Simon's Summary of the 9/11 PsyOp Hoax

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WTC at dusk

WTC at dusk (Photo credit: epc)

1: was the main ‘trigger’ to launch the bogus War on Terror, an essential lie the Nutwork needed to make up in order to ‘justify’ their rogue invasions and lootings of foreign countries (I trust MOST people will agree with this notion)

2: The Nutwork made up a plan: They would air on their (complicit) TV networks a visual tale (put together with computer graphics technology) showing airliners crashing into the WTC twin towers – causing them to collapse in a cloud of dust. They would then blame this mayhem on a foreign enemy. Two other 0;hijacked airliner” stories (Pentagon and Shanksville) would provide convenient diversions – for the TV networks to justify their “LIVE” broadcasts switching away from the Manhattan events. TV viewers around the world would buy the entire story – hook, line and sinker – since it was all aired on TV.

3: In reality, the WTC would be demolished in conventional fashion, in bright daylight – but the entire WTC complex would be engulfed in military smoke obscurants. The Lower Manhattan area would be fully controlled / cordoned off / comprehensively evacuated, no one would understand what was happening, and no one would die. In fact, the earlier 1993 WTC bombing was just a pretext to ‘evict’ all of the WTC’s historical tenants – and replace them with a bunch of complicit firms/virtual tenants (mostly Wall Street joints) which would all uphold the illusion that the towers were still full of office workers.

4: Demolishing the towers (behind a smokescreen) would be the easiest part of the operation. The major effort would be to impede any private imagery of that morning to emerge into the public domain. However, the military-managed control/evacuation of Lower Manhattan would have kept photo/videographers to a bare minimum, and electromagnetic jamming devices would have impeded any digital cameras to operate. Any damning imagery (in stark conflict with the TV imagery) captured by some John Doe would have easily been dealt with, as the Nutwork controls the media, the police authorities, and even the internet. Where could John Doe possibly publish/diffuse his damning images to the wider public?

5. For this psyop 0;terror attack” scenario to effectively generate the desired, massive public outrage, it was of course ESSENTIAL to sell the notion that “3000” people perished in the process. Once again, computer graphic technology would be put ‘to good use’ – to craft dramatic, shock-and-awe images of people “jumping to their death” – and to create a digital database of bogus victims. To complete the illusion, a bunch of, say, 50 (full-time) actors would also be recruited to play the role of “mourning family members” – and these are the ones we’ve seen to this day, often weeping on TV and expressing their anger at the US government for not answering all of their questions.


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