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    A R

    Some deep realizations there. Inspiring, Black Dog.

    My view currently is that were not here to “win” the war or to get anything “back”. We are the strangers here, everybody else, for better or worse, are adapted – even if it all goes insanely to shit, you will see crowds absorbing whatever bullshit with a smile.

    If this is a battle, we are not fighting it, we are the spoils. If two or more groups are fighting each other, they’re fighting over us.

    Nevertheless, we can only take care of ourselves. What stories should we carry with us? What stories should we tell others?

    I can tell that you are out there waving your flag – I can only extend my admiration for your determination. I hope you understand that you and me are actually not active part of any of the fighting forces, but the actual spoils. We are the sweet vital force they need to survive.

    Can we revolt? Sure. However, what good is a revolt if we are going against the will of the majority of the inhabitants? What right have we, who feel uncomfortable with the state of things and enjoy the study of ourselves, to force the rest of humanity to “wake up”? We are actually telling them: «Hey, buddy, feel uncomfortable with this shit!». They’ll never feel uncomfortable until the spark emerges from within themselves, not from anyone else – what right have we to intrude on their heaven (albeit idealized only in their minds?). Of course they will fight us.

    Your realizations are inspiring to read, even though they appear to not be in line with mine – they are. It’s just that I’ve had my brief time of flag waving and my arms are still sore from it. I probably reached one or two people, three at most? And to what extent? I still would have done it, mind you, it’s just that people have their own timings on these things. We are just the most recent batch to be ready for whatever is awaiting on the next level of conscious existence… or are we?


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    A R

    Unfortunately technology is vital, simply because it is being used as a weapon! So if one was made king: some technology would be necessary to secure the kingdom. Beyond that, I personally would prefer, no electricity, no electromagnetic fields, no pollution-making engines, motors or anything of the kind.. I see the whole of modernity as a sickness. Basically I would prefer technology at it’s most primitive levels.. Not: exactly humanity at it’s most primitive levels, mind you. But I realize it is not technology in and of itself at the root of the problem here, and ideally it can be used for good, but regardless, “Is it good?” I don’t think so. To me it is obvious we are all, way off track; and nothing can rival things here before we ruined them.

    We are all mentally distracted while the most awesome reality, earth-natural, is being separated from us.

    This is a fair assessment you make of technology. Still, unlike the proponents of Technoethics, I do maintain that it is only the actual balance of the wielder of technology (humans) that can determine the morality of any piece of technology. To add to that, note that the fact that humans use and abuse certain types of technology is already in itself a moral issue – but still, it is a human moral issue, not a technological one.

    I do not believe it possible, but in a scenario where a technology would be made available to make humans immortal, to eradicate all illness and the like, would that really be ethical and moral? Is that the purpose of life here, to prolong itself indefinitely and refuse to accept the end of its cycle? What kind of beings would we have? Better than those now or worse?
    As can be seen, the technology itself, which, I emphasize again, I do not believe it can be made possible, would bear no morals on its own – it could be a life saver (an accident, for instance) or a mere life extender: who would decide morally which is which and who to apply it to? Maybe you would be right in denying access to that kind of technology, but I think that this is in the realm of impossibility. There are rules to this game and these rules cannot be broken… death is part of the rules. Regardless of how well we can be fooled about the achievements presented to us, it doesn’t change the rules themselves.

    But don’t take me wrong: I understand and may partially agree with vetoing technology, but what I’m trying to convey is that technological advancement should be linked (and isn’t, on purpose) with moral achievement.

    From 1981, “Excalibur“:
    [Arthur breaks Excalibur on Lancelot’s chest]
    Arthur: Merlin! What have I done?
    Merlin: You have broken what could not be broken! Now, hope is broken.
    Arthur: My pride broke it. My rage broke it! This excellent knight, who fought with fairness and grace, was meant to win. I used Excalibur to change that verdict. I’ve lost, for all time, the ancient sword of my fathers, whose power was meant to unite all men… not to serve the vanity of a single man. I am… nothing.


    Merlin: But a King should be afraid, Arthur, always… of the enemy. Waiting, everywhere. In the corridors of his castle, on the deer-paths of his forests, or in a more tangled forest… in here. [taps his head with his finger]

    Not sure what you are reaching for there.. But no doubt in our more “primitive” time we were more “one” with ourself and each other, in a given tribe persay.. a time I so miss though never knew.. Well, that is if there is not some other “immortal” aspect at play, through blood, passed from parent to child and such.. I mean that is obviously so and a whole topic in and of itself … and ‘that’ now dysfunctional as well. As ‘any’ closeness is being discouraged, including in one’s own family. And what (if such things are biologically transfered) is being transfered now!? “How to be a corporate dupe”?

    That was a mention of alchemical symbolism, the three being the necessary union to make the four, which is something new, but all previous three together as well. It has to do with integrating the ego (which, as we’ve previously discussed is “abandoned”) with the self (inner “god”), by crossing the “sea” of the unconscious. Don’t linger too much there, these are just symbols and everyone needs their own to get a picture, an understanding. Some prefer these symbols, other prefer others, but they usually lead up to the same.

    Very good, and what a ‘bitter pill’ to swallow, ‘I know what you mean’.. The risks involved in being accepted into current dominant western mainstream society at any level.. And there seems to be no choice.. we have to just ‘deal with it’, ‘play along’, to a certain extent, and almost to the point of the video clip you provided! -Yes, not literally, but the diferences, so vast, the schisms becoming so great, that this over embellishment is well warranted.

    In actuality, the Hollywood ‘zombies vs. humans’ meme is more ideal than our current reality. With the zombie meme everyone at least knows who they are! As oppossed to the total mind ‘screw’ we have to deal with today. As well as the antagonist we have to deal with today having consensus and organization.. and would be portrayed as ‘the human’ in the Hollywood meme, and surely, the target for any zombie like label would not be the ineffectual, complying masses but rather, the noncompliant, nonconformist; fakeologists, conspiracy theorists and such, as well as whatever “enemy” the state decides to manufacture and demonize at any given time to further propel their agenda.

    Another possibility as to the purpose of the zombie meme could be psychological programming for a calculated temporary system shut down in the future; To where, without government and corporation everyone will fear each other as oppossed to uniting and rivaling the elite power stranglehold … Then, in the darkest hour, the ‘elite’, will come back and ‘save’ everyone from each other, only ratcheting their grip on everything even further, to some new, even more Draconian level.

    What you stated rings true to me on different levels!
    Firstly, yes, the zombie meme is representing the man who seeks his soul submerged in a world of “soulless”. Note that the most important Zombie movies or series start off with the main character awaking somewhere to find the world wrecked. Maybe the world was wrecked already before, but he was part of the zombies, so he didn’t see it and he wasn’t attacked, being recognized as one. It is when he awoke that the world looked destroyed and that the zombies looked unalive.
    Secondly, I too agree that there is programming going on. Have you ever read “Nightfall”, the novel, written by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, based on a shirt story by Asimov? It is as predictive a programming can go.
    Don’t know if this audiobook is well read, I have no sound here to test, but try this:

    How many do you have? People? I don’t think it’s exclusively about any kind of inner realm discovery, beyond clearing the clutter, that is.

    I would just be content to be part of anything true but alone is nowhere, regardless of how smart, or knowing of anything, I think I am.

    “Clearing the clutter” and being content as a part of something ALIVE, IS the purpose of life, in my opinion. Since there is nothing ALIVE in range and in sight, I’d say focus on the first.

    I am probably in one of the more materialistic regions of earth, in contrast to my deeper desires. If the spirit here was visible you would probably need a flashlight to see anything around here.

    And yet you live 🙂
    Were it not for that and your discomfort would probably have been insufficient to pay attention, perhaps?

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    A R

    How can ego be true and not vain in these times? Or can our body cash all the checks our mind can now write..? Sure, if there’s something there; But where does ego come from? Hollywood? Listening to Elvis records?

    Or as Armunn suggests, it’s already inside us, some personas anyway; I’ll assume passed down from our ancestors; and then there’s the questions: How do these relate to our current situation? And how is it this whole process can be manipulated (for good or bad)? All I can think of is computer software and how the pre-electronic media era created more genuine and realistic personas (programs); compared to now with our heads filled with vast amounts of media junk!

    Heck I can even remember people with more ego, and more genuine, more so than now anyway.

    Right: To program a computer to do something, first the programmer must be knowledgeable in the programming language that machine uses. Well, the archetypes, the symbols, the structure (ego, persona, super-ego, unconscious, etc) is all there, they simply trigger effects to try to bring up desired behaviors from the unconscious. A fine example of this is even if an individual has a quiet peaceful life, with nothing nefarious happening, there will still be the pressure of war and destruction coming down upon him, brought to his home through the TV/Internet/Mass Media gateway. So you see? The unconscious does not recognize that a felt situation is not real, it merely reacts to the information (particularly emotional information, that is why the unconscious has always been associated with the feminine) that it receives from “reality”. So in that example you’d have someone who would be at peace in “reality”, but sending signals of war and threat emotionally to the unconscious due to the traumatic imagery and ideas that reach him. Is it strange then that this individual will feel emerge in him/her sets of behavior that are more in line with war than with peace? No, it isn’t. However, shutting down the source of “emotional provocation” and practicing emotional rationalization (sort of venting the emotions through reason), will rest it.

    Sidenote: psychology views the persona as one single “personality” that is available to each individual, in order to deal with the world. It is my view that this persona, in a wholesome mind, is able to change freely and adapt to circumstances as the need arises.

    I’ll venture to conclude that what is un-real is slowly replacing what is real through technology. And we are on the cusp of this. And some people living now can even remember as far back as before electricity. And of course, increasingly, most have never known anything but technology, fantasy, total dependence on government and corporation and so on.

    Oldest technological levels I can recall:

    Late sixties: TV, black and white, a somewhat new thing, somewhat captivating and consuming but at it’s early stages. Phones (land lined dial phones – no cell phones, no internet). Electricity, actually fairly new in late sixties (only 40-60 years in at that point). Very organic times compared to now. The only thing wireless was radio, and no digital, everything was analog.. and sounded better. Newspapers, magazines, books, letters..

    I truly do not think that technology is the problem. Technology has no life of its own except the one we give it. Even if you leave a machine working on automatic, it is absolutely irrelevant without human interaction. Technology is only a problem when used against the purpose of life, which is, simply, to live. How hard it is to be simple, right? Only hard because of the fantasy of mixed and opposite currents you’re placed into since early in life (often now since the actual birth, being removed from motherly contact!).
    So the type of “unrealness” may be different at different stages of technological development, but the core issue is the same: the falsehood of social existence in relation to actual natural existence. With this I am NOT promoting a return to the wild, that would be foolish, what I mean with “natural existence” is the wholeness of body-mind-soul that would create a fourth element, just like in Alchemic symbolism, which would be the summed conjunction of all those three making up something new, a living being (or “immortal” in symbolic language).

    Oh, and no GMOs, you could eat whatever, or at least be less concerned compared to now! Of course there was sugar back then.


    A battle being waged against us, with our minds a key part /prize, our fundamental egos, or truer, deeper egos, personas that have kept us sane way before this modern onslaught part as well.. These perversions perverting and changing us thoroughly, physically and mentally … Be real, be true and you will short circuit in these modern times … because you are facing opposition on a grand scale … It is a battle.

    Yes, no doubt we are being programmed and basically being forced to choose between vulnerability, or taking on some new ‘corporate sponsored’ fake persona … Where’s the pride? The pride I do see is vanity! Because otherwise there’s no pride in being a participant in these western, psyopted (Yes, we have to invent our own words here), poor excuses for any kind of a society (here and now in the western world). Everything is fake, false, exploitative, fostering ruthless individualism, consumerism, materialism.. subserviance to corporation and government over individual or individuals (corporatism, toadyism, sycophancy). ‘They know what they’re doing and they’re doing it’. And ‘we’, all too quick become these clueless dupes, adopting whatever they send down the pipe. Especially if seen as favorable, enviable, and desirable in some damned movie— Perpetuating the false or corporate ego, while reality is glossed over, altered, to benefit only the fascist agenda. Hypnosis, then further utilizing actual movie sets (i.e., our modern cities), where all these boobs can live, removed from nature and reality. Total fascist product.

    “Stop that man he has an unapproved ego” … “Excuse me sir, where did you get that ego?”

    Yes, quite so. The thing is, the collective unconscious, in opposition to the personal unconscious in this respect, has a complete and utter disregard for the rules of the false reality. The collective unconscious “knows” what natural life is and keeps sending messages in that respect, often provoking psychosis when continually ignored at the forefront of the mind. This is why I’ve always known that the discomfort that one feels in relation to the “world” is our best friend and counsel. It is what keeps your mind sane, like that Krishnamurti quote I presented in a previous reply:

    «It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society»

    Moreover, one has to use the ego as a protector from that false world, while having to participate in it, because man cannot live in absolute solitude. To that regard, the quote you presented, from C. William King, is relevant:

    «In an insane world a sane man must appear insane»

    It must be understood that confronting unaware individuals (even worse if in groups) about the falsehood of present reality WILL make them attack the messenger. This is a programmed reaction, brought about by the sense that the only problem that prevents the current reality from being perfect are the people not believing it – hence making them the true enemy, even more so than the supposed “terrorists” and the like. Therefore, it is important that the ego is self-trained to protect the workings of the psyche and be able to hide among the insane, sort of like this scene from a popular zombie series (the zombie is popular nowadays exactly for the reason above, nothing is left to chance, everything is to be programmed):

    Yeah — I am deficient in pride these days.. ‘ego’.. etc.! I’m a beaten down fool, no pride in this modern western charade. ‘On hold’, hoping for something to believe in one day … something other than living under this debt slave system plaguing the world. I’m not in debt personally but every move I consider is undercut by this, vanquishing incentive, pushing everyone and everything to the path of least resistance, or mere survival, uninspired to engage much beyond necessity in this losing western con game. Greatness lost because of ignorance, people sold out, sell out, get paid off, got paid off.

    I’ve seen changes in my lifetime.. From ‘yeah, F the government but we still have this and that, a reason to get up in the morning, a culture, or what was left of one from the past’ … to what the reality is now, on the doorstep of a total fascist takeover, control of everything with an unreasonable cost of living and laws supressing independence and growth for anything but corporations and government. Fishtailing everything to a breaking point, a breaking point they will no doubt only further capitalize on.

    From my experience, the most important lesson one should take from all this is that only a minority each time will ever even catch a glimpse of the false, much less the true. The “salvation” (to use such a charged word) is a minority and, in fact and ultimately, an individual thing. It is impossible to change this world when the majority of their elements actively want and maintain it. The harshest lesson to learn, again, in my experience, is that it is we who do not belong, not them. It is we who are living through one of their “hells”, not them that emerged in our “heaven”. It is my unobjective belief that there really is nothing that can be done for this world itself, but there’s a lot that can be done for the ready individuals… especially a lot that can be done by the individuals themselves, inspired and assisted by others.
    These were, are and will mostly always be a minority.

    Adulterating one of their historical mottoes:
    «Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourselves»

    So it sounds like we are in “sanity” regardless of where I heard that confounded declaration. The only problem is sanity is being tweaked? Has been tweaked. I guess that just makes me a coward, playing along.. I mean what the hell can anyone do? … “It’s not so bad though” echoes in my head. Which I beg to differ, if it’s not so bad for you, you are probably selling us all out. Anyway, it’s too damn close to bad, and the more we take, the less we think, the worse it gets.

    Bottom line is, I’m basically stupid and in-sane and have no idea, powerless, depressed, but thank god, sober and healthy!

    My brain (thinking) exceeds my ability to do any damn thing about it (action).. The money game is insane, insanity rules ..’what a life’.

    Working is good but where is good working?

    The question we must all confront ourselves with is (and I leave it for your reflection):

    – How much sanity are you prepared to take in (theory) and how much are you prepared to handle (practice) as an individual?

    I’ll put this together with that famous maxim supposedly from the Oracle of Delphi:

    «Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe»

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    A R

    Ah! I found your quote. This one it is, sorry:

    «In an insane world a sane man must appear insane.»
    – C. William King


    «In a mad world, only the mad are sane.»
    – Akira Kurosawa

    Or, one of my personal favorites:

    «It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.»
    – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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    A R

    ArmunnRigh wrote: “The Ego that is stressed out is recognising that something is wrong around it, but can’t really understand what Personas to wear to face it.”

    Very good, this explains my never feeling quite right in many situations!

    And, I like to think I have known situations where ‘self’ was ‘happy’ or happier anyway.. Where self was less hidden behind ego.

    I think there may be a misconception, in my opinion, that the self should be at the fore, even in optimum sanity circumstances. This is not, I think, accurate. The ego is and should always be at the gate. Whether it is actively “doing” something or not is a different matter, but it is and should be there. To remove Ego, which is what some New Agey currents will want to sell you, is insane as it removes the gatekeeper to your temple (mind), leaving it unprotected to whatever infiltration.

    There are two main ways to do so:
    1 – Actual removal of the ego (religious method)
    2 – Overloading the ego with irrelevancy (consumer society method)

    In the first case, the ego is brought down to the depths of the psyche and can’t act as the gatekeeper, leaving the mind open to the introduction of insane illogical and nefarious (even to the self) ideas. In the second case, the ego is given so much stimuli (both positive and negative) that it remains attached to its spotlight activity in the psyche and therefore refuses to be controlled or commanded by the self. It becomes focused on itself and starts a war in the psyche to ensure that it maintains its “throne of power”, helped by the mind parasites, who actually control it through the super-ego.

    Personally, I strive to be an ‘open book’ ..which is often awkward and seemingly always rejected, but I am unhappy with personas/personalities. I do notice though how people are oh so happy to engage each other with their personalities/personas. This may be what you hinted at: How this is a problem, how the new personas are these politically correct government issued type varieties. And, the fakeologist or truth type personas (or just more genuine and real ones, closer to reality and self), are not included in these and when such are engaged there seems to be an immediate incompatibility.. Like computer software that will not work with something..

    Like, people are being programmed, well first they are ‘formatted’ to remove everything. Then programmed with a well developed ‘proprietary’ type ‘software’ with stringent automatic responses to anything not in the program (only allowing the individual to somewhat open their mind when engaged with sanctioned media, programs that only further program). If and when breached, these people are vulnerable and fearful to anything not in the program. Truth is like being dropped in the middle of the ocean naked. Alien, something to fear. When deep inside they know something is wrong, very wrong.

    Exactly. Pavlov studied this and his findings are implemented to create false (non-archetypal based) personas that are programmed to police unwanted ideas. This is why the main thing one should always bear in mind about the “innocent” people around us is that… their apparent ignorance of what they do is not a proof of innocence. Any internally conforming individual will be a soldier for the status quo and will hurt any of us in any way he/she can, as programmed to do. Any idea outside of the “regular and irregular book of ideas” programmed into the information conveyor method is met, as a mere irrational reaction, with upset and opposition.

    However, I urge you not to disregard the persona concept itself as something inherently negative. The true personas are archetypal, that is, based on the collective subconscious, which acts as a memory depot for the whole species (at a wider level) and to each specific race or racial family (at a narrower level). These archetypes are sort of models that allow behavior and ideas that have worked in the past to be utilized again at anytime, instantly, if need be. If you are faced with a life or death fight, for example, you can access the persona of a warrior from an archetypal source, or maybe a runner. This is done instantaneously, unconsciously and, with a balanced, sane psyche, without resistance from the ego. Whatever persona works for the situation at hand is “worn”, the situation faced, and then the persona can be discarded when the situation disappears. What if the situation never disappears? What if the fight mode never goes away, because a threat is constantly perceived? Then the ego can be mixed up with the persona and “think” they are one and the same. This is usually the end result of the second method I mentioned above. The victims of the first method will usually just end up not reacting to the situation appropriately (absence of ego to wear personas) at all.

    There is a schism rising in our western culture (collectively) as the hidden tyrants push their agendas. Unlike the past, this is not a schism between the people and the rulers, as it should be, but more between the people, with the (true) rulers unknown and the division wisely put between the people. And on every level.. from sex, race, religion.. to ego, persona, personalty.. No one true voice. We are a divided and conquered people and it seems we have been for time immemorial.

    This is like I mentioned before, as if a whole something is missing! Even with the internet. A gap, a void. ..The tribe so broken and scattered. A ‘glitch’ in the human psyche. Deliberate, of course.

    Yes, the schism aims at prostration and submission to the social model put forth. “They” will very much appreciate our help in maintaining the behavioral patterns of their social model, as well as the memory that is acceptable of it. Why? Well, I’ve come to believe that they’ve been in this situation several times before and that they now try to avoid another “wandering through the wilderness”, another incursion through oblivion. I believe they know something is bound to happen some time soon, a reset event, something that will reduce civilization to its tiniest denominator. When that happens, they want to ensure that souls aren’t released, but kept; that they are able to herd their sheep into the pen and maintain their civilizational seed in a sort of “Noah’s Ark”.

    Not sure if I’d absorb much of Carl Jung’s take on things.. wasn’t he a cocaine addict or was that ‘Freud’? I know though, everyone brings good things to the table, usually.. I’ve never been much interested in psychiatry per se, ‘although’ much of what we are limited to/dealing with here is psychiatry:

    “..concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that have primarily mental or behavioral symptoms and with the care of people having such disorders” – definition of psychiatry.

    Ha! Right? The internet/one big psych ward (and virtual and real spilling back and forth into each other, blurring, creating one big cess pool of human ignorance/As well, ‘movies’ blurring our consciousness/psyche /subconsciousness)

    Are we the patient or the doctor? Or a bit of both? Who is normal.. sane? So many questions..

    Environment: As I heard once in some ‘movie’: “In an insane society the sane man must appear insane.”

    Jung is quoted merely as an example. I do not agree with him entirely, but he did something nobody else in his time had done: to point at something collective in the subconscious. He was interested, certainly, whether he was effective in doing it or not, in approaching society as a mechanism that would allow for increasing freedom in Man, alongside increasing awareness and therefore responsibility. Freud, on the other hand, was certainly interested in the methods to reduce man to a conformant element of society, hence his success. Most of psychiatry and psychology stem from Freud’s ideas alone or ideas he grabbed and modified to this end.

    The quote you might have been looking for was probably:

    «Insanity — a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.»
    – attributed to R.D. Laing

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    A R

    Thanks, seen the clip.. So which personality is the one in the back of the mind? Well I guess it depends on the mind, right? Let’s see: Fear, Pride.. and the wisdom we attain at any given moment or situation, overcoming or not overcoming fear or pride.(Ha!). Interesting, thought provoking scenes, deep.. I’ll have to look for this one, thanks.

    New Agers will tell you that the Ego itself is the problem. This is because the Ego is actually the gatekeeper of one’s temple (mind) and so they think that the stress the Ego feels is unwarranted.
    A healthy Ego in a healthy society will have access to several Personas, masks, that enable it to handle a given situation temporarily. These Personas are based on Archetypes and stored in the collective subconscious (check our Carl Jung, if you’re unfamiliar with it)
    The stress the Ego feels in each of us (who have yet a certain degree of sanity) has to do with being faced with a social situation that is not only unhealthy, it is also unnatural. The Ego that is stressed out is recognising that something is wrong around it, but can’t really understand what Personas to wear to face it.
    Additionally, the Ego has long been severed from direct interaction with the Self and has, therefore, a underlying, more or less constant, feeling of abandonment. Religions such as all sects of Christianity, Islam and even “New Age”, will try to prey upon that feeling of abandonment and offer the consolation of having a deity with them, at the exchange of their soul, willpower and vital energy (parasites at work again).
    One of the “solutions” the abandoned Ego faced with an insane “reality” (which is false, but has real effect), is to resort to a separate mental entity, the Super-Ego, which acts as sort of a guidance for it in relation to what has been found to “work” in that reality. This is the mental place the inorganic parasites lodge themselves on and interact with the vulnerable Ego.

    So, after this summary, the scene at the elevator is the Ego realizing the presence of the external, foreign entity residing in the Super-Ego and willfully ignoring it, unafraid. Unfed and ignored, the entity loses “connection” and the Ego acts free from its influence.

    Yes, per online versus in real life… I think the factor that gives the perception of people being more revealing and ‘themselves’ online is numbers. In our immediate non-internet world there are numerous problems, one being no time to talk versus the internet strangely consuming much of our time (we are spending a lot of time on the internet or various computer technology related mediums). So there’s the time factor and a lack of real life ways to talk or exchange thoughts etc… so many factors. So to me I side with the sheer numbers going to the internet for escape/to share but not necessarilly sharing more than, in-person.

    Per your cross section of people example: you are comparing friends and family with the world wide web…so again ‘numbers’ are going to, of course, be in favor of the http://WWW…that simple. As well, what topics get brought up when with the average friend or family member are no doubt dominating what’s on the web.

    So due to ‘numbers’ we can find more people to relate to and share with on the web than in real life.

    That stated, your angle is valid in that due to our access to so many on the web.. our odds of getting more ‘sharing’ from others is increased but overall I do not think the internet is fostering this but I think more the opposite…short of the few exceptions who probably would be even more deep and sharing in person.

    I think you are right. I think I have based my opinion about “onlineness” on my personal experience when it is, in fact, suffering from the same issues as “real” life contact, being the sheer numbers and probability that actually make a difference. Yes, I agree with you.

    BTW what is Armunn Righ? It reminds me of something Egyptian.

    Look up a Gaelic language dictionary and check for those words 🙂

    The ‘self’ versus ‘the environment one is in’. I lean towards the environment effecting the self. Rat in the wild versus rat in the cage/ most men are probably brutes at heart and respond to the brute force creating their environment respectfully.. being that they accept whoever has the power simply because they have the power!

    Then there’s us.

    Did these secret designers once lament their plight as we do now? I think so (although, I may have a mouse in my pocket!). They may have started out with good intentions..? But see what power does.

    Ah.. the age old converstation … man so smart, too smart for his own good … and that is possibly true. But hey, this is our reality. Perplexing.

    We all lament our plight, but we all are, in the same manner, part of the cause of it. Still, I think that going through all these tribulations actually help many of us to advance towards a cure for their soul, although I have no proof of this. What I think we should keep in mind is that we are not alone (neither for evil nor for good).

    It’s sometimes hard to believe it is a human behind all this, at the top of the pyramid. … A flat or bigger than we know earth could explain much … with a literal seperate group residing elsewhere/and we, in a sense, on a farm … but what is the crop? Or produce? Do they just like to get all our various products for free? I don’t know … either way, what a bunch of devious ..whatever at the top … and harder and harder is it getting to play along with their BS … let alone the brutes their creating.

    In my opinion, it is not a human at the top of the pyramid, nor is an organic physical being even. It is a mind parasite with many minions and plenty of human slaves and willing servants, who exchange their souls and life’s work and energy for plenty of perks in their master’s “reality”. The mistake is usually to try to find an actual human or group as the endpoint of all the madness, when it seems clear to me that it is beyond that.

    I’d like to read her thoughts on the flat earth and such.. I wonder where her mind lingers? What consumes her thoughts?

    Is she considering anything about her reality? I don’t think so. I think she’s in automatic self-preservation mode and therefore trying to please those who have power to grant her a comfortable life, above the rabble. I mean I don’t know the actual person, but she seems to have found her little corner of “usefulness” and “success”… or at least a path to get her, in her mind.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #548133
    A R

    This discombobulated bunch of naysayers we. I conject, it is time to not only focus on what they are but begin focusing on what we are (..or are not). This has probably been my emphasis more than anything here (at Fakeologist), and I am avoided, because people do not want to look at themselves but are all too happy to sit on their couch or in front of their computer and point fingers at everbody else.

    Precisely. That realization and self-observation is what I observe as being the point of “all this”.

    Surely, (hi Surely) there are those among us removed enough from acquiescence to the establishment.. yet in our quagmire and capable of administering a new higher level? And I hear the cry, ‘no leaders’, where does that come from? I would rather say, no leaders have I seen yet! But if one should arise surely we would know and respect them, would we not? Ideally it should be crystal clear, a leader wise enough to know what he (or she) knows and doesn’t know (a peaceful minded, simple minded leader/organizer) or if he (or she) knows stuff, is privy, and say, breaking ranks with the ‘elite’ ..while simultaneously strong enough to be able to oppose them.. ha.

    My current opinion on this point, if you’d like to know it, is that true leaders (born leaders, as we usually say it) will emerge, but only, as you well noted, when the others he would lead deserve him. So, again, we come to the point of self-discovery. We can only “ask for” something or someone we are truly entitled to, despite whatever we may think we should get. Ignorance is not a fault, it can be resolved by time, experience and wisdom. Willful self-deceit, conceited mindsets and concealed false masks, can only be resolved by destruction of the false – which, if and when it occurs, usually involves quite the suffering for the unwilling subject. Does that suffering generate more resistance to the path of discovery or less? That will only depend on the honesty of the subject’s pre-disposition.


    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #548131
    A R

    Thanks Armunn, but the video link is blocked, which notes it is blocked in my country (USA) because of infringement on copyright laws (per ‘Sony’)! Also, the second workaround you gave did not go through. Can you try another reference and or note the source in case still blocked I can attempt another route.

    ..Strange how they can put virtual walls between us and ‘many things’ on the internet ..things we are not even aware of because of this, either blocked or just not there ..completely omitted. – Total omission being more advantageous for control than a block, a block creating incentive to unblock/workaround. Also, a block highlighting someone or something.. peaking curiousity. ‘Why would they block that?’ … ‘Now I want to see that even more!’.

    Here try this one, ignoring the Polish subtitles. See if this works for the USA:

    Per my adding the “[than]” in my quoting of you … Oops! I thought for sure you made a typo, so I (mistakenly) took the liberty of fixing it (thanks for noticing that!). I thought/assumed, as most would think or say, that ‘in person’ people are not so bad, more genuine, but online less so.. So you’re postulating the opposite! Interesting, … ‘yes and no’ in my opinion. This is a deep subject and I will side with ‘in person’ always being preferable … ‘look into my eyes’ … I understand your position though, and like I stated, it is a deep subject … basically the pros and cons of online social networking versus it’s predecessor … ah, yeah I see your point … deep, deep. ‘Online pro’: this is a tool, a great tool … ‘What the hell are we doing with it though?’

    My point there was that with the “real” world so oppressively fake and illusory, forcing people out of their own selves and into a character role, I have observed that behind the anonymity of an avatar and nickname (protected from discovery by their thought-police “real” peers), people tend to be more authentic, to reveal more of their actual selves through this medium. There’s simply too much pressure in the “real world” right now for people to feel comfortable with revealing their thoughts and opinions, much less with their actual selves (for those who actually found their “selves”). I mean try to bring up 9/11 or Flat Earth or Moon Hoax, among others, in a family or close friends meeting – one will most probably find that there wasn’t much of an actual relationship there, so easy it is to be broken by opinions or interests, ending up being tolerated, if the “offense to normality” is light, and even ostracized, if the “offense to normality” is too much to deal with in people’s illusory reality.

    Further: Yes, only a tool, and here is what’s most important: If and when we can ever use this tool to become any kind of a threat to the powers that be, no doubt they are ready for that … I even suspect they have already thwarted various threats. So, in short it is a tool and let us not forget how virtual, and fragile, (and ripe for control) it is. I would even be prepared to reveal my true identity and address if this thing could ever advance to a more coordinated effective level … but it’s not! It’s going nowhere. At this point it has no doubt been more advantageous to ‘them’ (monitoring) than it has been to us.

    My honest and personal opinion is that this tool’s, as any other’s, actual higher purpose is not to become a challenge to the system of power, but to allow for personal self-study, self-discovery, self-criticism even, through the investigation and investment into piercing the false nature of the actual social world at all levels. It is a doorway to “know thyself” through the vehicle of knowing that the world you live in is not a “true world”.
    «If the world is fake and illusory, then what am I in it?» – this is a question that eventually, admittedly or not, emerges in one’s mind, if actually engaged in a honest investment to finding the truth (which is, as I’ve stated in my opinion earlier, only obtainable by eliminating the falsehoods one by one).

    If a crowd of people are, at a certain point, going through that self-observation honestly and liberating from the illusion layers, then that will induce change in society. However, I personally do not believe that will ever happen or be allowed to happen. I think that this journey is a personal one, specific and unique to each of us, but shared with support for each other, with information, thoughts, opinions and the like.

    The more my journey advances, the more I find that this path is not for everyone at the same time, so, by inference, it is not a path for actual social liberation, but for personal “soul discovery” – which may end up being far more important!

    That stated, it is a tool that I am enjoying, as I can, while I can, hopefully to some good effect … and contributers such as yourself (Armunn), and all ‘fakeologists’, are much appreciated. To all degrees genuine that is, and those not, well thankfully, so far, they seem to not last too long around here. Where we have a most intuitive, to say the least, bunch.

    Thank you, Blackdog, and likewise. I too enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts about our “journey diaries”. I am really grateful to all those who travel this road with me in honesty and authenticity of will, whichever lane they travel on and at whatever speed they do so.

    Further, per internet pros and cons/Networking possibilities: Yes, they seem to be there … but so far I know of nothing anywhere on the internet organizing people for any true and good cause. If so where? Anyone, please let me know what I am missing here … on this internet … as years pass by, and things slowly get worse, and nothing changes. Occupy Wall Street was the last attempt at anything that I know of (to what ever extent that was real or not..?) … but.. that was beat down, and is now long gone and over … ‘Back to your computers slaves! And we’ll be watching you … ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.’

    I have given my opinion about this above: I personally think this is not a tool we can use for collective release, but only for several personal releases. Having, likewise, spent years in search for an actual collective way to change the world, I found that that angle merely leads to frustration and the reason is simple: if one is yet unclean (from the personal influences of the parasites), how can a group of such “ones” change anything for the better and actually different? Society is not regulated by “them” directly, it is actually applied and kept by “us” on the ground, in our circles. Even if all governments fell at the same time, providing a true chance for actual change, what do you thing would emerge from there? Who among us would easily rise to leadership positions? How differently, despite all theatrics and mental aesthetics, would they and us do? Are we, collectively, ready to live without government, without being fed upon, without being directed as sheep? How do we, collectively, react to any hint of freedom?
    Personally though, that is a different matter – we can certainly take care of our own “backyard” and our own “house and temple” (body and mind). We can eventually come to a point of simultaneous conscious existence (while most remain unconscious of their dual existence) in both worlds (the true and the false).
    The true is the one that’s been calling us shout after shout, appealing to our senses and spirits, waiting for us to actually live.
    The false is the one we’ve been born into, mentally tortured and conditioned to believe and enforce, it also shouts at us but only as a fearful warden would shout at a prisoner heading for the exit.

    Finally, I am not so sure a good book can not contain all the wisdom I have acquired in the past ten years or so on the internet. – Before the internet I was reading Jim Marrs for cutting edge information/and really, the internet has not been much better, even if he is controlled, or is ‘off’ here or there. Jim Marrs elevated my awareness to the point that when I did start looking on the internet I could see right through a lot of the positioned alternatives there, like Alex Jones.

    I agree and in fact, go even further: I don’t think that wisdom can actually or should be stored in writing. You can and should write memory aides but not try to actually store immutable wisdom in writing. The moment one does that, that wisdom lies dead, stuck forever in a particular time and soon to be irrelevant and out of context.
    All those who whether by ignorance, error or purpose tried to deceive honest seekers, have actually only helped them move forward. Those who aren’t or haven’t been honest seekers though, are still lingering around a point around one of those, having found a point of balance between comfort and desire for freedom and truth. All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead away from Rome! Often one has to take a step back and choose a different turn at the fork – how many are actually able to identify the need for and then actually take even such a simple decision?

    «(…) it is a matter of slicing reality to eliminate as many untruths as possible. That destroys the cushion-stories. What then? What lies beyond when we have discovered everything truth is not?»

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #546513
    A R

    You say there is “tangible and concrete existence outside the human realm(mind?)”

    And “the world needs no … “experiencers” to exist”

    Can you please expand or elucidate what you mean by that?

    I can, certainly, yes.
    I’d rather read before what you make of what I mean, though. 🙂 What do you think?

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #546017
    A R

    I agree with your doubts and conclusion above and can’t really understand the intended connection with my quote, I’m afraid. When I wrote «it is a matter of slicing reality to eliminate as many untruths as possible.», I included in the understanding of “untruth” any events that may be used as a foundation for whatever assertion. It is not limited, in my opinion at least, to the results of falsehood, but also to the causes.

    This quote of yours goes to the heart of the matter for me because it is an assertion or mission statement if oy like, that implies some sort of philosophical or epidemiological stance.
    It is useful to clarify our different stances from the getgo otherwise we end up talking at cross-purposes, each of us making good points but feeling not quite understood by the other:-)
    (Cont. in next comment to be posted later)

    Ah, ok. Agreed, then.

    Looking forward to the rest of your comment.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #545601
    A R

    Imagine you had the most credible, intelligent, well-meaning person in the world tell you something about what happened the previous day. I am talking about someone you personally trust.
    Would you believe him?
    Consider the following scenarios:
    A loving father tells his daughter that Santa brought the presents under the Christmas tree.
    A wife gives her husband a full description of a bankrobber, but the CCTV footage clearly shows she was mistaken. Her memory had played tricks with her due to careless and suggestive questioning by an inexperienced police officer.
    Your friend studies history and writes a history book on the history of Portugal. he fact checks everything but his manuscript gets shortened by the editor and with it the subtelties of his narrative are lost. Before he can explain this turn of events to you, he dies in a car accident. You take his account as the gold standard because you don’t know what was left on the cutting floor.
    It seems to me to be problematic to establish the “reality” of any past events beyond the “knowing” that something must have happened.

    I agree with your doubts and conclusion above and can’t really understand the intended connection with my quote, I’m afraid. When I wrote «it is a matter of slicing reality to eliminate as many untruths as possible.», I included in the understanding of “untruth” any events that may be used as a foundation for whatever assertion. It is not limited, in my opinion at least, to the results of falsehood, but also to the causes.

    What is your philosophical stance on epistemology, Armunn? I now consider myself philosophically an idealist ( not like Berkeley) and see fakeology as a pathway towards this view of the world.

    Well, I do realize the utmost importance of understanding idealism, of course – therefore the importance I attribute (and think is evident) to stories for the human existence. I do also consider, however, that there is a tangible and concrete existence outside the human realm that influences it and affects it. We exist before culture, ideas, thoughts… even before a notion of “I”… so does the world, whatever it is. The world needs no observers, no “experiencers” to exist, but it may exist for us to experience (that is a different matter altogether).

    In summary, the unimaginable “void” that remains after one has invalidated and removed all that is not true, is the truth. Why do I say void? Exactly due to the adjective unimaginable – in human experience it is unimaginable, so it seems empty, because it seems we can only experience satisfactorily in our present state of life that which stands on falsehood. We are suffering from a collective madness, are we not? Look at the reality we help create.

    Still, truth does exists to be found, I think.
    How do we recognize what is unimaginable? Ah, but hasn’t truth evaded us a myriad of times before, in those moments of pure silence we tend to end so crushingly? We can’t imagine it, so we usually just keep chasing our own tails: a tendency those who enslave us use very well for their ends.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #545599
    A R

    In case the video in the post above can’t be seen normally, due to country restrictions, try through this link.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #545147
    A R

    I guess it all depends on the difference between history and records Of history – but we know all about that at this site;-)

    Miles Mathis lays it all out in his inimitable style:

    History is the autobiography of a dude named Victor – but reality still exists. The question is where!

    I have now just read the short article you had sent.

    I have nothing to disagree with Miles Mathis’ presentation, naturally, but I think he only fails to address the obvious question of how do people get to what actually happened, since they cannot go back and watch it happen again and have to, at the most, seep through the actual records for discrepancies.

    So, there again, it can be seen that the actual path that lays ahead of us (in fact, it is the path we have been already walking on) is to find what truth must be from what truth can’t be, regardless of our preferences or comforts. Or as I’ve put it in the original post:

    That’s the true challenge of fakeology – as it is not a mere matter of checking if media events are staged (if the “priests” are telling the truth), it is a matter of slicing reality to eliminate as many untruths as possible. That destroys the cushion-stories. What then? What lies beyond when we have discovered everything truth is not?

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #545105
    A R

    ArmunnRigh wrote: “On another level, there’s the unseen parasite, the one lurking in the back of the mind of Man, feeding upon the emotions itself cannot feel, due to its inorganic state.”

    I find the above inconceivable, cryptic; foggy, yet interesting. Can you rewrite this in a more user friendly version; I could elaborate on it but it would be lengthy, something about the dualism (or division of a sort) between us and our minds.. opening up a whole other can of worms though. To which I don’t think anyone deserves…I think too much is aimed at the individual as the problem: i.e., the sinner, the conspiracy theororist, weirdo, non-conformist, and so on. Although, ‘the mind’ does remain on trial, or suspect, in all cases ..my case!? Ha.

    Far better than my thousand words is perhaps to watch this scene (pay no mind to the title and description the uploader gave it, the ego takes much of the heat for what is not entirely its “fault”):

    ArmunnRigh wrote: “The most interesting, I find, is that people are actually far more open and sincere [than] behind the anonymity of an avatar, username and keyboard, once you actually reach out as a human contact.”

    Yes, possibly, but personally I feel they are affected nonetheless.. affected by all this new stuff, changed, changing, and not for the better. But.. like a spell, ‘breakable’, and I, although aware, am under the spell myself … ..can only remember better times.

    You have included the [than] to my original sentence which changed the meaning I intended. I was trying to say that one you try to reach out to a “username”, the mask which has a real person behind it, that the response you will get, for better or worse, is far more human than in your daily contacts with people passing by on the street, or even your circle of acquaintances.
    Certainly affected, as you very well point out, but in comparison, more human. This is only a natural reaction to the inexplicable (to themselves) sense of unease people have nowadays in the outside world. The “username” mask allows them to show a bit more of their real faces and behaviors, while the “real world persona” mask forces them to follow a predetermined set of normality behaviors and an “acceptable” face.

    No doubt, this is just another layer of the agenda being deliberately conceived and deployed on us.. this disappearing of reality and manifesting of virtuality. ‘Devoid of nature’, or if and when one is able to access nature they are alone in it, or ‘just visiting’. As all human attention goes to the unnatural … So, one all too often finds oneself far removed from nature … And is then given (by the controllers) happy treats to pacify one’s depression/sadness, and one should be distraught devoid of nature! Animals in a zoo know what we don’t … that they are in a zoo! As well, animals in the wild know what we don’t … freedom.

    You are surely right on one level, but consider also that were it not for computers, internet and the like, we wouldn’t be having this exchange and, certainly, only very few of us would have been alerted to the issues of true evil, would we? At most you had preachers trying to convince you to a pact with one of the wide selection of names for the great demon-parasite – convinced of doing good, we would be merely another clueless victim. We are cut off from nature, yes, but the virtual world gives the ready the knowledge and therefore the choice (and choice is a step closer to freedom). Otherwise, only a very few of us would even know they’re cut off from nature at this point.

    Evil isn’t the only force on the field, that much seems certain.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #543711
    A R

    Or could it be the other way round? The stories (fables, myths) shape the reference points for history?

    We’ll have to thrash it out on an audio-chat, me-thinks:-)

    Ah, the chicken and egg dilemma. Which comes first?

    I am unsure an audiochat would be wise – I feel there are trolls about! No, not kidding, trolls!

    But if we made that audiochat into a ROUND table type of conversation… hmmm… that might catch the trolls on the back foot (or is it FLAT foot?)

    I wonder…

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #543668
    A R

    I guess it all depends on the difference between history and records Of history – but we know all about that at this site;-)

    Miles Mathis lays it all out in his inimitable style:

    History is the autobiography of a dude named Victor – but reality still exists. The question is where!

    Quite right, Madam Thomas! Quite right. Hence the focus and effort applied on grabbing the reins of History: to control it is to shape the reference points for the stories (fables, myths). It is using a perfectly fine tool of humanity against itself, heh?

    I will certainly read that article. You have sparked my interest.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #543555
    A R

    Talking about stories, Armunn, have you come across the claims made by the new chronologists who dispute the contents and dating of events narrated in our history books?
    When we speak of Romulus and Remus, are we speaking of flesh and blood people? Does this statue make them seem more or less real? Was the statue made in the time officially quoted or was it made later? is it a fake? What is a fake? Does it matter? Who cares? Are Romulus and Remus real platonically? Is that the only reality that matters? Can we really grasp anything abstract outside of a narrative?

    I have skimmed through those claims, but never really dug into them. I wouldn’t be surprised if such claims were verifiable, given the rest of the modus operandi.

    As to your other question, group stories mustn’t be confused with History. History is factual, it is a mere dead record of what happened and should only be corrected with incontestable proof of mistakes. Stories are fables, or myths, that instead of being recorded in a stale format, are adaptive to the life of the group it belongs to. For that particular example, Romulus and Remus are each and every Roman, because they are supposed to determine the initial core values of “Romanhood”. That is why we should carefully choose our myths: we live them through, because we give them actors and a stage.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #543407
    A R

    Oh and I realised I forgot to address your doubt about the usage of the word “transvestite”. Yes, in Portuguese, “travesti” is used also to described something disguised as something else that is opposite, so not only used in the context of gender.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #542931
    A R

    The Big Parasite … the big cheese, illuminati.. high orders of the masons, jesuits, jews, muslims, christians, luciferians, satanists.. and so on.. like Carlin said, one big party and you’re not invited!

    Parasitism is the orgy we’ve been feeding. On one level, one such as the Marquis de Sade described in his “120 days of Sodom”, in which a Duke, a Bishop, a Judge and a Banker lock themselves up for five months in a castle with prostitutes and members of the “plebe”, to abuse and torture for pleasure and vitality. On another level, there’s the unseen parasite, the one lurking in the back of the mind of Man, feeding upon the emotions itself cannot feel, due to its inorganic state.

    ArmunnRigh wrote: “Don’t you find it funny and ironic, for instance, that we are using inorganic life (computer, internet, electrical power, etc) to discuss organic life?”

    Yes, I miss life, nature.. and people. This electronic secondary existence is getting insane, we need to push it to a head or realize how it’s dead and then question WTF we are doing? Previous to the internet I had the occassional book but since the internet, yes, ironically I realize how these books available are questionable as well.. although not creating EMF’s and whatever health dangers and other surveilance dangers these electronics may be.

    Another conundrum.. the pros and cons of this.

    Yes, there is nothing like direct contact. That’s where the world religion comes from, from the Latin “religare” to reconnect – to what? Well life is a good start, be surrounded by life and lie still. Going back to enjoying the simple things, isn’t it? A bird, the wind, a tree with all the life that goes on in it. I find that you can enjoy much more of both worlds if you are able to go between one (the natural) and the other (the electronic) at will. The most interesting, I find, is that people are actually far more open and sincere behind the anonymity of an avatar, username and keyboard, once you actually reach out as a human contact.

    ‘We’ll let you find all the answers.. as we build a cage all around you.. you’ll know but it will be irrelevant as we tag you and simultaneously reduce your reality to absurd stories no one will believe..’ like airplanes saturating the sky with cloud-like substances.. too big to consider, I guess, as people go about their debt slave existences oblivious to anything else, under total man-made delusions.

    – S – O – S –

    Years ago, I would probably talk to you about hope. Now? No. I realised personally how hope is the deepest harness. I didn’t know, but Wanda told me one of these days that when Prometheus opened Pandora’s box, in the myth, the last thing to remain in the box, after all the evil and pestilence came out, was… hope. Hope was lurking stagnant among evil – a friend to it? A companion? A partner? Hope often allows evil, because it doesn’t allow for “personal deaths”, the letting go of the obsolete, the allowing for our own change. Hope prevents that in most cases.
    I don’t know if there’s an English equivalent, but in Portuguese, we have a saying that translates more or less like this:

    «When you’re drowning, it is often best not to struggle and allow yourself to reach the bottom, to then kick it and then be able to come back up.»

    Not sure what the story is, but I know there’s a story here somewhere.. something about a spell we’re all under. ..And as you have conjected with this post here, words alone may not break this spell … and electronic words maybe even less so. So how does one break this spell?

    When I was younger, I think knowing less, I knew more.

    Precisely! The story, what is it? Aren’t we writing it as well? 😉
    Unwittingly, we are the pens the storytellers use to write the story so far… will it have a grand finale or will it be a boring anti-climax? I guess the ink could run dry as well…

    You are correct, It must be alive, in the now, organic. A love letter in and of itself will not win a heart. Thanks for the post and replies though.. to at least know someone is alive and human out there. Greetings, from this virtual space capsule lost in space (and now time)… floating seemingly endlessly in a sea of what appears to be nothing. And I, content to receive the slightest transmission.. a beep … a hello from any kind stranger.

    “Hello, yes I am encapsulated floating elsewhere as well, there are many of us, each to our own capsule, apart, we do not know where we are or where we are going but we are glad to hear from you …”

    Isn’t that a lonely imagery sold by NASA and their predecessors? We all live in a lonely capsule, adrift in the cold darkness of space… but is that truly where we live? Is that truly the nature of our existence or merely the setting for their story to be played out?
    I think transmissions are received as they are sent, man; send them honestly and authentically and you get it likewise. Greetings indeed, but not from a lonely undead torture chamber, but from a living being living in a living world!

    ArmunnRigh wrote: “..can a sick unbalanced body accompany a more experienced mind? Of course not, “Mens sana in corpore sano”, hence the absolute necessity and actual reliance upon transvestite medicine – «Diagnose the disease early!», they keep shouting us fearfully, while eating anything but food, expecting us in the torture chambers where they are literally waiting to carve us up for whatever excuse they can come up with.”

    Understood from above: Yes! Dare anyone trust any institution! It may take your life and underlyingly may be intentionally malevolent. In all manner of deceit. Keep your health as much as possible! Pay more now for good food or pay later! Read: Good Calorie, Bad Calorie by Gary Taubes.

    Not understood from above: “Mens sana in corpore sano” and the term “transvestite medicine”. I’m guessing the latin looking phrase is reaffirmation of the rest of the paragraph and ‘transvestite medicine’ is synonymous or derogatory of ‘mainstream’ medicine? – Although transvestite refers to sex/gender in my dictionary/culture:

    “trans·ves·tite n
    somebody who dresses like opposite sex: somebody who adopts the dress and often the behavior of the opposite sex
    [Early 20th century. < German Transvestit “cross-dresser” < Latin vestire “clothe, dress” (see vest)]”

    So I’ll guess, in your culture transvestite has a broader meaning/context which can include any circumstance opposite of what it appears. Such as a malevolent ‘dark’ institution, not the least bit interested in what’s best for everyone.. dressing it’s corporatized well paid unquestioning brainwashed dupes up in costumes puppeting them as benevolent do-gooders out for everyone’s best interest!

    “Mens sana in corpore sano”, means “Sane mind in a sane body”. It is from a poem by a Roman poet named Juvenal:

    « You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
    Ask for a stout heart that has no fear of death,
    and deems length of days the least of Nature’s gifts
    that can endure any kind of toil,
    that knows neither wrath nor desire and thinks
    the woes and hard labors of Hercules better than
    the loves and banquets and downy cushions of Sardanapalus.
    What I commend to you, you can give to yourself;
    For assuredly, the only road to a life of peace is virtue. »




    Is your birthdate in the second month (“2”) of your Chinese year from the calendar linked above? And what’s your Chinese year? Or if that’s too personal I understand.. A little whack hobby I indulge, that sure seems to carry some weight. Twelve signs, one’s self (1) with opposite (6), semi-opposites (3 and 9) and like kinds (4 and 8); add your moon sign and it goes deeper. Second moon of a Chinese year would be Pisces which correlates to the Rabbit per Chinese, a.k.a. ‘The Cat’ in some asian references. I don’t go much deeper than that … but if you know your birth time as well, it’s just one click on the internet to find out what your western signs are … sun, moon, planets? I am Gemini rising, Libra sun and mercury, and Scorpio moon, venus, mars and neptune … bizzare, I know … who knows what that means/what’s out there/up there/and how that may be effecting us and things..

    I have dabbled in “western” astrology before and know my planet positions, yes. I don’t pay much attention recently. Never checked Chinese astrology, though.

    in reply to: The importance of STORIES and the path we're on #540802
    A R

    The written capable of (or in danger of) being sacred? Why not (be sacred)? Or rather certain writings/documents (e.g., mine..). To which, amendments can be made as needed to keep them connected to current changing reality (if need be/or reality need not change, if ever ideal!? Or if reality changes for the better from now, then still sacred as lessons or documentation, from the past ).. not sure how oral can suffer any less than written from all the ways our history has? Or whatever story has. The root of the problem is the same as it is for everything else: the higher ups, deliberately setting the course for thousands of years now. Infiltrating all effective movements and their written (i.e., rewritting the script/or inspired documents). All truth is more valuable than gold, written or otherwise.

    My meaning with that is that a written text is dead, it is not life, nor alive, but a dead mimic of something that once lived. If we, however, hold a story (or outright knowledge) as understood, with its ramifications (emotional, psychological, technical, whichever existent), then the story becomes alive, with us being not only its authors, but also its characters.
    If we are setting up a theatre play, which is something completed and closed, then we follow the script to the letter, of course. We must, however, treat it only as far its contextual worth. Is that story still contextually relevant? Is it still applicable? We can and should certainly use the “dead texts from the past” as a reference, sure, but not treat them as something as alive as we are – we are organic, the text is not; still, it has been far too easy for a dead text to control organic life, and to even kill it, hasn’t it? What is more sacred, the stagnant texts or the evolving life of the authors? I have thought things as true in the past that I now know to not be so. What if those truths had been “set in stone” and regarded as absolute, sacred? The author would have far surpassed one of its creations and yet, the created stagnant text would still outlive the truly sacred organic life of the author. That is sheer madness, in my opinion. People get too invested in their inorganic truths, to let them go properly and actually value their existence here. That’s what “they” rely on: on the worship of everything that is not actually and truly alive.

    Recently ‘their’ own constitutions they even transgress … as their true agenda becomes more evident and proportionately more powerful to do such things (‘as it wilt’) and people less powerful and less capable to do anything about it! And how could they? Most people don’t even have a clue as to what’s going on … has always been going on. ‘Ignorance’, mostly due to generations upon generations of baited compromise. Tricked! Most seem easily tricked, and of course, without access to truth about anything, virtually ‘chained to a wall in a dark cave all their life’ how could they not be? ..And these craftsman work over generations. They must be to a point of megalomania by now. ..And we divided, unorganized, isolated, alienated, to say the least; They extremely united with super organization and organizations ..to an extent we can not even fathom ..We, unaware to ‘what’ extent they even conspire … there is probably more of ‘them’ that will read this than any … (I can’t even use the word “us”. What us?).

    In my opinion, you are correct in your assessment of the state of “most people”. Ignorance is not, however, absolutely resolved by the mere “absorption” of important reference texts (with which I agree, it is important to have) – in fact, if the root cause of ignorance is not cut off, then more dead information may even worsen the problem in some cases. That root cause is non-life, that is, “truth” surpassing your actual senses, “idea(l)s” surpassing the actual living context of whatever group of people one finds oneself in. That is, in fact, the worst torture, in my view, that is inflicted upon us in the early years of our presence in the world: we are told that whatever we sense or feel, the truth is always an external entity that can never be grasped independently – basically opening the door to becoming prey to parasitism in its many forms.
    “They” are united, but “they” are the worst cases of this disease too. They cannot easily retract and go back. We can shift opinions, truths and even our own context to some extent. “They” are servants, benefiting from many a perk for sure, but still far more constrained in their actual “aliveness”, if you can understand the term.
    To defeat ignorance you need actual alive teaching, not only (although certainly including as reference) stagnant texts that outlived their authors own truths, in certainly most cases. Do old, sacred texts contain relevant information? Of course they do! Can they show us actual living truth? No, only we, as “storytellers”, authors, can actually do that… usually by cutting off what truth isn’t, chipping away towards an organic revelation.

    On a more positive note, I’ve never really attempted to write anything sacred, have you? Maybe we should? Telling it like it really is…if we could ever get enough of it figured out that is. It would be written from a slaves perspective, of course. What slave has ever had such a voice? The here and now slavery we are under must be acknowledged! This new brand, with it’s middle-class buffer (slaves themselves) and all it’s thoroughly programmed adherents, from it’s top super wealthy frontmen to it’s exploited billions, all to willing to please their masters. So dependent on government and corporation, ‘invisible bonds’, slavery nonetheless.

    We can write “the tale of our plight” and certainly it would help, as a reference, to avoid mistakes in a future where the root of ignorance had been banished from existence. However, if the root cause, the seed of ignorance, is not eradicated, then it would merely become a source for another class of farmers who would realize the perks of serving “the big parasite” to set up the stead and feed on the forcibly ignorant.

    So; Is there any good writings out there? Has the combination of censorship and commercialism left us with everything being total bullshit … and people like us just delivering one failed attempt after the other in trying to explain anything!?

    But, you conjecture ‘an evolving reality’ being the problem.. I lean more towards the simple absence of anybody knowing anything beyond what they’ve been allowed to know more the problem. Or the good stuff censored and just not there, ‘unavailable’, ‘no results’, ‘blocked’, ‘banned’.

    Anyway, the written should at the least be a good reference, or documentation.. where short of ‘priests’ the reader could decipher. But your case is justified in that, what is ‘current’ seems to be all that I crave currently ..which I can not find, never finding, just accumilating, contemplating, listening, and oh so lacking.. a quagmire really… It seems the more I know the less I feel I know. And; What information out there is not just reactionary to the hidden ones’ puppets?.. With their faux religions, governments, institutions, ideologies and so on? As though a whole element in all this is simply not there! ‘The games we have to play while simultaneously seeing through them.. all the while having to deal with an overwhelming majority of oblvious people, to include the ones closest to us.’

    Good writing is not a problem, nor is it so an “evolving reality”, that wasn’t my point. Organic life moves through ever changing conditions and contexts, as it is supposed to do. The solution for organic life can never be to force stagnant environments! The environment shapes organic life, exactly because life has that unstoppable, unconscious (as in not needing actual consciousness) urge to be growing whenever possible. Each challenge set by the environment, if overcome, lifts organic life to an even higher degree of existence/experience – but then can a sick unbalanced body accompany a more experienced mind? Of course not, “Mens sana in corpore sano”, hence the absolute necessity and actual reliance upon transvestite medicine – «Diagnose the disease early!», they keep shouting us fearfully, while eating anything but food, expecting us in the torture chambers where they are literally waiting to carve us up for whatever excuse they can come up with.
    So, yes, as I’ve said, the texts are an important reference point to the organic, living, mind and body. All the priests, expert scientists, doctors and the like do, wittingly or unwittingly, is to distribute, regurgitated “truth” and apply all measures necessary to maintain what would otherwise be an organic life being, as a mere food source.

    Note: We are dealing with puppetry. Hundreds and thousands of years of it. As true peoples and cultures have all but been wiped off the face of the earth.

    All this romanticism for naught?.. “For what tribe are we now (?) … these failed tribes. ..I surrender my sanity, kill me now! ..It is written, ‘To live is to die’.. or die to live/who can know the difference, who can live this life? Never knowing the truth ..Losing a life for fear of a death.. We snake along this path, hideous creatures we’ve become. Since tribe was lost and commodity we’ve become.” (sorry got off track there with some prose).

    Well, as far as we know, all true peoples and cultures have been wiped out, but who tells us that information? Who tells us that we “as a species” are masters of our environment, while at the same time tells us that we are an insignificant speck in the universal dust, while then say that we are relevant enough, after all, to cause the complete and utter death of the place we live in? This absurd “double-speak” may also be applied to hide peoples and cultures existing in places we don’t know about, only because the “Empire” has not been able to reach them… who knows? «If “we” didn’t conquer, it doesn’t exist and if it exists, “we” will conquer it» is the mentality, isn’t it?
    We can only go as far as our sphere of influence, but we can certainly preserve and worship life, to the extent of the limitations imposed on us. Life cannot and will never be found in books, even though they can be excellent tools to promote actual life. A knife can be used for murder, a knife can be used to feed – not the knife’s fault, for sure, but the focus of its wielder.

    Are you describing the internet in your second paragraph? Or are you bitten with a similar bug as I, maybe of a similar astrological leaning? (Libra myself, or “Snake, Dog (9th) moon”)

    Astrology does possibly have a bearing on things:


    No, not the internet, but a possible organic living way of storing and using knowledge.

    Note: Pisces in my case.

    ..or are you simply what one would call a dreamer (as I often am.. when I’m not hating everything). Dream on! Maybe in Antarctica or beyond we could be out of cellphone range and entertain an oral tradition into some utopian future. Otherwise at this point, it seems we’re all screwed! ..But we do have the internet (whoopee!) – ‘unintelligible murmur’.

    Yes, ‘The Dreamer’ verses the dark reality and it’s placated millions.

    ‘Warrior?’ … Where to start?

    We need super powers!

    I don’t know if “dreamer” would apply. I observe that the world will change, but change to what? The “Empire” has had so many faces why wouldn’t it be able to change to another? I guess it all depends on those who will actually build the “new world” – will they carry with them the parasite? Will they have the mental seed to rebuild the farm again? If not, then I think that organic life is the only possible consequence. Don’t you find it funny and ironic, for instance, that we are using inorganic life (computer, internet, electrical power, etc) to discuss organic life?

    A warrior, in the sense of how I see it, is a safe-keeper of the living values of a culture, of a people, of a tribe. These values are never “set in stone” and sacred, but still sacred in the way they can be applied to the actual organic life of the people. The warrior fights in their defense, because he embodies what he defends – he is the tribe, therefore his fight is one of sheer survival.

    Thanks for the reply ArmunnRigh. Sorry if I’m a bit off.. or ‘disconnected’. Which I know I am disconnected as are most of us living in these dark times are.

    ‘We may be living under dark forces but we do not have to be of or with dark forces any more than necessary. And there is probably coming a time when we will have to say, “No more! I will not be subject to this any further, I draw the line here.”‘

    Look how much we have sacrificed already! Dare anyone draw a line?

    “We must realize how dumb we are to get anywhere ..So much we have to throw out. They contest and rule us with lies. Truth is the only light one should ever follow.” – Black Dog (Jan. 17, 2016)

    And thank you for keeping the discussion alive as well. If the time comes, one need only to make sure of one’s motivations. There will be certainly false scenarios for the pressure to be eased, as easily as opening a steam valve… but I guess those who should will know the difference.

    You are quite right in your own quote: only by the realization of our ignorant state and of the root cause for that ignorance, will one be able to chip away through the false to discern what truth might be like.

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