How did they simulate Nicole Brown Simpson?

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Nice blog entry by Mark. First, let’s take a look at the OJ Simpson trial, not through my eyes, but those of Miles Mathis back in his pre-genealogy phase. His paper, The OJ Simpson Trial was Faked, first appeared in November of 2014, five years ago, with a few revisions […]

Megyn Kelly is not Nicole Brown Simpson

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+10 likes this…but this Goldbuggery style video is well done and entertaining. Nicole was a character, like OJ. She may have been played by her sister, Denise, for the one video and many still images I’ve seen. (if you have any video of her, post the link). The OJ trial was the greatest made-for-TV crime […]

The O.J. Simpson Trial – The Hoax Of The Century

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+10 likes thisAnother chapter closes in the nOJ hoax opera. Could a hoax of this scale this be pulled off again? Would they even bother? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, seeing all the smaller ones that go on to this day. Donate to Fakeologist | Fakeologist Live show schedule | Audio archives | […]

POM on the fake OJ trial 

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+10 likes thisWhole I’m skeptical of both, I am more likely to believe that Bruce Lee was a FTM (assuming the photos JH used are legit) than Bruce Lee played Judge Ito.  OJ Simpson has had his name dragged through the mud unlike any other save perhaps Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. It is an interesting spectacle to […]

OJ Psyop/Hoax

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Fantastic vid of the OJ Simpson Hoax. Like 9/11, still fooling everybody today. h/t Delcroix Donate to Fakeologist | Fakeologist Live show schedule | Audio archives | Fakeotube | Discord Tags: oj

The faked OJ trial – a paper

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Drop what you’re doing now and read this fantastic piece. I’ll quote some great parts later. Put your favorite quotes below in comments. Miles Mathis-The OJ Simpson Trial was faked-as were the murders In conclusion, we see that both the murders and the trial were faked. To what ends? I […]

OJ psyOp continues?

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00 Be the 1st to vote.Is there any chance that OJ is/was ever in jail? The only way this case or his “crime of the century” case can make sense is through psyop hoax glasses. Looking at them both through these lenses ties up all the nonsensical loose ends. Personally, I really enjoyed the now […]

OJ trail revisited

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00 Be the 1st to vote.As one reviews the mega media events of the past, one cannot ignore the OJ trial #1. There isn’t too much info online about it, but it is worth considering that it may have been a fabricated event. So much didn’t add up, as this researcher points out:… This […]

Son is a hoax code

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+1-1 likes thisGot this feedback from D today. Saw your page on John Walsh. He is a fraud. The entire story of his son is not even true. Look at the photo of Adam. He’s wearing an orange hat with a C on it. Orange=33. The C=33. It’s entirely made up. Like all these famous […]

No investigation because there was no crime: CNN’s JonBenét Ramsey Story

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00 Be the 1st to vote.I agree with Mark here, again. I also agree that Dave McGowan was a limited hangout – a good one. I also think CNN quickly morphed into a psyOp/hoax crime storytelling network, especially in the evening, starring Larry King. I know it had me fooled for years. One of the […]