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    “Maybe it was a social experiment”


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    From the Find Matt Lyzen Facebook page, his mother on how this case could help fix privacy and mental health laws.

    I also saw that she mentioned that Matthew’s father was a Sherriff’s deputy. Oh, also they are trying to raise $2000 to post those flyers from above

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    Apparently he was very active with video games, and a gaming community that he was active in has been writing about him on reddit.


    The story goes that his mother is a narcissist (that seems probable), and he ran away from her because of that (and he’s an adult, so it’s his right).

    I’m not so sure, what’s with all of the other strange stuff here?

    Here’s his mom’s Reddit, but she deleted her comments and postings. http://www.reddit.com/user/MomJackalope

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    Strange that they both have “good story”.

    Thanks for that psyopticon!

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    I got the same feeling on his Twitter, also “Megan Masters” and “MontanaMerante”.

    “only hate the sun when it starts to snow.. only know you love her when you let her go.”

    Sun & snow. Hmm, he died on the “Sunrise run” at the ski resort

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    He has a fairly extensive web history.

    I thought there were a few interesting things at his Twitter.


    “Bad decisions make good stories”

    Also, if you go to his website http://gatekeper.com the domain expired just a few days ago. It still shows registered to him in WHOIS records.

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    Yup, there was a good outburst of related stuff on Twitter as well. A lot of journalists (from “respectable” publications) feigning disbelief that a hoax could make it into the news. I don’t have them bookmarked but it got a few disgusted sounds out of me watching them act like they want the truth.

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    And in the end, you can’t trust the cache. They dissapear stuff out of it all of the time, and one can only imagine what could be done by going back and adding pages retroactively. It’s a good tool when you have the hankering to follow rabbits.

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    Funny how nobody has the blog cached. I use a firefox plugin that lets you quickly check all (or most, more than I knew about before, although most never work) of the caches and archives available.

    Searches through five big page cache/mirrors:
    o CoralCDN
    o Google Cache
    o Yahoo! Cache
    o The Internet Archive
    o MSN Cache
    o Gigablast
    o WebCite


    Exalead search has a good cache as well, and this time when I checked that cache it said that it couldn’t display it because the blog was set to not allow search engine indexing. So how does it end up in the results then? If it’s in the results, it’s cached dammit! If you can search for the words on the page then the search engine company has all of the words and likely the ordering of the words stored, so they have the damn cache!

    Did the webmaster of the blog go back later and pull the blog pages and put up a new robots.txt saying don’t index? Do search engines then remove viewable cache but keep search engine results if the webmaster changed robots.txt after the fact to restrict search engine access? I don’t really know. But in these cases it’s clear that the search engines DO have the text of the page. You can often tease out a slightly different but overlapping search excerpt if the original excerpt had unique combo of words towards the end, search those in quotes and it will sometimes pull up an excerpt skewed a sentence or two later in the page.

    Knowing those tricks can be nice because Internet Archive and Google Cache have been gimped to all hell lately and generally don’t provide working cached results when you really want them.

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    Pondering tipping/donation

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    Was just looking at one of the articles from Jan 30 and the picture caught my eye.


    It’s the same picture as in my original post, cropped and lowered in quality. It’s been lowered so much in quality that it looks like it was taken on a cheap flip phone or maybe a video still capture.

    It says “photo provided by Cortney Labbe”. This is what I love to find, another name to look into, and a unique name.

    Here she is, she has a fundraising page after a house fire


    Found one reference of her name with Matthew, from before this case. Relating to a multi-year meditiation retreat in Arizona from 2010, mom mentioned as well, along with some more. Not enough there to really figure out the context of their mention, but I’l play around with search engines and see if I can tease some more text out. The blog page is broken now and all of the cache/archive options online are broken/purged as well. But here’s a screen of the small snippet from DuckDuckGo search

    Apparently the participants are still meditating there until April 2014 (ooh, so close!). Note that the site also has a DONATE button, what a surprise!


    Very strange stuff! Although maybe not that strange, a lot of other stories lately with similar characters (Newtown, CT was full of them)

    This would seem to imply that Matthew (and the others) have been at this retreat for several years, but there’s not really enough info to draw a conclusion for sure. It could be rabbit holes on a completely fake story.

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    In a way, the story isn’t really continuing. Google News not turning up anything newer than Jan 30th and those articles have basically the same info as the original articles.

    I noticed the “Pizza kind of guy” as well. What a joke 🙄

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    To look for updates I just Googled “Matthew Lyzen”, along with a Google News search, there are no new news articles but a few new pics on some missing persons profiles.

    I thought this one was funny, compare Matthew with his glasses and hat to the artwork on the right.


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    @Tom I started reading Catch-22 yesterday, a fairly thick book but it’s really entertaining so I should be done soon. I want to post a thread on some things after I’m done.

    If you just get the PDF and start from the top it only takes a few pages until there are other relevant things to surveillance. Main character is in a hospital during WW2 and since he’s an officer he has to censor letters for a few hours a day. He basically states something along the lines of “These letters are all so boring you have nothing to worry about surveillance”. I hear things like that from the media and from people all the time these days.

    Tons of other interesting or strange stuff in there too.


    I think to some stories like the LAX hoax and there was another hoax inside of it (that media reported on) about a former NSA director being killed at the airport. Kinda makes one think

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    I think that Snowden is completely fake, although I don’t know if they’re using a live actor or what. I simply don’t believe that the media just magically slipped out of the control of the intelligence agencies. The psyops kicked up a a few notches in 2012, I think they are producing far more of them than before and the Snowden thing was to get out in front of Federal employees (and anybody else) that might have an attack of morals and want to say something about what’s going on.

    I think they are also going for a change in behavior, they want US citizens (and EU citizens) to start acting like they live under a tyrannical government. After Snowden, the average Joe no longer doubts that the govt is spying on them. They’ll combine it with a push for internet ID (think of the children) and the current raft of stories that basically say “Watch out what you say online” and get the mass change of behavior that they are looking for.

    I felt that the Snowden thing was a straight psyop as soon as it broke, but I was sold after I plugged the name Snowden into Wikipedia and read up some Cliff Notes on the character “Snowden’ from Catch-22, who literally “spills his guts” which teaches the main character of the novel the secret. They added the icing on the cake by making sure the phrase “catch-22” made it into many of the original Snowden articles (for example, the “catch-22” of trying keeping tabs on a secret program to ensure it isn’t being abused).

    I agree that a big part of it is that it is announced, and then nothing happens, so the govt programs are now normalized.

    Big changes are coming and the public had to be made familiar with them, the Overton Window has been successfully nudged. As for if it’s a power-struggle between agencies, I suppose it’s possible but I think the public and Fed employees are the target, not a specific agency

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    This is where I got my avatar from. let me know if it wont play, I’ve found that Vine doesnt like things like linux.

    Such CG
    Much impressive

    This took place in NYC I think right outside Vine headquarters and some other social media HQs. “Truck fire” incident with Corona commercial qualities. Got some very similar pics from Lac Megantic. It also looks a lot like a PS4 game.

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    Not sure this is a fake story, but if I had to bet a lot of money I would bet it was fake.

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    Wrong-way driver was going more than 100mph, witnesses said



    There’s not much left of her car in the pics but from the remains it appears to be a new Chevy Camaro, as seen in Transformer movies (only mentioning because superheroes seem to be a trope that they cross from movies into new hoaxes). For some damn reason they have made it obvious that comic books are tied into this shit (just ask Aurora hoax, don’t forget to tune into AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.)

    I also like the cop they interviewed. He was very preened for the camera but had a thin grasp of English. Perfect spokesperson, nobody is going to ask too many questions because he won’t understand them. Either that or he was just very anxious

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    Don’t blame this on the actress, the script was garbage!

    I hope this doesn’t hurt her burgeoning career. Only $20,000 in donations so far

    in reply to: 2013 and before #7075

    I figured I’d leave a bit here about myself. My nick here is columjaddica, which is just a handle I created when I decided that I didn’t want to link my old handles or real name with Sandy Hook research when I first started looking at that. It doesn’t mean anything I just thought it sounded neat. Feel free to shorten it to CJ.

    I currently live in Colorado, in the mountains near Boulder. We have a hoax-a-day policy here and there seems to be a real den of troublemakers down in the greater Denver area. Always something strange going on..

    I’ve followed conspiracy theories since 2002 but was not aware of the extent of media fakery until Sandy Hook. I only viewed Sept Clues and Cluesforum after Sandy Hook sent me into a year-long fit of research into everything.

    I have my own blog (which I never updated frequently and might do something else with) at http://www.simcell.info

    I also have another small private forum where myself and a few others research news stories and the characters in them.

    Glad to have fakeologist.com, the tone is a bit different than most alternative news sites and there are only a few other options online when it comes to discussing fakery.

    I’m interested in figuring out what can be done about all of this? How do you get people to view this with an open mind? How many people are involved, does the weather-man know what’s going on (I think he does)? When do they use pure media fakery and when and why do they use live acting or real force? How do they coordinate between first responders, courts, and the media to make these stories?

    Been a crazy year, turned my whole world upside down, but glad to see more people starting to get it.

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