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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Good evening, upstanding non-misogynistic gentlemen. Just popping in here to add my 2 cents. First of all, the name Geymonat is even more outrageous than you’ve pointed out. Monat means “month.”


    So her name is Gay-Month. And when is Gay Pride Month? June, of course, as Ms. Gay-month reminds us in her Facebook post:


    I just hope that in June, Pride Month, stuff like this can be spoken out loudly so they STOP HAPPENING!

    Notice that there is also already a blood-splatter design on the bus seats the couple is sitting on and the hand rest next to Geymonat.

    Now this is where it gets really weird. The following is all subjective, of course, so I can’t guarantee that I’m actually onto something.

    Although she doesn’t look as much like her in other photos, in the bloody-faced glamor pose above that shocked news audiences around the word, Geymonat’s girlfriend Chris bears a striking resemblance to actress Jennifer Connelly:

    The description of the bus attack certainly paints a disturbing scene with a group of revolting, hateful men throwing money at the couple and demanding that they put on a sex show for them.

    Well, speaking of disturbing scenes, you may be familiar with what is arguably the most disturbing scene in Jennifer Connelly’s acting career. You’ll find it intercut into the following montage which is widely considered to be the most memorable sequence in the gritty and unsettling film Requiem for a Dream. Connelly shows up about a minute in.


    In case you couldn’t quite make it out, this article offers an explanation:

    16 Cringeworthy Movie Sex Scenes

    In this scene, we see her double-team a sex toy with another woman. All the while, men stand around them throwing money.

    BONUS MATERIAL: So we have a Chris-Connelly connection. Does that name ring a bell? How about UK musician Chris Connelly, lead singer of the band Revolting Cocks?

    Here’s his autobiography, Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible, and Fried: My Life As A Revolting Cock:

    Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried: My Life As a Revolting Cock

    Once again, I’m left scratching my head, wondering why these interconnections exist when they definitely didn’t have to in order to achieve the desired effect of the psyop. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into things again!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Ugh, guys. Didn’t I express my preference to drop the whole Ab/Paolo thing back on the K Shooting thread? Now I’ll be forced to talk about it some more since I’m being dragged back into the drama. I really don’t want to! But just to clear things up, first of all, I did not “accuse” Ab of being Paolo! I did ask him if he was playing Paola as a prank AFTER Faye noticed a vocal similarity and suggested that this may be the case. I listened to it myself and noticed a striking similarity as well. It really does sound like someone with Ab’s voice putting on another accent and playing a character!

    But I also suggested it was possible it was someone impersonating Ab pretending to be another character. A prime suspect is someone like John Adams, a proven deceiver who appears to have been playing some kind of game with us with his Carrion claim. He also was likely involved in The 138 Show w/ Bobby & Bobby voice disguise deception incident (which “coincidentally” began on April 2, the very same day Adams made his Carrion claim) where he may well have been playing Bobby #2 to Kendall’s obvious and barely “disguised” (flanged) Bobby #1. I believe former Fakeologist regular Delcroix may be suggesting the same thing in his comment here, just to remind you that I’m not the only one noticing these things so please quit using me as your whipping boy/scapegoat!

    The curiously timed Bobby & Bobby incident was, of course, summarily dismissed as “nothing to hear” even though Faye once again independently confirmed the vocal likeness to Kendall. Connecting those dots may have helped explain what had gone on with Adams’ self-outing if anyone cared to think about it a bit, which I encouraged everyone to do only to fall on deaf ears, as usual. It also may have helped explain the sudden appearance of AA Morris, another distinctively-accented vocal character who suddenly appeared on March 6, roughly a month before Adams’ Carrion claim and only a week after Adams and Kendall’s seemingly subtextually-rich Hoaxbuster’s Call on February 26 where they awkwardly discussed a “broken flange” in Adams’ “new place” which caused a “leak,” destroying much of his audio CD collection while sparing his “records.” In this same call, we hear “Not So Free Mason” show up on the call like Superman just after Adams “disappears into a phone booth” like Clark Kent, only to suddenly drop off the call once Adams/Kent shows up again, LOL.

    And then Morris has a sudden “meltdown” some months later where he rambles on about Rich Little and voice impressions, bringing “John” into the discussion in one of his final clips which can be heard here. So it seems we have some kind of vocal impression pranking going on with these characters in one way or another, which I would think should be of great interest to anyone who truly cares about TRUTH. But other than the dogged efforts of UNreal, this is something that is of ZERO interest to anyone at Fakeologist, unless you count the curiously departed Faye.

    Can we all at least agree that something fishy is going on here? I’ve pointed out Adams’ vocal impression abilities numerous times, which he displayed regularly in his calls. If it’s agreed now that Adams is a proven deceiver, could these vocal skills have been part of the deception? And along with that deception, could making his publicly acknowledged impressions deliberately weaker sounding than what he was actually capable of doing be part of the ruse? For example his comical nose-pinched impression of Ab in his call with JLB two days before Carrion’s alleged death?

    Putting technological “voice morphing” aside, wouldn’t a professionally skilled impressionist like the following be of GREAT USE in the controlled opposition audio game?

    Again, as much as I don’t want to be dragged back into this discussion again, I have to tip my hat to UNreal for keeping the topic alive for all the serious “No Limits Hold ‘Em” Fakeologists out there!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Sorry, for the sarcasm, but you’ve got to admit that idea is worth a smile in passing.

    Well, with “Kham’s” synchronistic $9K (9/11) win at the poker Shootout, would you agree she likely has an “in” with the Muckleshoot Casino? And that her role in the “real life” shootout there was very important? Well, why not honor her with a video game zombie wench doppelganger at the first ever casino to host the VRcade virtual shootout experience?

    But back to Paolo. What I’m not buying is that with your pro musician’s ear, you seriously don’t find any similarity to the distinctively-voiced Ab Irato. But I’ll leave that one alone since we won’t get anywhere with it and it’s obviously a very touchy subject. And for the record, it was not I who originally noticed the strikingly similar voices. That was a certain Swiss-German lady who may very well now be a zombie for all I know. I do know she has quite a good ear since she also independently and immediately identified Bobby #1 as Chris Kendall, the most boldly and intentionally undisguised “voice morph” in all of Controlled Opposition Land. But there was nothing to hear there either, I know, as Ab quickly and firmly stated from the start of FAK202. I’d really rather not retread the Paolo fiasco, so if you’re cool with never bringing it up again, I’ll gladly abide.

    EDIT: Also, it’s not that I believe God gave us psyops, just that a powerful motivator for the tight-knit participants other than money may be their honest belief that they are doing “God’s work” by heading off real-life tragedies before they happen and teaching the common folk the necessarily lessons without having to endure any actual loss of life. Not that I agree with it, of course!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Not to get too weird on y’all but does anyone know if Kham might happen to have some Swiss/German heritage? Time Zombies, indeed.

    Just to be clear, I was not trying to say that K looks like a zombie in general or anything nasty or insulting like that. Just that the image of the particular female zombie featured in the banner for the Muckleshoot Casino’s VRcade post struck me as similar in a number of ways and that it could be another inside joke, similar to a person named “Kham” just happening to be the $9K winner of Mucklelshoot’s “No Limit Hold’em Shootout” poker competition in September. If these things are just coincidences then we do indeed live in a very strange reality. And if not, and these are an intentional part of the script, it seems clear these elements were meant to be found, which puts everything on a whole other level of Fakeologist-targetted psyopery!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Not to get too weird on y’all but does anyone one know if Kham might happen have some Swiss/German heritage? Time Zombies, indeed.

    FULL-SIZE version

    I urge you to read Muckleshoot’s blog post about the VRCade virtual reality platform with the idea that there may be more going on here (in general) than just media fakery and psyops motivated by money, power and control.

    Note the “two-player setup” featuring a male and female:

    Just as seen here with Kham and Hoi’s male/female “binary system”:

    And then maybe take another look at my comments on the “JLB’s 9/11 Initiation” post here about the symbolic male/female duality division/destruction/merging ritual theory (Comment 1 & Comment 2).

    Once again, this male/female division can be seen at 20:55 in the “Twin Towers” episode of The Simpsons here.

    Think about what’s going on right now with “Hurricane Harvey” (aka the Weinstein scandal and its #MeToo aftermath) and EGI with its exemplification of male/female duality “Freedom Tower” merging. Then think, “What exactly is Creation and who/what is The Creator?” Could life essentially be a “virtual reality platform” experience based on “duality?” And could the “Apocalypse” be a revelation of this being told to us through allegorical occult ritual mass-media psyop stories?

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    *club Galaxy’s current special “Make it a Double” deal here

    LOL! Check out the link on the right of that same page for another featured Muckleshoot activity. A virtual reality shooting game!


    I need to respond to Tom’s comment because as we see time and time again, when you look close enough, these routine psyops appear to involve depths of intricate design that hint at something like a grand “Creator.” I have some ideas about that, but this is where these things become incredibly complicated, extending far beyond mundane motivations like “money” and “control.”

    EDIT: I haven’t read this yet but this should be good.

    Discover how VRcade came to be on our blog.

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Check out this Wiki entry on Slahal, the stickgame played by the Pacific Northwest Coast natives:


    Slahal (or Lahal) is a gambling game of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, also known as stickgame, bonegame, bloodless war game, handgame, or a name specific to each language…

    …Oral histories indicate that slahal is an ancient game, dating to before the last ice age.[citation needed] In the Coast Salish tradition, the Creator gave stickgame to humanity as an alternative to war at the beginning of time. The game serves multiple roles in Native culture—it is at once entertainment, a family pastime, a sacred ritual and a means of economic gain through gambling.

    So is this how the occultist controllers rationalize their psyops? The Creator gave the game of media hoaxes to humanity as an alternative to actual bloodshed/sacrifice? As silly as it may sound to some of you, this is something I’ve been seriously considering when thinking more deeply about the possible “whys” of media fakery.

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    That trial footage tells the same story with the same language like in every other PsyOp and hoax. The mere fact this shooting even went to trial goes to show how the whole arsenal of hoaxing tools were in use – and as shown above exploited both for the hispanic and english-speaking public.

    This could be a wild goose chase, but for more possible hispanic shenanigans (hispanigans?), if you do an image search for “Cesar Chaparro” and “shooting,” one image that comes up in the second row of results is a large number 7 (the number of injured victims and the oft-used zayin). The link leads to a radaris page which leads to this G+ profile for a Cesar Chaparro:


    Employed by Talento 7, a “Recruitment and Selection Specialists” agency. Here’s the other pic on his profile. Can’t tell if it’s the same guy:


    From Talento 7’s linkedin profile:

    Human Resources Consulting. Oriented to the recruitment and selection of personnel at the highest level, TALENTO 7 is a company integrated by a team of specialized professionals, with extensive experience in the corporate labor market. It offers a 100% bilingual service for contacts and negotiations both nationally and internationally. TALENT 7 establishes as a powerful tool the system of: “Specialized Technical Validation” Search and recruitment process that provides much more precise and specific results in the verification of skills and abilities of each candidate, as well as achieving it in a faster way. Two fundamental values: Effective approach and shorter time.

    And their Facebook page:

    Hunting Profiles
    Developing Talents
    Passion Dreams Team Warmness

    I also wonder if the name Chaparro could be a little zayin homonym joke: Shapiro?

    Also, it seems some of the image links on the gender-bending Khamlar Xaythavone’s Facebook profile are now broken. They showed up just fine before I posted my comment!

    And seriously, WTF is up with the name of this poker champion? I didn’t even search “Kham” when I found it. It came up as the second result of a search for “Muckleshoot” and “shootout.” Imagine my surprise when I saw the name “Kham” as the winner!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Nice work, gentlemen! So I told myself a while back that I was done with all things conspiracy and would not be posting any new articles or comments anywhere, including Fakeologist. But with this new Carrion 2.0 investigation, I will momentarily and knowingly participate as a subject in the latest custom-designed intelligence-gathering operation to determine how much trust the few genuine investigators here still have in our self-revealing, voice-acting compadres and how willing and determined we are to “go after our own,” lol.

    I have a number of things to add, but I’ll start out with the big find I just made a few minutes ago. As has already been alluded to in this thread, the fact that the word “shoot” appears in the name of the casino should raise a few eyebrows (but only one at a time, in tribute to Cesar Chaparro’s apparent Oswaldesque one-eye arrest injury as seen in the Spanish language news report below).

    Well, apparently there is some Native American cultural event called the “Muckleshoot Sunday Shootout” that involves drumming, singing, “stickgames” and more:

    And what day did the July 24, 2011 shootout at the Muckleshoot Casino happen to fall on? If you said Sunday, you win a prize! Just like the winner of the similarly named “No Limit Hold’em – Shootout” poker tournament at the Mucklehoot Casino did on Sunday September 30, 2018. A whopping $9K (9/11?) prize at that. And the coincidental name of that particular poker champion? None other than one “Kham Xaythavone!”

    2018 No Limit Hold’em – Shootout Results

    Could this be the same allegedly real-life 40-year-old male human who resides in West Valley City, Utah?



    Or one of the handful of the other male “Kham Xaythavones”, one of whom appears to have gender identity issues?


    Exactly what kind of Sunday Shootout Stickgames do we have going on here?

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Pacoima security guard dies from apparently self-inflicted gunshot

    And of course:

    Alejandro Jaramillo, 33, of Pacoima died at the scene, the coroner’s office reported.

    It doesn’t say which company he was a security guard for, but from the map shown in the article, the location appears to be a hub for both masonry and auto-wrecking businesses, LOL.

    Also, the curiously named Redline Auto Collision Body Shop.

    This memorial shows him sporting a cap that says “STUNT FARM.”

    Photo taken from this Instagram post by kellen_em_stunts (killin’ em stunts?):

    Bringing you fake auto accident death stunts on “every damn street” LOL.

    And on a side note… Speaking of dying at 33, I recently caught an interesting line in the documentary I Am Chris Farley the other day. Spoken by Farley’s pre-fame best buddy and “partner in crime,” Patt Finn:

    @1:15 “You don’t die at 33. It doesn’t happen.”

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Sculpting a Transpicious Hollywood Bad Boy from Clay

    I’d never heard of the actor Clayne Crawford until just a few days ago, which is surprising since he’s been in the business for over 20 years. He’s apparently been starring for a couple seasons as Martin Riggs in FOX’s Lethal Weapon reboot series, which I had no idea even existed (I’m quite out of the TV loop these days). Well, he recently made Hollywood headlines by being fired from the show due to behavioral issues.

    Immediately, when I saw his photo, something looked “off” about him. A strong underlying feminine essence in spite of the “macho” mustache:

    [Zoom in on the FULL SIZE VERSION]

    Watching a few interviews and clips from the show, I also noticed he has an odd, fake-sounding way of speaking as if he’s struggling very hard to maintain a deep register. A good example can be heard at 1:14 in this clip when he says “Welcome to Los Angeles, boys.”

    And while I know the digit ratio thing is debatable, he does appear to have a shorter ring finger compared to the index in this shot:

    Looking again at the first photo above, I see he also has some kind of tattoo on that very finger (zoom in for a better look). Looks sort like a number 4 but it appears to be some kind of symbol. Any ideas? Possibly the sign of Jupiter? On his other hand, he has an X-shaped tattoo. Almost an X within an X. XX chromosomes? (Sorry, I admit that is quite a reach, LOL)

    As for his odd name “Clayne,” its origin is explained on Wikipedia:

    In 2000, he changed his name professionally from Joey to Clayne, a combination to honor an ancestor (“Clan”) and his hometown (Clay, Alabama).

    I find this interesting because I wonder if the CC=33 may be a reference to a certain “clan” that appears to be in the “God-like” business of molding its offspring into opposite genders as if they were made of clay.

    Clayne’s emotional volatility on the Lethal Weapon set was reportedly the reason for his sudden firing. This article today featured tweets by co-star Damon Wayans, alleging that “emotional terrorist” Crawford was responsible for a bloody injury to the back of his head after having hit co-star Lance Henriksen in the mouth with a bottle in a previous incident. This real-life reckless bad “boy” sounds like he’s giving his wild-man character Martin Riggs a run for his money! And according to Wayans, he had a particularly stressful effect on the crew’s women, tweeting that Crawford “relished in making female cry.” Could his aggression issues be gender-related in another way, as in testosterone therapy rage?

    FTM or not, Clayne Crawford is certainly a shady character with an oddly “disguised” look to him. It’s also been noted that he bears a uncanny resemblance to former child actor Ricky Schroder who was born 8 years and 7 days before him:

    Incidentally, I mentioned Schroder over a year ago in the thread for his gender-bending shenanigans on the show Silver Spoons. Even stranger, Crawford’s bio shares another key factoid with Schroder’s. According to rickyschroder.com, the actor purchased a “15,000 acre working cattle ranch” in Colorado where he lived with his family. Similarly, Crawford supposedly lives on a farm in Alabama, a fact that is regularly included in his bios and that he appears to enjoy mentioning in interviews. Here he is posing with his cattle:

    I’m just wondering if the resemblance between these two actors could be more than just a coincidence and possibly hint at the mystery of how these “celebrity entities” come to exist in the first place. With all the EGI weirdness involving possible genetic fiddling, there’s the idea that they are somehow “bred” (like cattle?), maybe even in “batches.” Anyway, this came up again when I looked into Crawford’s family. Although it’s much weaker, I can see a slight resemblance between Crawford’s wife and Schroder’s wife:

    But even more curious is the resemblance between Crawford’s wife Sunshine Kiki Brown and her own daughter Abby from a previous marriage:

    In fact, if you search “Clayne Crawford wife” you’ll see what appears to be a photo of daughter Abby next to her mom’s name. I realize daughters can look a lot like their mothers but something about this likeness strikes me as fishy (as does the Crawford/Schroder resemblance).

    Here’s Clayne’s entire clan, including his two sons with Sunshine, presumably at “the farm.” Pink & blue gender colors give the scene a provocative vibe:

    Whatever any of this may mean or not mean, with Clayne Crawford, we have another curious case of celebrity strangeness. I imagine this recent drama-filled buzz about his hit TV show firing will actually end up getting him more work in the future and we’ll see that oddly transpicious, disguised-looking mug of his gracing the screen in starring roles in more high-profile productions.

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Any ideas about the scissors on the left FU finger ?

    Well, the scissors look a bit like a Masonic compass. I actually remember seeing scissors representing a compass in a barbershop logo years ago and I see now it’s been used elsewhere. Here’s a tattoo:

    And I will refrain from going so far off topic in the future. I don’t want to muddy up this awesome thread and give detractors any reason to nitpick. That said, here’s some more on the strange character of Frank Opp.

    So from his Facebook, we know he was a cop. I found this story about his firing back in the 90s over a domestic violence incident with a very curious narrative. Here are the details.

    Franklin Opp discovered his estranged wife in bed with another man. After sending her nude lover fleeing for his life, Opp attacked his wife, and in a scene rather too reminiscent of the last act in Othello, almost strangled her.

    Since when do official court records reference Shakespeare? Looking further into it, the story may actually parallel another famous work of fiction. Check out this description of the incident:

    The incident that triggered the city’s decision to terminate Frank Opp took place on the evening of April 17, 1994, at about 11:00 p.m.

    On that evening, Opp entered his estranged wife’s separate residence with a duplicate key he had made without her knowledge or consent because he suspected that she was seeing another man. Opp then proceeded to the bedroom where he found his wife and another man naked in bed. He turned the lights on and forced the man out of the apartment. Terrified, his wife went to the telephone to call 911. Opp grabbed the phone, yanked the battery out and threw the telephone against the wall. He then pushed his wife down to the bed, straddled her, placed his hands on her neck and yelled he should “kill her.” When his wife pleaded that she could not breathe, Opp let go of her throat, grabbed her purse and left.

    Now, it’s funny because as soon as I saw the name Frank Opp and the “dangerous badass” persona he was portraying with the devil horns on his Facebook page, I though of another Frank with a single syllable last name: the character Frank Booth from the movie Blue Velvet. I don’t know exactly why I thought it, but I did.

    Well, looking at the above description of Frank’s unfriendly surprise visit to his wife, I remembered what is probably Blue Velvet’s most infamous scene: Frank Booth’s surprise visit to Dorothy Vallens. See the Wiki plot description.

    Jeffrey Beaumont (who eventually becomes Dorothy’s lover) gains access to her apartment by posing an exterminator and stealing a spare key. Frank Opp gained access to his wife’s residence by secret making a duplicate key.

    When Dorothy finds Jeffrey hiding in her closet, she forces him to strip naked at knife-point and begins to to fellate him before their encounter is interrupted by Frank Booth knocking at the door. Frank Opp arrived to discover his wife and another man naked in bed and sent the nude lover fleeing for his life.

    Anyway, I won’t continue going point-by-point but there are numerous elements that line up with between both visits by the angry, raging, abusive Franks. In Blue Velvet, we also find out “evil Frank” was in cahoots with a dirty police officer, the “Yellow Man.” Is this all a coincidence or is it evidence that this dark moment in Frank Opp’s “dangerous history” was contrived for some reason?

    To make matters weirder, I found an odd anomaly at Instant Checkmate. We see Frank Opp Senior, age 78, listed with his recent death (mentioned on the Hell’s Kitchen Facebook page) apparently not recorded yet. Here’s his obituary. We also see a listing for Frank Ernest Opp, age 53, with the cities Canyon Lake and Garden Grove, which match up with his Facebook page. But then there’s a listing for a third Frank Opp from Whittier, CA (a city we saw connected to Annette Carrion), who appears to have died at age 50. WTF?

    Maybe it’s just a simple database error but with Frank Opp’s shady history, I wonder if this could mean something. The fact that we have three Franks = FFF = 666 also strikes me as a bit spooky. 😈 Am I reading too much into all of this?

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Looking again at Park’s GoPro video, We-Lie actually appears to be nestled within the “sense tendrils” of the Eye of Ra. We even see Park handle and manipulate them in an effort to assist We-Lie. Either I’m reading WAY too much into this or this is one craftily directed scene!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    I’m sure the eye of Ra might very well have been set up as a frame within the footage as Terran Downvale suggests.

    Thanks for helping me feel less self-conscious about my observation, UNreal. Just one minor correction to my description of the scene. It’s obviously a tree branch, not a root. Which means it could have easily been placed there for the “Eye of Ra” money shot.

    And speaking of occult signs hidden in plain site, I noticed some very interesting things in the interview with “Nick,” the well-rehearsed Aspie witness to today’s reported Toronto sidewalk mow-down:

    Notice anything on the left at 9 seconds? Here are the key elements: the Greek letter Phi, The Golden Mean, Monster Energy Drink, a gold Honda CRV with a tell-tale license plate and the Toronto Police motto “To Serve & Protect.” I’ll be posting a breakdown on one of the Fakeologist posts on the subject. Sorry for the unrelated tangent!

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    I’m totally with you on the sneaky confession “We Lie” we hear repeatedly incanted throughout the dramatically intense first-person “action video.”

    LOL. Check out this comment:

    JR&R 1 year ago
    Felt like I was watching an action movie, cant believe that was real. Willie got super lucky, wish him a speedy recovery. God damn that was intense.?

    In my research, I’ve run across at least a couple interesting examples of stunt riders likely being used for viral video hoaxes. Check out this one from the supposed “post Nepal earthquake” footage shot by breakdancer and amateur videographer Rahil Tuladhar whose dance troupe was appropriately named “Demolition Crew” LOL.

    At 2:36 in the footage, we see a bicyclist take a spill. Upon closer inspection, the rider appears to be wearing some kind of protective padding on his knees under his clothing which just happens to be where he lands when he falls. Leading to further suspicion, Rahil also just happened to have a bicycle stunt video on his channel. I broke it all down in this G+ post which was part of a collection of posts covering other signs of fakery in the video (which I really need to rewrite after everything I’ve learned about fakery since then). Of course, the strong possibility that this entire video was staged then raises all sorts of interesting questions about the earthquake itself! I’d really like to revisit this subject sometime and do a better job explaining all my observations.

    Oh, and looking at Rahil’s YouTube and Instagram, I see he’s moved on from breakdancing and is now primarily focused on motorcyles. Tapping into the lucrative Nepalese fake bike crash market?

    The other example involved this viral car chase video through the streets of Houston that was featured in numerous news stories including this one from Inside Edition. The alleged drunk driver just happened to be a local movie small-time movie director and the “hero” just happens to also have a car prank video and track racing video taken at the Houston Police Academy on his YT page.

    Well, it turns out the exact route shown in the chase was scheduled for construction as part of a massive city-wide road and drainage system renovation project. The drainage aspect is significant because a month later, Houston was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. And wouldn’t you know it, badass citizen’s arrester Alejandro Fernandez Favreau just happened to post some killer footage of the flooding on his Instagram.

    Sorry if I’m slightly derailing the Carrion thread here, but these examples show how staged bike and car accidents using trained drivers can be used as part of even bigger suspicious stories involving “natural disasters” like floods and earthquakes! It seems there are “teams” like this all over the world ready to bust out the fakery when needed. There’s a lot more to both of these stories I can share, but I’ll just leave it there for the purposes of this thread.

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    I’m reluctant to even mention this because I admit it is some highly interpretive reaching (and something that will likely send poor Gaia into a conniption fit), BUT…

    Right as We-Lie spurts out his “LEFT arm” line, we see the rescue worker’s body visually framed within a curious tree-root arrangement. A possible pseudo Eye of Horus with the fireman providing the pupil?

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Willie – We Lie (phonetic anagram)

    I’m totally with you on the sneaky confession “We Lie” we hear repeatedly incanted throughout the dramatically intense first-person “action video.” Great ad for GoPro! (Linked in the description box, of course) Also listen to Willie at 5:00 quickly and awkwardly emphasize it was his LEFT arm that was injured, as if the word was key to the “magic spell.”

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    Amazing finds, guys. That curve Pak pulls up to really does resemble the scene of the drill… er, accident his buddy was involved in. And the news story from “The Drive” website (still wondering if John Adams’ “commute” is intentionally consistent with the highway/auto theme) is dated just 2 days away from the exact 1 year mark of the Carrion cliff dive. I’m gonna have to take that as clear foreshadowing. And check out the still photo used in the article: a left arm. This recalls Carrion’s “left-hand path” Zoso tattoo. The crash victim specifically complained of a left arm injury in the footage that I first thought was a reenactment, lol. But nope, it was REAL!

    I’m coming to believe the Carrion crash and its coinciding with the grand reopening of the Hell’s Kitchen Bar & Grill may have more significance than we realize. A symbolic “sacrifice” that means something in this weird occult, “satanic” psyop world. I’m gonna add a bit more about Frank Opp in a moment that I can’t help but read into. Shady characters with shady stories dripping with strange symbolism. I wonder if John Adams may have actually given us a GIFT here. This gives me a new impression of his recent convo with JLB about “The Apocalypse” (again, 2 days before the Carrion crash date). Listening to Adams’ choice of words in certain parts now has me wondering…

    JLB Chats w/ John Adams (29-Mar-2018)

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    I present to you the proud new owner of Hell’s Kitchen Bar & Grill (grand reopening on Annette A. Carrion’s death day): FRANK OPP.

    Owner at BlackOp Executive Security

    CEO & President at H.I.S.inc. Design & Build

    Former Officer at Huntington Beach Police Department

    Former Officer at Seal Beach Police Department

    Worked at United States Army

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    Terran DownvaleTerran Downvale

    In case anyone missed my recent edit to the above post, I just noticed in the title of the announcement video and drone footage credits that the Hell’s Kitchen Bar & Grill’s NEW owner is named Frank Opp, LOL. Really? 😈

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