Europe also all expensively created and maintained.

    They existed, like 9/11 “victims” I have researched. Where did they go to? Caston is just one of thousands of similar villages and towns in the UK which have war memorials.

    [one small note, a minor error I spot straight away – Richard Hannant was never Richard, he was christened and married as “Dick”]

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