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Why an Atomic Bomb does not work!

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I tend to agree that the nuclear bomb as told to us does not exist. Thanks to the amazing 9/11 psyop hoax, I’ve questioned every past event and find they all have the same theme: the selling of fear. Fear is a big business, and in a state of fear, people don’t think clearly. They make bad decisions. They lash out. In short, they play right into the hands of those that induce their fear. heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm I found the above site at clues forum.info I want to credit Markus Allen’s ”Truth in 7 minutes” podcasts for making it clearer to me the ultimate intentions of the military psyops foisted on us via the military media. This journey of “awakening” to the way things really work has been exciting and upsetting, but in the end it has been liberating. It was all made possible by perhaps the greatest knowledge spreader of all time, the internet. Let’s use it and learn before it’s co-opted and ruined by the evildoers.

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Real Milk, not raw milk

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Listening to one of my latest podcasts, in this case Truth In 7 Minutes, I was wondering what Markus meant about real milk vs raw milk. This link A CAMPAIGN FOR REAL RAW MILK!. tells me it’s just a difference in naming of the same thing. Real milk is closer to the truth – why should pasteurized homogenized milk have the “positive” label. Raw milk connotes danger.

A bottle of green-top (raw, unpasturised) milk...

A bottle of green-top (raw, unpasturised) milk, showing the required health label: “this milk has not been heat-treated and may contain organisms harmful to health”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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