A crack in the fakery?

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On , the media went too far in spreading its lies. 9/11 was a media event – a movie. Hollow towers. Fake victims. (vicsims). Every now in then the actors that help promote the lies crack or slip, and a truism (may) slip out. Perhaps the phony jobless are so fake that a higher up admits to the lie. Certainly millions of unemployed have a better sense of the real rate.

The real risk of shipping jobs overseas is that too many unemployed will have too much time on their hands to figure out the and lies. For the powers that be, this is a real problem that I’m not sure they’re prepared for. Or are they?

Kind of like the Truman show. The movie will slowly unravel.

Newt Gingrich: Jack Welch Conspiracy Theory on Jobs ‘Rings True to People’ – NationalJournal.com.

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