Bitcoin mining is a scam

Miles Mathis says we have unlimited food and resources, but the Nutwork always manufactures a shortage to keep prices high and producers rich.

We have allegedly been in an energy crisis since the 1970s, so it makes no sense that the regulators
would allow the obscene waste of energy that is bitcoin mining. I think of it like car racing, but much
worse. If the energy crisis had ever been real, the feds would have long since outlawed all sorts of car
racing and any other sports that used excessive amounts of fuel or electricity. And yet every time I go
to a bar with a TV I see the guys in their monster trucks are still at it. The energy crisis has always
been staged, for no other reason than to drive prices way up. Same thing they are now doing with eggs,
chickens, beef, coffee, chocolate, and so on. They fake some shortage which seems to explain a steep
rise in prices. They tell you a million chickens were just killed due to bird flu or 10,000 cattle in Texas
perished in a brush fire. All staged to drive prices up. A manufactured excuse for price gouging.

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1 month ago

Is crypto really nothing more than a new way to LAUNDER money? Anything that “crosses borders” in a covert or concealed (“privacy”) manner, facilitates currency manipulation, price manipulation, market manipulation and the trafficking of cheap labor (slavery). It’s simply the technocratic expression of an old system. Boundaries, borders and rules are for the herd. NOT for the global elite who live above it all. They make their “homes” wherever they like. We are the ones with no real permanent home. Not one that can’t be taxed away, rendered unaffordable or simply robbed via “eminent domain”. QUOTE While many crypto exchanges… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  lynnertell

I have had at least one comment if not 2 deleted.

Fakeologist supports it’s own crypto.

Ab. Are you aware that your website supports it’s own currency aCOIN?

You have a philosophy called aSHIFT on your fakeopedia. It has a dictionary, currency, social structure. It even displays a pyramid model with your name attached.

Are you unaware of this?

1 month ago

I’d like to add that Nuclear Energy was a poor form of civil energy. The amount of land.
The amount of water. The difficulty getting enriched Uranium of a good enough quality. The risk of ruining usable land.