Notable podcasts – Truth In 7 Minutes (with Markus Allen)

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As my radio interviews have shown, I think is one of the clearest thinkers when it comes to and other events. While I don’t know enough about who he says 0;are on the top” or “rule over us”, he does present information that I haven’t heard before. After reviewing a couple dozen of his shows, I’ll list a few that stand out for me. The below links require you to log into

Brian and Annie – March 19/2012 Another great podcast discussing selecting a doctor and the medical industry

Chat with Brian: This is another great conversation Markus had with Brian. Brian talks about health and Judaism in a critical thinking way.

1/30/2009 – how to spot a spook. Here you will learn of fake “” and how they will lead you down the wrong path.

Christmas 2010 bah humbug!… – Another good show that describes the military media and how they easily pulled off the . Markus likes to prove things are impossible, and not speculate how things might have been done.

9/11 revealed… Chris from OK joined this call where they discuss some of the methods to manipulate the media.

April 8, 2009. This is another great show with two Canucks, Dave and Alix. Lots of talk about , , and other secret societies that they believe are controlling the events of the day. A must listen.

Link to Markus’ main talkshoe website.…

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