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    Let’s look at how this black box hoax unfolded on twitter…the timings are local Pacific time… newest at the top.

    The twitter activity looks pretty ackward and also reminiscent of the fact Kham mentions 5 victims (2 dead & 3 injured) which is contrary to police reports and trial data.

    From the names of the “tweeters” it is nevertheless curious that there are so many seemingly scripted names, and the content of the tweets themselves also appear trivial, repititive and unemotional. These people are supposed to be out late, in a casino gambling, possibly drinking and being scared beyond reason.

    Kim Vatis (What is)
    Celeste Adame (A “heavenly/celeste” Dame)
    Dayna (Reid) Mason (Reid Mason – Dier Mason)
    Lindsay Cohen (Lindsay – lie & say & Cohen means ‘priest’ in hebrew)
    mikell young
    Dugless206 (Dugless – gudless)
    Christian Pepin (Pepin = trouble in french)
    Donte Robinson (Dante & Robinson – many literary references in one name)
    Karin Parrish (Parrish – perish)

    [corporate entities]
    Seattle Places

    If we consider the artificial nature of the names and the frequent errors about the number of victims, it becomes plausible there were changes made to the narrative according to the security footage which was later used by hospitals, court officials and police in their handlings of the aftermath. On the other hand – those who were briefed beforehand might not have gotten the necessery updates, which now make all these testimonies – Kham’s included – demonstrably false according to video, hospital records, police reports and trial data.

    ” The man allegedly went to Club Galaxy at the Muckleshoot Casino to look for his estranged wife. He opened fire after he found her on the dance floor, injuring the woman, her sister and a male friend.
    The man also shot into the crowd, authorities said, injuring four other women at the club. Four remain hospitalized while three others were reportedly treated and released. ”

    Native American news, information and entertainment (Indianz)

    All news reports, police reports, hospital records and trial details agree there were 7 people shot in all and that there were no deaths from the Muckleshoot Casino shooting. This is a crucial fact as it is quite hard to “undie” – which makes Kham’s claims unrevokably false if we “keep it real together” as Hoi & Kham like to chronically phrase it.

    Cesar Chapparo home in Covington Wash on Sunday July 24 2011
    There is really an uncanny “empty house” feeling in this depiction of Chapparo’s home – much like the home of Anette Carrion that also looked un-inhabited… article

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    Did Karen really Parrish ?

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    In the Auburn reporter of 12th August 2011 there is a detailed report made from the surveillance video that describe the shooting. The account is quite different from what Kham contends as she claims the shooter (Cesar Vielma-Chapparo) emptied his “clip” and “chambers” on the victims.

    Not only does the gunman’s ex-wife (Blanca Arroyos) not die, but nobody else dies either to my knowledge as Vielma-Chapparo will be charged by King County Prosecutors of seven counts of first-degree assault or “attempted murder” and therfore not actually succeeding in his dark deeds.

    So the witness statement Kham gives is quite faulty as there were 7 individuals shot and nobody died – a NDSPGH* in other words.. The “realness” of Kham’s testimony is thereby largely flawed and factually contends two wrongful deaths. Sounds like a bad script (if that needed any repeating).

    Auburn Reporter, August 12, 2011
    Auburn Reporter August 12 2011

    *NDSPGH – Nobody Died Somebody Presumably Got Hurt

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    “Conspiracy Theories are for Losers”
    Catch them young…..

    Uscinski is a longtime “conspiracy expert” and his message volontarily provoking as his “expertise” clearly is dumbed-down for use in mainstream media. Mockery and misportrayal is clearly one of the arguments this Miami professor is meant to deliver in short information bytes across the mainstream:

    ” He has appeared on the NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, Fox News Channel, WPBT Miami’s “Issues” and “Viewpoints,” France 24, Voice of America, Gray Television and CNN Español. “

    The ironic part is how Uscinski is slowly transforming into some type of younger version of Professor Fetzer with a changing facial expression that look quite unhealthy and Fetzer-isk…

    joseph uscinski
    The champion of American Conspiracy theory Joseph Uscinski apparently have some trouble mastering the American diet as his collar-size seems to be out of control…

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    The CompACT team of Academic researchers (website) are plowing along and publishing some new books that looks at conspiracy theory followers through their one eye worldview:

    Conspiracy & Populism: The Politics of Misinformation
    Conspiracy & Populism: The Politics of Misinformation (book here)
    by Eirikur Bergmann (CompACT profile)

    Fortress Russia: Conspiracy Theories in the Post-Soviet World
    Fortress Russia: Conspiracy Theories in the Post-Soviet World (book here)
    by Ilya Yablokov (CompACT profile)

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    TCC in the Media

    It will come as no surprise to those familiar with the Conspiracy Conspiracy that the most polemic and attention-craving truthers will be highly suspect of being part of State and Military intelligence efforts to control and gatekeep the subculture of conspiracy theory.

    By nature therefore, the very topic of the TCC will be minimized and the professional nature of many self-proclaimed “grassroots” and “normie” truthers questioned.

    The network, interactions and professional production quality & output nevertheless speaks for itself and leave little room for doubt. There are no normal individuals that out of the blue gets a radio-voice and launch broadcasts just after “waking up”.

    As a personal anecdote, it took me years after i woke up to familiarize with all different flavors of what i initially mistook for “truth” – but that in reality was the intelligence creature culture of conspiracy theory – the polar companion of mainstream policy and news reports.

    The amount of information that one will need to assimilate and familiarize with in order to contribute to worthwhile discussions of conspiracy theory is more than considerable. Every conspiracy theory the intelligence community focus upon will be held active apparently in infimum.

    The result of never-closed cases of conspiracy theory and media fakery is oceans of facts that only experts will have the time, opportunity and longevity to pursue – thus becoming unrivalled champions of conspiracy theory gatekeeping which is what 99% of such experts and outlets will produce. And make no mistake about it – the time and effort invested is not unpaid.

    It defies reason to persist having doubt about the professional paid nature of the main characters that constitute the Conspiracy Conspiracy.

    As much as it is disheartening to realize any genuine researcher will have to interact with and follow the many individuals and disinformation produced by the TCC – it nevertheless is what it is. Interest in conspiracy theory means we will have to ingest intelligence created information produced in some form or fashion to get our attention and misdirect us when possible.

    To be able to extract meaning and uncover inconsistencies in intelligence operations and operators is therefore the most required skill of any Truther layman researcher or conspiracy contributing follower.

    In the search for genuine information we cannot therefore proceed in an all or nothing attitude but rather fine-tune our senses and build our own opinions with patience from multiple sources.

    I’ve all but tired of entertaining any meaningful discussion with self-promotional and nihilistic personalities, and to keep giving time attention to such outlets is exasperating. Such self-imbued marketing prone individuals see any interaction as interest in their person and despite their announced emotions really just feel pleasure whenever they see their name mentioned – be it good or bad.

    Both positive and negative scenarios are fuel to the fire for audience hungry Truther figures as they hope to become burning men of truth in their own right, and they rejoice being caught in controversy. These phony characters are true tar babies and should be let alone*

    The guilty claim his innocence the loudest

    From my perspective i no longer take any spokesperson on (what i consider) important topics as genuine, and hope no one would make an exception for me either.

    The only intelligible manner to proceed is to drive research forward, have the courage to research new topics. All while being critical and exposing intelligence operations as we proceed as a natural extension to our research. Omitting such duties from our current knowledge would be disgenuine towards an often bewildered public – and who can blame them, conspiracy culture was created to profuse and confuse thus making truth the needle in the haystack.

    So regardless of the often gatekeeping nature of conspiracy researchers, i do find it worthwhile to highlight how some researchers do not shy away from investigating the Conspiracy Conspiracy on air, and outside of Ab on this site, we all might consider following AA Morris latest tetralogy* on “The Dinner of Fools”.

    Le Diner des Cons Jacques Villeret
    “Le Diner des Cons” by Francis Veber (1998) – Jacques Villeret, the “fool”

    AA Morris : The Dinner of Fools
    117 Mo – 2:02:39 h:mm:ss – direct download linkblog

    AA Morris : The Dinner of Fools Redux
    118 Mo – 2:02:39 h:mm:ss – direct download linkblog

    AA Morris : The Dinner of Fools Redux Part Two
    118 Mo – 2:02:40 h:mm:ss – direct download linkblog

    AA Morris : The Dessert of Fools
    118 Mo – 2:02:40 h:mm:ss – direct download linkblog

    *thank you Ab for making the promotion of such characters (see above) less predominant and hopefully Fakeologist .com can go back to focus more on common Fakeologist members (fake and not), lending them more time and less alcohol. We do not need more of Staveley, Markus Allen and JLB, and it could help us feel less disgust seeing some of these phony researchers are “moderators” to boot

    *a tetralogy is one better than a trilogy, and one less from a quintet or pentalogy

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    Electronic voice cloning (software)
    The increased use of voice disguise that we see today is clearly influenced by new digital advancements and research on biometric recognition and security which understandably are areas where State and Military intelligence communities have high stakes as they seek to surveil and control as best they can.

    The high stakes and security issues involved makes it difficult to assess how far the current state of the art voice recognition and voice disguise technology really has developed.

    Some recent voice-manipulation projects do give us some insight of what the technology is capable of and the sudden launch, then retreat of Adobe’s project VoCo represents a curious incidence.

    Adobe VoCo was launched in 2016 (wiki) as the “Photoshop for Voice” with quite some attention, but the software has since been left unpublished. The software nevertheless seemed to work quite well back in 2016 and was able to clone a voice with proximately 20 minutes of recorded speech and render it from text input thereafter. In short, Adobe VoCo made it possible to make someone say anything – with as little as 20 minutes of recorded speech…

    As Adobe broke water then retrieved, a number of new software solutions have become available with the very same abilities of cloning a voice then recreating it from text based input and the sample time has been dropped from 20 minutes to 60 seconds or less according to companies like Lyrebird, Baidu, Google Wavenet and more.

    Adobe MAX 2016 | Sneak Peeks (Adobe VoCo)
    Adobe Creative Cloud – 4 Nov 2016 – 07:20 mm:ss – 1,55 Million views

    VoCo: Text-based Insertion and Replacement in Audio Narration
    Adam Finkelstein – 11 Mai 2017 – 06:03 mm:ss – 60 K views

    This AI Can Clone Any Voice, Including Yours (Lyrebird)
    Bloomberg – 5 Jun 2018 – 06:13 mm:ss – 708 K views

    Adobe is Developing Photoshop for Your Voice
    Technology Going Too Far: Why Adobe’s New “VoCo” Causes Concern
    Adobe Voco ‘Photoshop-for-voice’ causes concern
    Adobe’s new software raises major security and privacy concerns
    Creepy Technology Can Mimic Your Voice With Just 60 Seconds Of Audio
    Lyrebird is an AI that can recreate your voice from 60 seconds of speech

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    But then there’s laryngoplasty.

    I think it would be fairly standard procedure for fake death processing.

    As you highlight with possible voice-box (larynx) surgery as part of required disguise for a reassigned lifetime actor, it also goes to show the importance of sound and particularly the acute ability humans have to recognize voices.

    We have seen from the TCC thread how some contrived truthers do not shy away from using wigs, hats, fake teeth and acting out fake drinking and smoking habits (here). To alter one’s voice or accent would be just as intuitive for these characters as putting on their sunglasses or fake mustache. Or maybe even more if all we know of these types of individuals would be their voice from a recorded podcast series.

    In researching gender-deception in the EGI forum thread, it quite quickly became evident that altering the voice was one of the strong gender-typical parameters a transgender would think of modifying (here).

    Looking anew at laryngoplasty surgery it seems pretty invasive and probably not what a fake radio-host Truther would think of when starting a new show… lol.

    What i seem to have missed when i looked into voice-modification for transgenders is the fact that it is possible to alter a voice – less significantly than gender inversion – with something as straightforward as a filler… And it has been done for over a 100 years…

    In essence, to slightly change one’s voice for a new long-con role, it would only require a skilled practitioner and a syringe under local anesthesia. This type of hit and run procedure is previously known as Vocal fold Injection, now marketed as Injection laryngoplasty

    Vocal fold injection is a procedure that has over a 100 year history but was rarely done as short as 20 years ago. A renaissance has occurred with respect to vocal fold injection due to new technologies (visualization and materials) and new injection approaches. Awake, un-sedated vocal fold injection offers many distinct advantages for the treatment of dysphonia

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    ”   The earliest commercial use of Auto-Tune as a vocal effect in a popular song was Roy Vedas Fragments Of Life in 1998 and later with Cher in Believe and Eiffel 65 Blue. The effect of Auto-Tune should not be confused with a Vocoder or the Talk box, both devices referenced by the producers of these songs when they were new in order to hide their use of Auto-Tune from music audiences.

    For example, in an early interview, the producers of ‘Believe’ claimed they had used a DigiTech Talker FX pedal, in what ‘Sound on Sound’ editors felt was an attempt to “preserve a trade secret”. After the success of ‘Believe’ the technique became known as the ‘Cher Effect’.   “

    No doubt the careful wording of the Wikipedia entry on Auto-Tune is intentionally “tuned down” as the actual technology of Auto-Tune (wiki) is better described as voice-modulation or voice-morphing.

    The fact all the above songs seems deliberately over-modulated as to be very distinctly recognized as artificially sounding voices further emphasize how the focus on Auto-Tune was most possibly intended leaks and that Auto-Tune in reality had been used for quite a while at the time of the Auto-Tune exposure…

    The exaggerated effects applied to the voices of the artists who broke the spell so to say could easily be mistaken with the inability of Auto-Tune technology to produce realisticly altered human voices. Nothing could be further from the truth as once sound is digitized, the result only depend on one’s preference, be it for producing a synthetic or natural voice.

    In many songs the producers seem to privilege an artificial sound style, but if they would like to produce a convincing fake new voice (electronic voice disguise), Auto-Tune is still one of the best ways to go…

    Proof The Music Industry Is Fake, Everybody Using Autotune & LipSync
    YouTube – Providence – 22 Dec 2014 – 12:54 mm:ss

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    @ab: Regarding the acronyms, maybe some simplification could be added to HRDPAR despite the hard work to popularise the hard-to-pronounce shortform of a valuable concept.

    HDPR : Hyperrealistic* Drill Portrayed as Real

    *Hyperrealism is a proper term and word

    in reply to: September 2018 #855762

    Could you define them for me please?
    #HRDPAR, #NDNGH and perhaps some others too.

    Very glad that you (whatmeworry) are critical to conspiracy culture and have familiarised with the TCC material and hope you will consider also following/participating in the Fakeologist TCC forum topic (here).

    NDNGH : Nobody Died, Nobody Got Hurt
    HRDPAR : Hyper Realistic Drill Portrayed As Real

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    There is now an equally an article on The Conspiracy Conspiracy spreadsheets

    TCC spreadsheets (article)

    TCC spreadsheets

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855735

    TCC Spreadsheet Collection
    Individual Truther Outlet Analysis

    The TCC research is based on a macro analyses of the conspiracy scene in order to discern the scope of culture produced for this area alone (conspiracy theory).

    In order to quantify the effort made it is interesting to survey and compare the production of known Truther Content Creators and the network they rely upon for producing content, conduct research and raise debates and topics (or memes).

    The data i have collected hereunder is in detail statistics on a selection of outlets that interest me out of familiarity or current newsworthiness – this is a sample of the large conspiracy culture scene as described and recollected in the TCC spreadsheet* with 300+ radio and podcasts, 70+ conferences and 25+ media networks (available here).

    More detailed surveys of individual conspiracy content providers would offer a more nuanced report on the particular characteristics that define culture creation in the domain of Conspiracy Theory. Even so, a diversified sample of eight different Truther Content Creators do offer valuable information as to the nature and number of guests and experts, the material/topics proposed, the quantity of material and the program frequency.

    From the comparative analysis of the selected outlets hereunder – the typical Truther Content Creator is in activity for 7 years, producing 605 shows and interviewing 316 guests.

    In terms of yearly production, the typical TCC (or TFF) production would be 83 broadcasts with 44 different interviewees. Many conspiracy outlets do inform they are professional content creators, and the consequential average production is effectively best explained by an editorial staff and professional management team – despite the grassroots, hand-to-mouth nature some imply.


    Brian Staveley – Dose of Reality (DOR)
    127 shows, 69 guests (2011-2014, 2017-2018)

    Greg Carlwood, The Higherside Chats (THC)
    376 shows, 306 guests (2011-2018)

    Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio (RIR)
    1.148 shows, 780 guests (2006-2018)

    James Corbett, Corbett Report Interviews (CRI)
    1.343 shows, 485 guests (2007-2018)

    Jan Irvin, Gnostic Media Podcast* (GMP)
    391 shows, 197 guests (2008-2018)

    Jim Fetzer, The Real Deal (TRD)
    1.162 shows, 572 guests (2009-2018)

    Ole Dammegard, Light On Conspiracies (LOC)
    37 shows, 36 guests (2017-2018)

    Tim Kelley, Our Interesting Times (OIT)
    252 shows, 82 guests (2015-2018)


    More technically speaking, i have made an effort to make the excel spreadsheet as comprehensive as possible with a simple organization of Guest/Date/Content by individual year and in total.

    From the total list of shows (All Shows) another list is generated that contain every show and every individual participant (All Show All Guests). From this repetitive and long list comes the final list of guests (All Guests) that now contain an additional column with the number of appearances (x°) for each guest which lends to a finer analysis than in previous editions of the TCC excel spreadsheets.

    As i do favor the idea that form is a function in itself and should not be ignored, a distinct effort is made to make the spreadsheets practical, useful and easy to read. The layout is quite simple with fixed width columns, Calibri body text and a dd-mmm-iiii year format throughout.

    *the collection of TV and Video channels for the TCC macro analyses is also in progress (+70 entries) and as my knowledge and familiarity of this type of content is limited, more research and help is especially needed for this category

    *Gnostic Media has recently changed their name to ‘Logos Media’ and thus prove how Jan Irvin’s Trivium doesn’t always work for him personally (lol) – the mix of show names and “roundtable” monikers are many & confusing, all collected and grouped together in the above spreadsheet while still discernable (sort function) in the database.

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    (the curious part is how Tesla had already been questionned on air during FAK audiochats, and that there are few original ideas that exist anyhow.
    This “Muhammed Ali” type of marketing spouting “i’m the best, i’m the first” is quite low level and show how only popularity and new subscribers are the goal)

    From a footnote remark (above) about the un-originality of most ideas, Tesla as a fraud included – we now see sensationalism come into play together with misrepresentation and a general dumbing down attitude.

    As anyone would be aware of, misrepresentation as in lending words to my discourse that i never employ – is deceptive and derailing from the TCC discussion in this thread. And simple diversions as displayed above is of course what we would expect of someone who is aware he’s targeted by the TCC investigation in this forum topic.

    The fact Academia use similar techniques to Le Bon (ie Uscinski, Douglas, Aaronovitch) is nevertheless noteworthy as it shows a truly ambivalent attitude where conspiracy theorists are both “crazy” boogeyman believers, yet all great people when meeting up or paying for content online.

    At no point has it been suggested fake Truther Content Creators (TCC) or fake Truther Front Figures (TFF) represent any type of scare-inducing scenario or entity. Intellectual dishonesty is not a boogeyman, it is contrary to the self-preservation of our intellectual sanity.

    “Hubris is a dangerous overconfidence combined with arrogance”

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855690

    So, in other words, you’ve got nothing.

    You are right – i got nothing to offer the worlds leading skeptic who should be perfectly capable of doing his own nobel/lebon research.

    It is symptomatic nevertheless to see you show up in this discussion on the Conspiracy Conspiracy and not contribute the slightest on the topic discussed – fake truthers – and in stead just preach your own cause & defending your “credibility”.

    Well, your self-centered interest and general (volontary) ignorance of the intelligence origin of conspiracy theorists show us why you’re on this scene and self-servingly intend to earn a following, defending your image as best you can all while reminding us how much a part of the TCC you really are.

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    Here’s Greg himself having a “smoke” -oh how liberal in new liberated oireland meeting the amusingly named TCG The Conspiracy Guys

    He’s not smoking that thing! He’s doing a Bill Clinton. He’s not inhaling.

    The video of Greg Carlwood together with Those Conspiracy Guys host Gordon “Gordo” Rochford very well illustrate how the many Truther Content Creators are just putting on an act using theatrics – which is pretty close to contempt of truth itself and their public.

    I found TCG host “Gordo” to look a lot like the un-inhaling “smoker” Paul Herrmann (post above) who seemed already close to Carlwood in the THC16 clip found by xileffilex (here). Regardless of the Gordo/Hermann lookalikeness – what i find interesting is that these two characters cannot be same because of their accent…

    As we now have both Carlwood and Hermann on video merely pretending to smoke – we know we deal with actors in a character that was invented for their role as future Truther Front Figures if they convince enough people. We’ll soon be able to watch those “Conspiracy Guys” tour the USA as their deceptive GoFundMe project is just dollars short of their $30.000 goal.

    Those Conspiracy Guys GoFundMe campaign

    ”   11th September 2014 ‘Those Conspiracy Guys’ was launched from a small kitchen table in a house in Dublin, with the mission to take publicly available information from the internet about conspiracy theories and tell the story of those theories as we saw it.
       The show grew through 6 seasons to a top 100 podcast in the US, UK and Ireland with over 400 hours of content and over 18 million downloads including over 100 episodes of conspiracy theory, true crime, sociological and psychological exploration, political analysis, discussions on the paranormal, anthropology, medical science, ancient civilisations, celebrity deaths and assassinations and a vast cavalcade of characters, both real and imaginary.   “

    As we can observe when analyzing various established and wannabe truthers, they are using acting methods for their roles and all come with fake hats, beany hats, beards, accents and biographies that are as shallow as the roles they play. This is not new, but we tend to not focus on the topics and Truther Content Creators that do not appeal to us, thus missing what their presence on the scene really means.

    Fake smoking, fake beards, covering beanies or baseball caps, false wives and life “anecdotes”, fake grocery store cashier positions, imaginary bullet factory jobs, fake accents, and surely a lot more – And then they claim to look for truth…

    Of course, Truther Content Creators all are very aware that the credibility of their fake public persona is essential in order to gain the confidence of the Conspiracy public – so they really work hard on their fake bio, disguise and trustworthy nature. And they do real undercover infiltration as they appear in front of the public in conferences and select venues – or just pretend to meet up with fans for the lower hanging fruits not yet accepted into the Truther Front Figure circles.

    (good to see @jlb following the “ridiculous” TCC thread. As for the references to specific FAC audiochats that mention Tesla as an actor promoting fake science, i would expect nothing less of the world’s leading skeptic than doing his own nobel research)

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855657

    There’s also a brief video clip of Ep 16 here, which isn’t on the Youtube platform with San Diego comics… [video]

    Close to all mediated conspiracy outlets appear to be intelligence operations – and these truther outlets merely imitate genuine Truther Layman Researchers (and fans) according to the demographic and sociological data State and Military intelligence dispose of. The Truther Content Creators and their guests are in reality just putting on a show – they perform..

    In the clip you have found (xileffilex) there is a small detail that show us how these individuals are all just actors.

    Why does Paul Herrmann pretend to smoke?

    THC 16 Greg Carlwood Bob Hansen Paul Herrmann
    Greg Carlwood, Bob Hansen and Paul Herrmann in the “home” studio for the recording of THC 16 – UFOs, Government Lies and The $5 Footlong

    For anyone that ever has taken on the habit of smoking, they will know this guy doesn’t inhale and just smoke for show. And why the accompanying beer bottle ? It must be for the same reason – these people pretend to drink and smoke as it both alikenes them to the general public, and encourages the public to smoke and drink.

    So in a nutshell, intelligence operatives often put on their act as false Conspiracy Contributing Followers and Truther Layman Researchers with common artefacts such as drinking, smoking, driving, family life and the lot. So beware of smoking, drinking truthers like Paul Herrmann – except that clown is smoked now*.

    *i’ve not detailed who is who between Herrmann & Hansen (HH) but they are of course both fake as f&ck..

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855656

    James Corbett was mentioned in FAK211 and in the comments for the show (here), and below is the detailed spreadsheet of Corbett’s podcasts for reference in the TCC thread* (research originally meant for the forum)..

    Corbett has since 2007 made 2.078 broadasts* at the time of the study around his particular role in The Conspiracy Conspiracy (TCC). The Corbett spreadsheet contains the detail of his 1329 archived “interviews” series shows, illustrated further by the list of 473 guests he had on for this show alone…

    James Corbett Interviews Spreadsheet

    James Corbett ‘Interview’ series Guests (473)
    Aaron Dykes, Aaron Franz, Aaron Hawkins, Aaron James, Abby Martin, Adam Kokesh, Adrian Salbuchi, Aidan Monaghan, Aileen Mioko Smith, Alan Watt, Albert Lanier, Alex Abella, Alex Jones, Alex Tsakiris, Alfred Adask, Andre Rousseau, Andrew Demeter, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Andrew Hoffman, Andrew Steele, Andy Baker, Anh Ly, Annie Machon, Anthony Coughlan, Anthony Flammia, Anthony Gucciardi, Anti-Illuminati, Anton Chaitkin, April Boden, Arnie Gundersen, Austin Green, Ayssar Midani, Barrie Zwicker, Barry Cooper, Barry Wyatt, Ben Stone, Benny Wills, Bill Bullard, Bill Conroy, Bill Murphy, Bill Ottman, Bill Still, Blakhatz, Bob Bowman, Bob Chapman, Bonnie Faulkner, Brad Morrison, Brandon Turbeville, Brent DeBoer, Brett Weinotte, Brian McLain, Brian Smyth, Broc West, Bruce Levine, Caity & Dan Greene, Carey Wedler, Carlo De Micheli, Carlos Miller, Carlos Morales, Casey Morell, Catarina Mota, Catherine Austin Fitts, Chance Garton, Charles Farrier, Charles McJilton, Charlie McGrath, Charlie Skelton, Charlie Veitch, Chris Emery, Chris Geo, Chris Harder, Chris Neandrathal, Christoph Germann, Christopher Black, Christopher Porter, Chuck Ochelli, Claire Bernish, Clare Swinney, Clive Boddy, Clyde Lewis, Connie Fogal, Connie Fournier, Cynthia McKinney, Dan Dicks, Dan Fox, Dan Hamburg, Dan McCall, Dan Sanchez, Dan Schultz, Daniel Brigman, Daniel Bushell, Daniel Estulin, Daniel McAdams, Daniel Taylor, Danny Sessom, Dave Allen, Dave Derby, Dave Of X22 Report, David L Smith, Dean Jackson, Deborah Peel, Denis Rancourt, Derrick Broze, DJ Ball, Donna Laframboise, Doug McKenty, Doug Owen, Douglas Bolles, Douglas J Hagmann, Douglas Lain, Douglas Valentine, Dr Bruce Levine, Dr David Halpin, Dr David Healy, Dr Frederic Whitehurst, Dr Helen Caldicott, Dr James Beck, Dr James Tracy, Dr Jeffrey Kaye, Dr Judith Curry, Dr Julian Charles, Dr Katherine Albrecht, Dr Meryl Nass, Dr Michael Bennett, Dr Neil Carman, Dr Paul Connett, Dr Richard Lindzen, Dr Robert Verkerk, Dr Stan Monteith, Dr Tim 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    James Corbett at Studium Generale in Groningen November 19 2014
    “In this presentation to Studium Generale in Groningen on November 19, 2014, James Corbett lifts the lid on this [Gladio] operation, its covert operatives, and the secret battle for the Eurasian heartland” video

    *in addition to the referenced 1329 interviews, James Corbett has also done 340 James Corbett Podcasts, 277 James Corbett Radio broadcasts, 41 James Corbett FLNWO shows, 40 James Corbett Questions podcasts and 9 The Well Read Anarchist shows..

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855655

    We haven’t seen much of Lesta..[lately] because Lesta has deleted all his/her aka her videos of which JLB has saved about 6 of the best for posterity, so he says….

    When we discussed Lesta Nediam* earlier on Fakeologist, the discussion was mostly individualised. However, with the wider view we now explore in this thread, it is rather interesting to look back and realise how all this intrigue, similar styles, hamsterwheeling and promotion all have the heavy fingerprints of the TCC.

    In a way, all these outlets seem to have too many communalities and know too much about other outlets, like the his/her cat and mouse games etc.

    So Lesta Nediam is clearly a part of the TCC and probably an Australian intelligence effort to create the Ausssie Miles Mathis of YouTube and the archi-villain opponent of the worlds leading skeptic. It is quite superhero-like in its conception and the disdain for people in general makes it hard for these frauds to hide how smart they think they are – superhero’s in their own opinion, and just more fake truthers for us “dum normies”.

    *the anagram for “Lesta Nediam” is “Tesla Maiden” which corresponds quite well with the worlds first critiques of Tesla made by the worlds leading skeptic…

    (the curious part is how Tesla had already been questionned on air during FAK audiochats, and that there are few original ideas that exist anyhow.
    This “Muhammed Ali” type of marketing spouting “i’m the best, i’m the first” is quite low level and show how only popularity and new subscribers are of interest – not credibility)

    in reply to: The Conspiracy Conspiracy #855646

    It brings you back to main stream programming because if you want to stay in the loop you have to watch the film.

    Indeed, this is akin to “hamsterwheeling” which produce the exact same effect as you (Matti) describe about films – a truthers technique to artificially fall out with eachother after having been friendly and later rant about each other on respective shows. Makes us listen to both outlets..

    This tyoe of agent “hamsterwheeling” was particularly evident in the (99% or more) intelligence effort to derail the topic of FE, and also used between the bulk of YT “transvestigators”. And then they shut down their channel* (YT) – lol.

    Redhead Patricia Steere was accused of bullying Orphan Red* – hot (red) stuff..

    *when a channel is shut down, the same material can be rehashed, mixed and served with another entity – or just machine-spoken text.

    *what is it with those primary colors shared by these truthers such as Lesta Nediam, Orphan Red & more – same graphics design team?

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