Be prepared for more epic Middle East lies

It looks like we’re about 2-3 weeks away from being told that Hamas has built underground death roller coasters, Hezbollah is unleashing lethal AI rape-bots, and Iran is locking little children into a cage with a sabretooth tiger and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, if current social media is any guide.

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8 months ago

nice little speech from the rosicrucian space jew directors lucas and speilberg ,rick talks of the thuggies alot ,you do tend to find the culture creationist from 100 years ago have looser lips whilst out in the empire ,so the narrative fits,and lets face it speilberg and lucas only do rosicrucian911 cosmo conception movies in one aspect or another don’t they , funny how short round has block feet like r2d2 and a swivvel head this isnt as subtle as the colour magenta i mean purple from speilberg ,i preferred jumping jack flash from whoopi,but im sure the colour purple… Read more »

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