Besmenov was fake

Ya, that famous video KGB guy is just more anti-Russian propaganda to deflect from the Phoenicians.

There very well may be a resurrected Bolshevist spirit of subversion present in the current disorder, a phenomenon that infused the Frankfurt School’s transvaluation of all values in the West. In our twenty-first century that spirit animates neither communism, an ideological corpse long-buried, nor the SVR, modern Russia’s intelligence service. Rather, the ruling class itself, with its panoply of media organs, multinationals, academia and government agencies, seems possessed by a force spiraling towards destruction.

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1 year ago

i don’t know what a trad con libe tard is,but pretty boy hits besmenov for a fairbit,after 15 mins of of disco ,the majority of you boys will know the names and references ,it’s very good

Last edited 1 year ago by napoleon wilson