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Amanda Todd Hoax

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Let the investigation begin into this new media hoax. Story: abcn.ws/Xyfucg

  1. Video is high production, complete with an alleged bloody arm. It even comes complete with a (credited) psycho-dramatic soundtrack. Video effect is black and white to set mood and emphasize subject
  2.  Video uses cue cards, to evoke the memory of (alleged) dying teen who used same method earlier on YouTube (Ben Breedlove – bit.ly/UqkNXc)
  3. October is anti bullying month (is this a UN program?)
  4. Teen drank bleach and didn’t die
  5. Mother’s reaction is odd. She immediately called for government action
  6. Mother works in youth at risk programs for same school district
  7. Facebook RIP page allegedly set up two months before “death”
  8. All details surrounding “death” are sealed for usual “family privacy” reasons
  9. Government “reaction” already in full swing
  10. “Anonymous” on the case. Do people think this is a single person? Do they think anyone other than facebook (NSA) or other law enforcement has a chance of tracing the alleged “stalkers”?
  11. Whole YouTube campaign reeks of similar Kony2012 psyop earlier this year.
  12. Ground troops already fanning out across the country. School assemblies replaced two hour math class replaced by visit by police “service”. Subject: Amanda Todd.
  13. Police came to door at 4am to tell her a picture of her breasts went viral?
  14. 6 seconds into video she is smiling. Do suicidal, bullied people smile?
  15. Can’t see her eyes. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and can betray truths.

More points to post as I find them.

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