Let’s take chat to the next level: audio chat. If you just want to listen in, click over to If you want to participate and broadcast yourself to the world, then you need to install

Steps to participate:

Download the teamspeak client for any platform you choose.

Run the program, head over to the bookmarks menu item, and click on the top entry 0;Bookmarks” and then “Manage Bookmarks”

audiochat setup0

In the 0;Add to Bookmarks” window, fill in the yellow highlighted areas below as shown below, changing “your name here” to your fakeologist username.

Server is


fill in the yellow areas as shown

Once you’ve setup the bookmark, use it

audiochat setup

If your screen now looks like this, you’re all set and you’re in!

audiochat setup2

You are automatically in the Lobby when you join in. Double click the different chat rooms to enter them. To speak in the LIVE STREAM, you must be authorized by someone with a 0;O” badge by their name. . If you choose to join the LIVE STREAM, make sure you turn off your stream (at least on the computer you are using).

teamspeak record

Please record your chat if you think it’s interesting (Teamspeak has a built in recorder). Send it to me and I’ll level it and post it.

This channel will be silent most of the time, and is only likely to have audio in the evenings (eastern time).


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