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    Unreal thanks for the response, I had not looked at the thread for a while as it had gone quiet and most of the activity was on discord. You made good points and they were pretty thought provoking, I’m going to re read and ponder them! Glad to see you agree on some of the people I had pointed out. Perhaps I’m not just plucking at straws lol.

    ‘Frank Lampard is striking in that he look so overly “pretty” and not at all macho like famous predecessors like Vinnie Jones or Eric Cantona. Todays soccer players are definately “fem” with Ronaldo, Neymar and Gerard Piqué leading the charge.’

    It quickly becomes evident when looking into EGI how prevalent the idea of gender reversal is in the mainstream. Many researchers have already pointed out the fact that the public is being propagandised by Hollywood and the mainstream in general, the male role models like zac effron, Ryan Gosling, Justin timberlake, Bruno mars are extremely feminine EGI or not, and just look at the current female stars Melissa Mcarthy, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence they are all, in their own fields, occupying roles that would have been entirely dominated by men just a few years ago (Miley in the way she performs and the way she is presented, as the bad ass trouble maker etc.) But While there’s been much research few have focused on the actual physical attributes of these stars. That’s where EGI comes in, the repeat pattern of these strange physical attributes is hard to deny. It is one that is not repeated per percentile in the general population. Sure there are manly women and girly men, but how often do you see these people? Rarely, most men are fairly similar in shape and build and most women whether I find them attractive or not just don’t display the traits we are seeing emerge so frequently in the research.

    I’m not up to date with the thread and it looks like I’ve got some catching up to do so I will give my two cents once I’ve read properly!

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    Timr, by high level I mean high functioning. If we take the A-class of Hollywood and the music industry as examples (suspect entities like Mick Jagger, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ryan gosling, Justin Timberlake to name a few) They often enter the public eye at a young age and their careers then go on to span decades. They have pretty high work rates also, these guys are constantly churning out material while engaging in almost constant promotion in order to keep their character/product relevant, as well as to play their particular role in the overall agenda. Taking faked deaths into account, (admittedly much of the research is murky, M.M for example, but it’s clear to me that faked deaths are prevalent in those circles) most of them go on to live long and fruitful lives.

    If we can agree that a number of these elites are inverted from a young age then there are a number of positions we could take on the how and why.
    Some take the position that they are inverted against their will as children and the inversion is used primarily as a control mechanism to keep them in line. While I think this is certainly a factor I do think that there is a little more to what we are seeing. I think they use more carrots than sticks.

    The quote “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” is relevant when we look at belief systems. Although the ‘Occult Elite’ rabbit hole is a deep and murky one, it’s clear to me that by the sheer amount of referencing through all mediums (from the music to the city planning) that this stuff does mean something to these people. I would often shrug it off as a bit of a front as 80-90% of available content on the subject is just that. But I’m taking the angle that these people do operate within a deep rooted belief system.
    When we look at the family history of these people it becomes evident that they are often from the same stock, educated at the same institutions. Supposing for arguments sake that there is a strong belief system it would obviously be generational, taught to the children as soon as they were able to learn. If androgyny is held in high esteem within this system (which can be observed in Kabbalist and Gnostic teachings) then this will be passed down to the child. By the time they reach the public eye they are bought in.

    They don’t look like deeply unhappy people to me, or particularly worn out looking (although many are now ugly as sin) they still carry themselves with high energy (Jagger and Keith Richards for example) and are full of spark in interviews. I think there’s only so much the Hollywood magic can do and these people keep their ‘star quality’ because they are deep believers in whatever it is they’re practicing. With the possibility that so many of them are inverted or at least aware of inversion it would be a peculiar control mechanism. They’d be fine within their social circles. I think before too long, hypothetically, an A star celeb like Brad Pitt could actually come out as a transgender, divulge he was a she all along and the public would accept it (with the right spin) and he would continue to be adored.

    This is only one angle and I’m sure that if this is indeed taking place, the whole thing has many more sides to it

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    Here are a few more I’ve noticed along the way. I’ll stress, these are only suspect cases. It is only speculation on my part based upon the great research you guys have been putting out.
    It’s a wild and weird world they’ve built for us and once you can look at that and laugh it makes research like this unquestionably necessary! Understand how absolutely mad it all is and possibilities open up, after all madness has no bounds! So it is worthwhile to explore them. I find EGI to be entirely plausible within the current system and those that govern it. Within the belief system which they appear to operate androgyny is held with high regard, it is seen as the ultimate expression of godliness within Kabbalistic, Gnostic and Crowlien/luciferian teachings. It’s being promoted widely among the masses, the difference is that to those without the knowledge of how to operate within this state it becomes detrimental. I assume to some extent that a large number of the inverted elite operate at a high level while inverted, perhaps the opportunity to be in this state is held in high regard within these circles.

    They Live!

    John Carpenter showed us a lot of truth in They Live! I think he gave us one more clue, this regards his choice of leading lady.

    Meg Foster
    ‘Holly Thompson’

    Watch the movie again with an EGI-eye and you’ll see it plain as day. In my book that’s a man.
    In the second half of the movie she is portrayed as being on-side with Rowdy Roddy and co. Only to turn on them at the end. Remember she was initially part of the system, shown as the ‘rose amongst the thorns’ but no she was one of them all along, only we weren’t shown it overtly. There was a different face behind Holly’s, a big old man face!

    Here’s a more recent pic, aged well?

    The movies key metaphor, that of strange faces behind those in the circles of power could be read on many levels. EGI is one of them and quite possibly a key into who they are and what it is they’re truly practicing.

    A few more pure speculations For your consideration…

    Nicola Adams OBE

    Nicola is a hugely publicised figure in U.K. sport. She is an Olympic gold medalist, the first female in the sport. She has strong ties to the LGBT movement, named most influential LGBT in Britain by The Independent in 2012. She gets regular slots on TV and wide coverage. Could be a contender…

    Oh my!

    Frank Lampard

    Lampard is one of the UK’s most revered sports stars, he is considered to be one of English footballs greatest midfielders and is a legend at Chelsea FC.

    Here he is on his wedding day with his wife, Christine Bleakley.

    Notice much about the two of them?

    Anything at all?

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    Here’s one I noticed recently regarding the BBC’s morning news programme ‘BBC Breakfast’. As far as I am aware the show is currently the most viewed breakfast news programme in the UK with a reported ‘daily reach’ of around 6 million viewers. But something about its presenters seems a little off to me. Here they are, ‘ladies’ first…

    Steph McGovern

    Even with the heavy eye make-up the eyes look very masculine to me, she has a strong, broad jaw and wide, square shoulders.

    Hmmm… Can you see it? I think I can.
    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3

    Louise Minchin

    Notice the size and shape of the head, the wide, strong jaw, large neck, wide shoulders and large hands. The face as a whole looks very manly and it looks like work has been carried out on her nose to reduce the size.


    In this pic the sloped back forehead and square jaw are the most noticeable masculine features. Also note the large neck and muscular shoulders.

    Sally Nugent

    Tree trunk neck, broad shoulders, square jaw, slope back forehead and again just a very masculine face!

    MTF? Could well be.

    Susanna Reid

    Reid no longer presents for BBC breakfast but fits the MTF bill a little too well to leave out.

    So next up are the ‘men’…

    Charlie Stayt

    Stayt has a feminine quality I won’t be able to convey within this post. But if you watch him in action you will notice it in the way he carries himself, very softly, delicately. He has delicate features with a round small jaw, small inset eyes, little hands and a small frame.

    Mike Bushell

    The BBC Breakfast sports presenter is feminine also, with a small head, little jaw, little ears, thin neck and small shoulders.

    BBC’s Steph McGovern and Mike Bushell swap roles in wife carrying contest

    Jon Kay

    He screams FTM to me, I’ve seen admitted female to male cases that actually look very similar, with the round face and inset eyes, the beard to mask the weak jaw and he has a general feminine demeanour.

    Bill Turnbull

    Displaying similar characteristics to the other three, Turnbull has a small frame, a round soft jawline, small hands and narrow shoulders. He no longer presents the show but is worth a mention.

    There’s a clear dynamic going on with the presenters of this show. I think it makes sense for them to present the public with these people during the early morning slot. People are still waking up, barely paying attention and thus even more likely to accept anything that is put before them.

    It’s getting late here so I’ll leave it there, I’ve based my opinion on the video footage as it is far more telling than a few photos, there are more presenters to the show that are suspect and it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire team were inverted.

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