Fake until proven real

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  • Shooter was Aviation Student, a Saudi
  • Three killed in classroom
  • Shooter was killeed
  • No blood, no tears, no evidence presented
  • MSM conflating this with Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shooting
  • On a military base so no MSM coverage from within the scene of the event
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He should have stolen hair spray

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Another very likely fake story used to advertise electronics.

Goods are stolen off docks off the time. The idea that anyone would even call the police is a stretch.

When (temp) workers steal from our docks, we just fire them and ask for the stuff back. Usually we catch them red handed, so there is not much recovery needed.


While writing this post standing on a loading dock, I showed this to a black dude with big hair. He took one look and laughed and said it was definitely fake hair. I didn’t even have time to explain the story to him!

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And pigs can fly…

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Found a backlink regarding Mozart and other impossible child progidy composer stories.

Here’s what the majority of 3 year olds are like.

Our boy genius Mozart. Other genii.

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756, Mozart was the seventh child of Leopold Mozart, the province’s court composer. But when Leopold became aware of his son’s talent — Mozart not only played the piano at age 3, but taught himself the violin at age 4 — Leopold put aside his own career to nurture and promote his wunderkind (and also his musical sister Maria Anna) [source: Mozart.com].

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IPS flying over the target

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That’s why he’s off youtube, again, without warning.

His audios are still on soundcloud.

I’ve said before it’s not worth complaining about, and it’s important to have your own platform or sharing systems.

[Infinite Plane Radio] Youtube Purged Infinite Plane Radio. It’s a Fascist Corporation. What else is new? #coppa #infinitePlaneRadio

podplayer.net/?id=88840502 via @PodcastAddict

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Beware of 3:30

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Clearly the most dangerous time to be on the road.

Either this story is real or

  • End of budget year, time to replace older cars
  • Scene is beside police repair center
  • Reports of 6 police cars wrecked to stop the car?
  • 33 is hoax code

I passed this scene on the way to work – they even have a road closed sign all set up. Handy for police to have that!


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No one will dare question this (very expensive to taxpayers) solution, since a small child was killed on Remembrance Day.

About 6,000 air conditioning units will be removed by Christmas at an estimated cost of between $4 million and $5 million, according to Bruce Malloch, director of strategic communications for the TCHC. TCHC said it will replace each window air conditioner it removes with a new floor model at no charge to the tenant before the weather gets warmer next year, or what the corporation calls the “2020 cooling season.” It said it would provide floor-model air conditioners to tenants who have already removed win

Source: Tenants not allowed to install window AC units after toddler’s death, TCHC says | CBC News

Original story

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Tom in CT – still best psyOp talk

likes this

Reviving an old post from 2013. If you want to learn about PsyOps, Tom may be an insider, or at least keen observer.

Most or all of these shows are from John Friend’s Realist Report.

Download them all and listen.

Here’s a few more I couldn’t find on my site. Listen to them all. This IS what this site and fakeology is all about. Tom, if you’re out there, come do a chat!

Tom in CT debate wrap up


Tom on Cass Sunstein


Tom and OBF


Two other shows:




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