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  • in reply to: The 77th Brigade psy-op unit #985432

    Thanks Xile, oversaw it.

    Agree with you that it is a very very limited hangout.

    I guess what the military can do, can be done by private contractors even better. Less buereaucracy, flexible working crafts, bad salaries.

    And yet more evidence to show that the 77th Brigade is some kind of limited hangout:
    Sept 30 2019 – feeding nicely into the MSM [The Independent] the next day.
    The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East [and Europe] is also a part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, Middle East Eye has established. ***

    Gordon MacMillan, who joined the social media company’s UK office six years ago, has for several years also served with the 77th Brigade, a unit formed in 2015 to develop “non-lethal” ways of waging war.

    The 77th Brigade uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as podcasts, data analysis and audience research to conduct what the head of the UK military, General Nick Carter, describes as “information warfare”.

    *** i.e. they “discovered” the Linkedin page of MacMillan which at the time, [since amdended, ha ha] which candidly described himself as a reservist officer in the 77th Brigade of the British Army which “specialises in non-lethal engagement”

    Like you’d do…
    Amended Linkedin –
    His Instagram accounts is “private” – veeeeereeee spookeee. [not]

    …he has declined to answer any questions about his role, as has Twitter and the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

    Veeeeery spookee

    What is probably going on is that these front organisations – e.g. the UK Government OST Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, which is also supposed to be engaging in media massage,setting up allegedly fake YouTube channels, are deeply involved in planning and carrying out these phoney fake shows.

    It looks very much as if this answer to “Freedom of Information” request concerning “Controlled Spontaneity” was another limited hangout, since the answer assumes that assorted beheadings, bridge attacks and van attacks were…unsurprisingly.. real events.

    Note how the FOI was quickly rushed out by “Joseph Lloyd” [no doubt a phoney sim] in response to an Eastern Eye “exposee” of the very same “Controlled Spontaneity…

    They’re all in bed together.

    “Controlled spontaneity”: How Western governments plan for the aftermath of terrorist attacks – a laughable title, when the same outfits plan and carry out these phoney fake events.
    Obviously, there is some truth wrapped up in the Middle East Eye “exposee” e.g.
    Within hours of an incident, campaigns are swiftly organised, with I “heart” posters designed and distributed according to the location of the attack. Plans are also drawn up for people to hand out flowers at the scene of the crime, in apparently unprompted gestures of love and support.

    The purpose of the operations, according to a number of people involved in their creation who spoke to MEE, is to shape public responses, encouraging individuals to focus on empathy for the victims and a sense of unity with strangers, rather than reacting with violence and anger.

    and the article continues with examples of “allowed fly-posting” [think the “spontaneous” appearance of victims’ images on walls and lamp posts following fires, attacks, etc. But we can be sure that every one of the examples in the article – Novichok, the “heart attack” of footballer Fabrice Muamba, the 2000 Fuel Protests in London [the only strike in history which the government encouraged!] and the NZ “mosque attack” were phoney fake shows planned and mounted by the state to keep us all in a constant state of panic.

    in reply to: The Hendrix Hoax? #984403

    Miles Mathis has recently touched on the Hendrix hoax. The interesting section is about Mike Jeffrey who became Henxrix’s manager and who allegedly died in a plane crash at age 39 on March 5, 1973
    suuuuure. As Miles sapiently notes, the estate of Jeffrey wasn’t settled until 33 years later in 2006.
    As Miles opines, perhaps Jeffery or even Hendrix himself wasn’t dead until then. Certainly, there WAS a further execution of the estate in the English court 6 years prior to that…

    Grant of probate in Oxford: Michael Frank Jeffery d March 5 1973
    6 September 2000
    The estate of Jeffery was rather confusingly disposed of [or some part of it] in 1973 and 1974
    Admin London March 14 1973 £0 [very, very fast work, to wife Gillian Rosemary Jeffery] Resealed Bahama Islands October 23 1973 Revoked 17 June 1974
    Admin London November 6 1974 [former grant March 14 1974 revoked] £2000 exactly. Address 27 East 37th Street NY. [no will] – beneficiary his father Frank Albert Edward Jeffery d 1993 aged 91
    17 Bosbury Road SE6 – estate £1,030,157
    a very modest house, last sale 2000 – £131,000 Terraced, Freehold, Residential 07 Jan 2000 3 bedrooms

    Funny business, not much!

    source – UK probate search

    While we are here….. James Marshall Hendrix, of 59 W 12th Street NY, died September 18 1970 Admin of assets of £9323 in England – 23 January 1973.

    And what of the plane crash? A court case in London regarding a dispute with Hendrix’s former manager had started when Jeffery decided to fly back to Mallorca and return, when….. a mid air collision occurred, with the usual paucity of wreckage – check!
    Mike Jeffery’s body was so badly mangled that identification was difficult. [CHECK!!] Jerry Stickells, one of Hendrix’s former road managers flew to France to make the identification. He said: “I identified him by his jewellery. They said ‘you don’t want to see a photograph.’” Mike Jeffery’s death was registered at the Commune De La Planche, Loire-Atlantique, France.

    Job done.

    Mike Jeffery – part 4

    where we read
    The Michael Frank Jeffery estate, by then worth a considerable amount of money, was bequeathed to fourteen charities.

    yup, the same old Lockerbie routine, dump a piece of wreckage in a field miles from anywhere.
    The air traffic control system had been taken over that day by military personnel because of a strike of the civilian controllers. leading to….yes, you’ve guess, blame on Air traffic controllers for this fake crash with 68 fake deaths.

    well well well. A craftily planned strike.

    Due to a misunderstanding, the pilot of the Iberian DC-9 in which Mike Jeffery was travelling ended up in the same flight path as another plane – a Spantax Coronado. The two planes collided in mid-air near the French town of Nantes in the Vende area. The Spandex sustained some damage but was able to fly away and land safely. Unfortunately the DC-9 was severely damaged. It exploded in mid air and plummeted to the ground. The sixty eight passengers and five Spanish flight crew on board were killed.


    Anything else?
    Before being killed in a plane crash in March 1973, Mike Jeffery had assembled one last posthumous Hendrix album, which was released a year later, titled Loose Ends. Check!


    Further “crash” clues at the BBC

    The usual lucky escape twist:
    Thirty-nine British holidaymakers returning from a winter holiday in Minorca who missed the ill-fated flight by half-an-hour, flew into London last night.
    The “safe pair of hands” witness
    Max Chevalier, British Honorary vice-consul at Nantes, said: “Suddenly a streak of red light appeared and part of the aircraft came down with bodies flying out. It was a horrible sight.”

    suuure it was! A fake event. Period.

    The lucky survivor from a mid-air collision
    A passenger on board the Coronado aircraft, Leonard Wareham, 59, who lives in Madrid, said: “We were sitting on the port side of the aircraft; my wife had the window seat. There was an enormous bump and then everything seemed to fall about.
    An enormous hoax.
    That would be Leonard Edward Wareham 1914-1998, died Madrid.

    All that just for Jeffery?

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    The Browitt’s need help as well (GFM page here)

    The Browitt family were holidaying on a cruise of a lifetime onboard Ovation of the Seas. Sadly, they were on White Island when the volcano erupted.

    Whilst the mother Marie stayed behind on board, the ship, her husband Paul and two daughters Stephanie and Krystal were on the island when the volcano erupted.

    Paul is in Auckland in a coma in the burn’s unit, Stephanie is in Christchurch in the burns unit in a coma. Sadly, the youngest Krystal is yet to be found and listed as missing.

    Help support Marie and the family, they need all our thoughts and prayers and most importantly financial help to cope with this ordeal.

    Steven Galea, organiser of the GoFundMe,[$77K so far ***] provided an update on January 4 2020
    Marie would like to express her appreciation for all the love and support offered to her and her family during these past few weeks. Overwhelmed and with heartfelt gratitude, she wishes to pass on a big THANK YOU for all the offers of support, donations and warm wishes which have been lovingly provided.

    Unfortunately, she is still unable to personally reach out to anyone at the moment, as her focus remains with her family in the hospital.

    UNFORTUNATELY also, her focus must now be on Stephanie, since we read, January 13 2020,

    “highly respected and well-liked” Melbourne man Paul Browitt died in hospital overnight.

    Key points:
    Paul Browitt’s daughter Krystal Browitt was also killed in the eruption
    He is the second person to die since being brought to Australia for treatment
    Foreign Minister Marise Payne said other people being treated would remain in hospital for months to come
    The Alfred Hospital [Melbourne] confirmed Mr Browitt died of injuries he received in the eruption.

    His 21-year-old daughter Krystal was confirmed dead in December, while another daughter Stephanie is in a stable condition in hospital. [last heard of in Christchurch NZ, not Melbourne Australia]

    “Paul worked as a highly respected and well-liked senior investigator, and had been with us as a valuable staff member for 36 years,” Mr Broderick said.
    i.e. due a long and well-earned retirement.

    A tantalising family dispersal. Will Stephanie “recover”? What will become of Marie?

    *** additionally “a fundraiser held at a sports club in the family’s community raised $32,000 last month.”

    Marie Drakatos Browitt Thank u ladies, it hurts knowing how scary the world is getting, cant help but worry about the kids safety these days
    7y [May 28 2012]

    Dad Paul doesn’t seem to figure anywhere.

    PS No updates from Krystal’s boyfriend Daniel Czimmermann – no replies to the outpouring of sympathy on his page.

    Correction – oh, Stephanie has allegedly turned up in the same Alfred Hospital in Melbourne :
    His other daughter Stephanie remains in the Alfred for treatment, along with Adelaide woman Lisa Dallow.
    source Manning River Times, Jan 13 2020

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    in reply to: The 1993 London Bishopsgate bombing and other attacks #978243

    Two years after my original post on the “IRA truck bombing” of Bishopsgate, City of London, a series of “never seen” photos emerged, along with videos of police on duty, whose memory started to come back after 25 years….
    Nice to keep those back for the anniversary!

    By 2020, the redevelopment of the area was nearing completion, with many high rise blocks having emerged.

    Take-home message – the “truck” was here

    St Ethelburga’s Church – bang! More controlled demolition from the “developers” – which wasn’t insured, would you believe. After rebuilding The building was formally re-opened by Prince Charles and the new Centre for Reconciliation and Peace commenced its work in 2002. [i.e. not a church any longer, having been used “for storage” after 1991 until 1993…] A prime candidate for, er blowing up. source

    source ITV

    More images here

    Instance of memory recall…[as in the video above]
    For PC Joanne Richardson the effects of the bomb stayed with her for years. Standing on one of the outermost cordons, Richardson heard the bomb go off before glass rained down, injuring her in the process.

    “There was a little shop in front of me and the window blew in and I got thrown into a doorway. I felt this immediate pain in my right eye. I remember having my hand over my eye and being scared to look. I knew there was something in there. When I looked down my white shirt was filthy, my face was filthy, everything was filthy.

    “Everything from the ground had been blown up and thrown into my face. I was off work for 3-4 weeks but it’s the emotional and psychological effects that stay with you for a lot longer. If I heard a car backfiring or a roll of thunder for a good couple of years I was a little bit jittery to say the least.”


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    The MSM continues to squeeze column inches out of this “real” hoax and at the same time, add yet more evidence about the fabricated narrative.

    We note that the mother and daughter pair were estranged from “dad” – but perhaps he was in on it…
    Jan 4 2020
    Tony Richards outlived his 20-year-old daughter Jess and ex 47 year old Julie Richards when they were killed in the White Island volcano eruption on December 9.
    Several weeks on Richards has detailed the failings he feels after the relationship with Jess broke down when he split with his former partner.
    The grieving father hadn’t seen his daughter in three years, and their final conversation ended in an argument.

    Ideal candidates then for a “new start” in life. Fun awaits…

    And some of the “burns victims” are hanging in there beyond all expectation…
    and an excellent opportunity to recapitulate the official narrative with the well copied images…
    Jake [Milbank] received burns to 80 per cent of his body and is in the intensive care unit of Middlemore Hospital in Auckland but is now up and talking.
    He has been able to talk to his family for the first time from a special, pressurised, temperature-controlled pod in the Middlemore ICU.

    Echoes of the ebola hoax.

    Mrs Milbank told the Whakatane Beacon: “Jake knows exactly what has happened...

    Story emerging 31 Dec 2019. Everyone was amazing, including the Australian burns surgeons shipped over. … right!

    [Jake] is bloody amazing” says his dad. He suuuure is.
    GiveLittle total now $126,000 [NZ]
    … it is going to be a long road and he is not out of the woods, he is still in ICU, so we are still plugging away day-by-day.

    “The longer it goes on the more hopeful we are.”

    I am certain Jake Milbank is going to be OK!


    What one does notice is the development of shadow on the cliff sides from the cloud of steam.
    Schade again…but I don’t see it on his twitter stream. [Schade doesn’t seem to be interested in the volcano any more]

    Along with the victims from the UK [who’s going to follow up the story?] who disappear without trace, the helicopter prop on the island has also been forgotten.
    Mark Law again: [ABC Video]
    “Mark there are images over there of a helicopter that was damaged, do you know who owns that, was that there as part of a tour when it happened?” [leading question]
    “Err yup that’s correct. That was part of a tour. That belongs to a friend of mine Yeah, so you’ve seen the pictures and it’s been blown off the helipad. So then that’s generally empty at a ton and a half, er so you can imagine the force to move, you know, 1.5 tons. And you’ve got, you know humans that, er, you know, were exposed to that pressure. you know to, so you can just start to imaging, you know, what was going on on that island for those folks”

    suuuuure.The earlier part of the video is a condensed form of his rehearsed script in a post above.

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    Here’s the ash-clad “victim”

    • all change! Next patient please! Keep the gurney in the same position!

    And in this article it becomes clear that Kingi is the participant in the [single] rubber dinghy routine image. [“credit Schade]

    As with all these hoaxes, the newspapers’ photo threads shout out staged event. The Evening Standard in London is a good example

    Credit Kauffmann [@allesaabdrokauffmann]

    Credit Michael Schade


    More on Kingi
    2006 Started New Job at White Island Tours – Volcano Adventure Tours, New Zealand

    Notice how Kingi’s story is told through a “friend” – the implication is that’s it’s Kingi in the inflatable dighy in the Schade images, heading towards the island
    source RNZ, Dec 10 2019

    Mr Kingi recounted the experience to friend and former employer Rick Pollock, a former ** charter boat operator.

    Mr Pollock spoke to RNZ about Mr Kingi’s incredible actions *** in the most challenging and tragic of conditions.

    “He actually wasn’t the skipper of the boat [at the time] and that’s really quite fortuitous because had he been the skipper he wouldn’t have been able to co-ordinate things as well as he did. And his input was absolutely vital at that time,” Mr Pollock said.
    “Had he been the skipper he would have had that responsibility too and he couldn’t have spread himself too thin. But Paul, being a free agent, was able to get back on the island and pretty much perform all the heroics.”
    Mr Kingi got into an inflatable dinghy and made his way back to the erupting island.

    “He just charged back into that crater and was just pulling people off left right and centre – I think he pulled in excess of 20 people out.”

    Just as he was giving up hope of finding any more survivors, Mr Pollock said Mr Kingi saw a figure through the ash.

    “He said that the atmosphere was acidic, acrid and just horrible and he was really starting to get concerned for himself when he saw him,” Mr Pollock said.

    “That was the last person he rescued. And that man, he said, had a full inch of ash all over him.
    [as per photo in the video, previous post]

    Fakery at every turn.
    ** former?
    *** a hero who didn’t want to tell his story?

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    ..very quickly er noticed a lot of people sprinkled throughout the crater floor People were in all different er positions A lot of them were starfished, a lot of them were lying down, no-one was standing, there was people sitting.
    Some people were able to say briefly a couple of things and just sit dazed
    The injuries were, er, very horrific

    [he and two other pilots rescued 12 people from the volcano but not all survived]

    Helicopter pilot Mark Law who took the place of emergency services who would NOT be landing [compartmentalisation of the drill]


    And another reciting of the narrative from Geoff Hopkins

    As people came on they were just calling doctors , first aiders so we went out, we’re first aid trained and just started to help people as they come on Everyone that come on [sic] just had varying degrees of burns, er just the very, some severe and critical/ We just did what we could to stabilise, to keep people comfortable, to reassure..”

    Having just left the island only minutes before the ‘eruption’ PAUL KINGI went back to rescue 20 people No interview from Kingi…

    Sea operations manager at White Island Tours


    No recent posts,
    but a new boat in “ash grey” was delivered in 2018

    It doesn’t resemble the mystery boat UNreal took a screen shot of from the Schade video

    Larry Zhou Hi, Mr. kingi, are you the skipper of Phoenix? If so, I must say thank you for saving my mom. She is brought back by boat Phoenix from White Island.
    [Dec 18 2019, rather late to the game, our Larry]
    who just happened to upload his “profile picture” on Dec 11 after a long absence

    yup, that’s our Larry.

    — but what’s this, he’s a friend of Geoff Hopkins now

    Larry Zhou is with Lani Hopkins and Geoff Hopkins.
    December 28, 2019 at 2:24 PM ·
    Wonderful and meaningful Christmas lunch. Thank you.

    and now Larry can recreate the timeline… on Dec 31. Suuuuure

    Larry Zhou
    December 31, 2019 at 9:52 AM ·
    Dec9 White Island eruption, checked into Waikato Hospital’ ICU.

    Dec29 discharged from the ICU, transferred to HDU.

    Dec31, finally, after almost 4weeks, as a survivor from the White Island Eruption, my mom can speak now.

    Still a long journey ahead, my prayers are with other survivors, passed, and their families.

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    An often encountered sub-routine in psy-ops is the creation of indignation among the population at large – such as memorials being desecrated [by agents] or the alleged stealing of funds from victim support charities or robbing of victims’ houses when they ‘are in hospital’ – to prop up a shaky narrative.
    In this case, a clearly obvious simulation of a volcanic eruption created 8 years ago was tweeted. Whether this was accidental or deliberate is unclear, but the earliest generic tweet I found is this from Dec 20 in India

    Amay Kubal (B+)
    New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption on 9 Dec 2019. Please wait for 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and most importantly.. another 24 seconds after the blackout – completely lifeless.
    This happens at very Short Warning.
    #RIP Victims. ??

    Here’s the original

    Who knows how computer simulation without the unnecessary ejection of solid objects has progressed since 2011…
    And here’s the faux outrage – fancy trusting ‘social media’ rather than the MSM…

    Strangely, the StuffNZ gatekeepers only refer to Dec 29 ** retweets.

    The response to the woman ** who Tweeted the video was quick in fast with many calling it “despicable”, “insensitive” and “in poor taste”.

    Job done again – it was REAL

    Also REAL the contents of the caskets…when three of a family were “farewelled”

    I’m not sure how it can be a triple funeral if one of the bodies *** has allegedly not been found.
    Winona [Langford’s] *** older brother Jesse, 19, survived the blast and is being treated in Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital for serious burns.

    On Monday, he watched the funeral for his entire immediate family via video link from his hospital bed.

    The ‘drive-by”

    It was a real farewelling…


    GoFUNDthem…. CHECK!
    December 26 2019
    More than $400,000 has been raised for victims of the White Island volcanic eruption that claimed the lives of 19 people and left 25 people with horrific burns.
    These range from
    So far, $125,347 has been raised for [Jake] Millbank [19] **, who has burns to 80 per cent of his body and now reportedly breathing on his own.
    A Givealittle page for a second tour guide, Kelsey Waghorn, has raised $98,562. She has been a tour guide on White Island for five years and suffered burns to 45 per cent of her body….

    down to
    ….A GoFundMe account has raised $11,205 for [Chris] Cozad.
    …the problem with arriving late at the GoFundMe party. Unfortunately I can’t locate any GoFundMe for Cozad.
    ** the winner


    Hoax management of this phoney event ctd. In order to prolong the news coverage, it emerges that the previously anonymous ‘victim’ has been named as “father of three” Chris Cozad from near Sydney, who, allegedly had died on December 14, but his “death” was announced only 10 days later. It was alleged that he and his family were on the “cruise” but there is no need for any of them to have been anywhere near the good ship Ovation of the Seas.
    How did it emerge? Facebook, of course.
    An Australian man died in a Sydney hospital last week after being transferred. [Dec 22 2019, 7News.com, Australia]
    Who he?
    The daughter ** of a newly-identified victim of the New Zealand volcano eruption has made a heartrending tribute to “the best dad”.
    Sydney father-of-three Chris Cozad, 43 ***, was identified earlier this week as a victim of the December 9 disaster, for which the death toll now sits at 19.
    Cozad and his family were aboard the Ovation of the Seas, celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with wife Bianca ++, when the tragedy unfolded.
    He alone was on White Island at the time of the eruption, his wife and two youngest daughters remaining on the ship with other family members

    ++ “learning and well-being officer” at a school in NSW at Springwood, west of Sydney, east of Katoomba.

    ** https://www.facebook.com/emily.cozad.3
    **** nice bearded photo ex-Facebook for the MSM ….give him a shave and you wouldn’t recognise him sitting next to you on a bus.

    It doesn’t seem like Emily was on any kind of cruise…
    Emily Cozad is with Lauren Morris *** at Goodthings Festival.
    December 8 at 6:43 AM · Sydney, NSW, Australia ·

    *** partner

    Some anodyne volcano eruption “solidarity” posts after 12/9 don’t mention any family members being on any cruise until the “narrative facebook post” from Dec 21 for the MSM to “find”

    A funeral was held on Sunday. [Dec 22]
    which nobody seems to have attended or mentioned. Check!! Is this a “nuclear” family? I wouldn’t bet on it.

    So far, so standard psy-op fare.

    Finally, notice the emotive, suggestive clip at 1.10 in the video below
    showing how bodies could be washed out to sea. An excellent piece of CGI to accompany the “real” story.

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    in reply to: Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes #938059

    From the Kreindler & Krindler master list

    United Airlines Flight 232 July 19 1989 – peak air crash hoax period. Denver to Chicago flight.
    Of the 296 passengers and crew on board, 111 died during the accident, while 185 people survived suuuure

    Fifty-two children, including four “lap children” without their own seats, were on board the flight because of the United Airlines “Children’s Day” promotion. Eleven children, including one lap child, died. Many of the children were traveling alone

    Let’s see the pathetic imagery

    Fire chief estimates 195 people died… [see above] Changing narrative – check!
    Looks like a precursor of the 2015 UK Shoreham “crash”.

    “parts of it were found in a farmer’s field miles away” – a rapid recycling of the Lockerbie sub-plot from less than 7 months previously.
    “We practised, we drilled”
    The children interviewed seemed to have loved being in a “fatal” plane crash!

    Heroes? Check! Aviation safety Changed Check! <Memorial -check!
    Official re-creation with “survivor” stories – check!

    note the charming museum exhibit to reinforce the “reality” of the crash at the Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation in Sioux City….
    quite a nice display of the United Airlines 232 crash in Sioux City.
    Memorial on the banks of the Missouri River “very nicely done

    The “crash path” as used at Kegworth UK also

    Just two years before, Gary Brown, the Woodbury County emergency management director who worked the crash in 1989, participated in a regional large plane crash drill.

    [Heroic Pilot Al] Haynes died Sunday in Seattle at age 87 after a brief illness. He spent the past three decades remembering those who died in the crash.
    An amazing but possible coincidence, almost just over 30 years from the “crash”
    source to round off the expected anniversary coverage in 2019
    Who should pay tribute, but SULLY!

    The pile of junk

    The big cranes [check!]

    The Lockerbie recapitation

    More piles of junk


    I’ve had enough of this hoax now.


    Meanwhile the hoaxed death narrative proceeds erratically, a victim succumbing in hospital in NZ, allegedly, named in the USA but not in other countries…
    Mayuri “Mary” Singh, who was traveling with her husband Pratap “Paul” Singh, died at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland, New Zealand from treatment complications, which included skin grafts on burns covering 70 percent of her body, a family friend told local outlet 11Alive.

    Paul was burned on 40 percent of his body and remains hospitalized, says the New York Post. [rather than the “family friend”]

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    Another pair of agents/insiders I missed, perhaps because only CNN eventually picked up the planted photo.
    Here’s the tee-up from an <a href=”Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin
    Awesome solutions for tricky problems
    Bay of Plenty, New Zealand”>Irish local and NZ government employee who doesn’t often tweet
    Donnacha Ó Súilleabháin
    Awesome solutions for tricky problems
    Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

    then picked and commented upon, with the all important photo, by someone who didn’t even tweet about it in his own feed/ although he was happy to promote the Schade insider video

    They followed the usual melee of invited media hacks to request use of the image which somehow they found
    #whiteisland just erupted ten min ago.
    We was here at 13:15?

    sent at 2:32 PM local time.

    At 2:52 someone asks Jon Arrieta whether he were on the boat in the web cam shore photos. No answer.

    Another little exchange –
    StoryfulNews @StoryfulNews
    ·9 Dec 5:27 PM NZDT
    Thanks so much Jon – did you happen to take any video of the eruption as well? Glad you’re OK!

    zurraspismo @Littlejon_81
    ·9 Dec 5:29 PM
    No, only some photos

    StoryfulNews @StoryfulNews
    ·9 Dec 5:30 PM
    If you have any more you’d be happy for us to use, can you email them to editor@storyful.com or follow us for a DM?

    zurraspismo @Littlejon_81
    ·9 Dec 5:32 PM NZDT
    No, sorry, that is my best photo

    Arrieta of Bilbao provided no further details about his trip [alleged] to White Island or what he was doing in New Zealand. He appears to have given no interviews to the media outlets asking for one. He just appears then vanishes. Ergo we cannot trust his image.

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    Looking a bit on the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service website, one is left to wonder about their dramatic feats intervening in a range of media-fakery prone incidents that might not all be any more real than their role in the White Island volcano eruption “coverage”.

    Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust – Articles

    These air rescue/air ambulance outfits are reliable attendees at any psy-op, stuffed as they are with ex-military pilots. Yet we the people are constantly bombarded by their exploits, many of them staged, to generate respect, admiration and revenue for these “heroes”. Perhaps the reality is that there is very little utility in these operations and they are little more than a vanity/news creating project. A cost-benefit analysis would be inconvenient.

    I note that Russell (Rusty) Clark and Russell Clarke are two separate paramedics in the NZ Westpac operation who were both wheeled out with their rehearsed stories.

    I started a thread after noting the [frequently pointless] omnipresnce of these air ambulances at media hoaxes. Their helicopters and orange suits sure make it look “real”, providing plenty of photo opportunities for the MSM.

    Air Ambulances and their role in psy-ops

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    It’s a strange volcano which only covers the landing stage area in fine slurry yet the surrounding crags remain dark in this high res photo also allegedly from Auckland Rescue

    If there is any truth in the bodies being washed out to sea after heavy rainfall [lol!] then one would expect our aerial spotters to have taken some images after the rain, showing a tongue of discoloration where the stream meets the bay. Which we will never see.
    high res photo which purports to have been shot by Auckland Rescue immediately after the “eruption”, before the rains.

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    Contemporary reports of the 2013 “eruption” of White Island refer to a column of steam, not ash. [links above]

    Now, the emphasis is on ash [which never seemed to fall] in the similar 2019 ‘eruption’.
    This gatekeeper at 3:45, volcanic geologist Graham Leonard is taken over the jumps by Lisa to estimate 10-20 cm of ash was left lying on the volcano. Suuuuure it was

    This is essentially a plot device to account for the tantalising non-discovery of two alleged people on White Island – i.e. a “sediment wave likely flushed the two bodies down the stream into the ocean” Suuuure Highly likely, not.

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    Another one, not dissimilar to Field, was roped in to shore up the ropey narrative – a Canadian actor called Sylvain Plasse from Toronto
    Another who just happened to go walking, oblivious to the fact that there was an alleged tour to the volcano from the cruise ship…
    Plasse thought the smoke was from stacks from a factory.
    suuuuuure he did

    Plasse described the experience as “just surreal.” as usual…

    Plasse said he had drinks with the couple ** the night before ***.
    ** Matt and Lauren Urey, US honeymooners….now badly burned, allegedly. :et’s check the Urey’s GoFundMe – latest update Dec 15 2019 from ‘organiser’ Aaron McKendry
    I know that everyone is anxious to know about the status of Matt and Lauren, but I am going to continue to respect the family’s request for privacy. I will say that they are both progressing well in their treatments, but that the treatments are going to be going on for months.
    Nearly $50K raised.

    *** any idea what they talked about, allegedly? Some clues here
    He returned to the Royal Caribbean ship to find out that there had been a tour to White Island that day.

    so, the Urey’s didn’t mention it? Looks like gatekeeping to me.
    Plasse, who has been on 105 cruises with Royal Caribbean, had met newlywed couple Lauren and Matt Urey the night before, and they had told him they were planning to take a fun excursion the next day. His mind flashed to them immediately

    Fun excursion? Suuuuure. No further questions.

    View this post on Instagram

    Now that I’ve returned Home, I’m reviewing pictures and videos that I captured during the days following the #WhiteIsland #NewZealand #Volcano and stumbled upon a recording of #Captain #HenrikLoy’s announcement early on December 10th where #Help and #Counselling was offered to all guests on #OvationOfTheSeas. Some people trying to #capitalize from this unfortunate event have accused @RoyalCaribbean of not offering this couselling until several #DAYS after the incident. #NotTrue. I have the #time #stamped #original video proof. @ROYALCARIBBEAN @ROYALCARIBBEANBLOG @ROYALCARIBBEAN_AUNZ @royalcaribbeanmexico @royalcaribbeanblog @royalcaribbeanuk @royalcarribbeaninternational

    A post shared by Sylvain Plasse | ACTOR (@sylvain_plasse) on

    Gatekeeping? Not much.


    Here’s another untrustworthy report – ABC’s embedded journo on the Ovation of ther Seas, Donna Field again who had just gone on a walk on her own, thought the “plume of ash” was from a fire [LOL!!!]

    She only knew that a volcano had erupted from her children. “The penny dropped. I checked to see whether that was a tour option for people on the ship and sure enough it was…”

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