Moon hoax arising

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Simon says Buzz is NASA’s biggest liability – but does anyone care?

I keep wondering what a true statistical study would conclude – as to the ratio of people buying (or not buying) the 50-year-old Apollo TV hoax. Alright, so a Youtube comment section is no serious indicator of general public opinion – and can hardly be used for any “statistical” study of any kind… Nevertheless, I find it rather fascinating (and very encouraging!) to scour through the comment section of this YT video (with over a million views) featuring Buzz Aldrin. Please spend a minute or two chec

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The real story behind YouTube/Twitter ‘censorship’

likes this

A great deconstruction showing it’s all about the money, all about old media fighting back with their own streaming services.…

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FART 32-Smelly podcast

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I make my weekly appearance.

Hosts: Rollo, Velocet. Panel: exoteric64, noiz_level. Guests: Fakeologist, originalsimulant.

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Crime template

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This story looks like a crime/hoax/template that they don’t even bother to fill in.

If this is the state of crime reporting here, then there’s really no way to tell if it’s real or not – since no details other than a general area are given.

Either way, it’s useless noise to the inquiring public.

A man was rushed to hospital with serious injuries following a shooting in North York on Saturday night, Toronto police say. The man, believed to be in his 40s, was found in a supermarket near Keele Street and Wilson Avenue around 9 p.m. Police say the exact location of the shooting is not yet known. The man was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Police have not provided any information on possible suspects, but said the injuries were determined to be from a pellet gun.

Source: Man found with serious injuries in North York | CBC News

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FAC579-Geris group

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Circumcision and abortion talk with Cody, John Le Bon, Gaia, Originalsimulant, The Phoenician

GaiaYesterday at 11:27 PM
@Fakeologist please include the next links in the shownotes for our chat today

The Conspiracy Conspiracy
The Conspiracy Conspiracy
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FAC578-Ab, Geris, Originalsimulant

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Analyzing our fans

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FAC577-Gaia,Ab,Lauramars,The Phoenecian,Geris,Dante,Originalsimulant

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GerisYesterday at 10:01 PM…
Aztec sun stone
The Aztec sun stone (Spanish: Piedra del Sol) is a late post-classic Mexica sculpture housed in the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, and is perhaps the most famous work of Aztec sculpture. The stone is 358 centimetres (141 in) in diameter and 98 centimetres (39 in…

GaiaYesterday at 10:02 PM
I think it is not real
GerisYesterday at 10:02 PM…
Atlas Obscura
The Great Wall of India
The second-longest continuous wall on the planet protects a hidden secret in the deserts of India. Continue reading

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NA on Virginia shooting drill

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Start at 1:48:22.

The story is so lame the reporter says the perp is dead and alive in same report.

One day at a time is going to call in an #hrdpar instead of bull crap

Reality will never sink in

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Re: Virginia shooting hoax

PsyOps: If you can’t convince, confuse. This story is a case-in-point.

Even after the gunfire erupted, Ned Carlstrom thought the shooting at the Virginia Beach government building where he works was an elaborately staged drill for city employees. He crossed paths with the gunman three times — and survived. READ MORE: 12 dead, 4 injured in Virginia Beach mass shooting at municipal office complex Reality set in when Carlstrom looked outside and saw a team of police officers point guns at the building as they dragged away a fatally wounded contractor, leaving behind a pool

Source: This man came face-to-face with the Virginia Beach shooter twice — and survived – National |