BBC’s PHIL HAYTON ‘forgets’ being on air on 9/11 !

BBC’s PHIL HAYTON ‘forgets’ being on air on 9/11 !

“I wasn’t in the studio that day, I’m sure, I didn’t go in”.

Everyone will remember what is possibly the most internationally (in)famous ‘cock-up’ in BBC’s history – the reporting of the WTC7 collapse by Jane Standley, 23 minutes before it actually (or allegedly) collapsed. Jane was seen standing in front of a window (or so it seemed) facing the Manhattan skyline – with WTC7 in clear view, still standing tall – as she reported it had gone down. Well, Phil Hayton – the BBC anchorman TV viewers all saw in the studio that day – is on record saying he doesn’t remember ever being there!


BBC’s Phil Hayton interviewed by Wearechange UK:

full link:

Later in the interview, Phil suddenly recalls that, hey, he actually WAS at work on 9/11 !!!

At 5:23 : “Oooh yeah, now it’s coming back to me …of course… because at THAT stage I wasn’t doing the morning – I was doing the evenings…”

So what to make out of this? Is the simplest “KISS” explanation perhaps that Phil is …uh … telling the truth – and that he just forgot about that Pre-recorded Phony 9/11 Broadcast Session he participated in – several months before September 11, 2001 ? Does anyone have a better – more plausible – explanation? Can ANYONE honestly believe that this BBC talking head could have innocently forgotten – for even just a moment – THAT HE ACTUALLY WAS LIVE ON AIR ON 9/11 – THE MOST DEFINING “NEWSDAY” OF THIS CENTURY?

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