FAC441-Show Notes

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00 Be the 1st to vote. Faye–Yesterday at 4:33 PM fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/ind… List of psyops Fakeopedia top 30 of longest pages 1. (hist) ?List of psyops ?[402,822 bytes] 2. (hist) ?NaZionism ?[112,237 bytes] 3. (hist) ?Narrative management ?[80,001 bytes] 4. (hist) ?Glossary ?[78,822 bytes] 5. (hist) ?Holocaust Story ?[69,850 bytes] 6. (hist) ?Jet rule ?[53,465 bytes] […]

Mackinac Machinations? | Piece of Mindful

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Enjoyed this piece at POM. The United States was slow to forget the oil crisis of the 1970s. Gasoline rationing and lines at the pumps going around the block were anathema to the post-WWII lifestyle that Americans had gotten used to enjoying. The oil shortage changed their political views, and […]

9/11 victim identified 16 years after attacks

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Another fake story about the century’s biggest fake event – which will be back at the top of the news in about a month. Sweet 16 coming up! can we get the total death count straight psyOp writers? This story says 2977 (1111), but wikedpedia says 2996. Hoi’s vicsim report […]

Touchy subject – police killings

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Knowing the success of the vicsim report in showing how easy it is to simulate victims, one has to logically ask how many other well constructed vicsims there are. The OJ Simpson arrest and simulated trial proves that the entire world can be fooled into believing that a real case […]

FAK164-Hoi Polloi

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+80 like this fakeologist.com/wp-content/upl…: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSI talk with Clues Chronicle and vicsim report founder Hoi Polloi. Vicsim report When? April 9, 2017 @ 1911 EDT Where? Listen live at fakeologist.com/radio2 Please use the live chat discord room for all links and chat. To join in, add yourself to the […]

9/11 scriptwriters are ill

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00 Be the 1st to vote.They’ll invent some of the sickest stories to reinforce the myth. Anything to get the “3000 dead” meme out there. Vicsim Report A terror suspect accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks has undergone rectal surgery for an injury inflicted while he was in CIA custody.Mustafa al Hawsawi suffered a rectal […]

Falling for the stategoat Israel 

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00 Be the 1st to vote.I still like listening to Robin and Cynthia McKinney, despite them falling for the Atlanticist’s carefully crafted stategoat. I’d still like to hear all these 9/11 truther address Hoi’s famous vicsim report.    Audiochat | Radio/Audios | If links are dead, archives are here | Savedthreadedchat | FlatologistNo tags for this post.

Howiseeit calls Orlando PD

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00 Be the 1st to vote.He doesn’t get far, but this is illustrative of how these operations are carefully setup and protected. Robin still needs to check out the vicsim report for 9/11, and realise it’s only a few highly placed spooks that are have hijacked or are spoofing these “criminal organizations” like the police […]

I’m with Evil on this one

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00 Be the 1st to vote.New layers of propaganda don’t constitute new evidence. I agree with EE on this theme in this thread. Wed Feb 3, 4:22:45pm anon4580: Zal1an, I’ve chatted with you here beofre and it was great to hear you on the chats. Looking forward to hearing more of your viewpoints and am […]

Drills Psyops Hoaxes #Parisattacks

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Fantastic work by Russian in compiling this video. I asked him who died in the WTC on 9/11 in a comment and also if they’re listed anywhere, as well as asking him to do a video on the vicsim report. http://septemberclues.info/vicsims.shtml I had no idea how masonic France is. Their leadership […]