Internet blamed for suicide

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Very sad story of a girl who killed herself after a period of social media torture. Of course, this story is more than just the internet and how it’s evil and bad. The media loves to simplify things for its apparently dumbed down audience. The story is really about broken families and the dissolution of the first level of government, the nuclear family.

Nothing protects children more than a nuclear family. Not schools, not government, not gangs. A father and a mother do more to protect children than any third party.

The fact that women don’t need men, and men take the cue and move on to the next woman, goes a long way to making it just to easy to break up the family.

Once children see the bonds broken, they too look outside the family to form new, more danger fraught bonds. This is where the problems begin. Once nuclear families are disbanded, society unravels.

Government and all the anti-bullying programs cannot pick up the slack. Children die.

should never have had to make the choice to die. I don’t know what her separated parents did for her, but the fact that a coroner’s inquest is being commissioned to tell us what we already know is more wasted time and money.

We need to encourage nuclear families to stay together. Through good and bad. For the sake of the children.

Amanda Todd suicide: The Web has a lot to answer for –


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