Amanda Todd Hoax

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Let the investigation begin into this new media hoax. Story:

  1. Video is high production, complete with an alleged bloody arm. It even comes complete with a (credited) psycho-dramatic soundtrack. Video effect is black and white to set mood and emphasize subject
  2.  Video uses cue cards, to evoke the memory of (alleged) dying teen who used same method earlier on YouTube (Ben Breedlove –
  3. October is anti bullying month (is this a UN program?)
  4. Teen drank bleach and didn’t die
  5. Mother’s reaction is odd. She immediately called for government action
  6. Mother works in youth at risk programs for same school district
  7. Facebook RIP page allegedly set up two months before 0;death”
  8. All details surrounding “death” are sealed for usual “family privacy” reasons
  9. Government “reaction” already in full swing
  10. “Anonymous” on the case. Do people think this is a single person? Do they think anyone other than facebook (NSA) or other law enforcement has a chance of tracing the alleged “stalkers”?
  11. Whole YouTube campaign reeks of similar Kony2012 earlier this year.
  12. Ground troops already fanning out across the country. School assemblies replaced two hour math class replaced by visit by police “service”. Subject: .
  13. Police came to door at 4am to tell her a picture of her breasts went viral?
  14. 6 seconds into video she is smiling. Do suicidal, bullied people smile?
  15. Can’t see her eyes. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and can betray truths.

More points to post as I find them.……

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8 thoughts on “Amanda Todd Hoax

  1. Philip Rose

    Yes – it’s pretty much hoaxed. You covered most of the flaws. The video was too professional – not in her room, like so many others, and she was supposedly hospitalised around this time. No blackmailer found, which is odd considering they’ve had two years to find him and he must have left a trail a mile wide if he contacted all her friends and so on. No mention of all her other online activity and all the other photos. No evidence of cutting. Mother gives three different accounts of the video: she helped; she didn’t know about it; she knew about it afterwards. Not exactly grieving, either. No records of moving from city to city – always based in Port Coquitlam or nearby Maple Ridge. No funeral pics – pics of just about everything else, but not one of the funeral/church/service or whatever. First (perhaps faked) mention of blackmailing AFTER the main events (dates either Jan 2011 or October 2011) – nothing before then, and no names mentioned. Surely, she was being blackmailed by a person – why no name? Blackmailer made up by her to cover herself – ‘I was forced to do it’ plea to get out of trouble. Boy involved in under-age sex – no prosecution (it’s a felony). No bullies punished – not even at the school? Only moved school from Maple Ridge to Cabe over that time. Mother kept away from links to government actions to avoid being connected to any future revelations. No. It’s all a pack of lies. Well spotted. My guess? She’s in care – either she will be released when she can cope, or with a new identity.

    1. Ab Irato

      I agree with most of that. My only divergence is she is probably a sim. It’s far easier to manage a sim before during and after. No friends makes it easy to explain the lack of real people coming forward. Simcity was more than a game 20 years ago – it was a model for this and future media hoaxes.

      1. Philip Rose

        No – she was, in essence, real. But the story has been faked – badly – by the authorities. Note that the police supposedly went round to her house on December 23rd 2010 and she was taken off all social media – upset and distraught by the online harassment. But lo and behold! Three weeks later she is on UStream (google Mandaa&Shyy) – look about 9:23 when she says something like ‘Why is there a moderator?’ and at about 10:20 when her friend says ‘They like to see me’. It’s all just a pack of lies made up by the media from true events – except she’s not dead, she’s in an institution.

        1. Ab Irato

          How do you know she is real? Unless you’ve physically met her, and can verify that person’s likeness matches her online imagery, then I have to say she doesn’t exist as portrayed.

  2. Philip Rose

    Also – look at her arms. Supposedly into cutting. But in ALL her photos and videos she wears short sleeves – no trace of wounds/scars. If blackmailed, who by? The blackmailer would have contacted her, so why no name? The blackmailer passed her photo to an entire school. No trace of it’s origin? The video is different from her previous appearances – it’s in a studio type environment, not her bedroom. Why all alone and needing someone, when mother says she was close, and friends turn upi to memorials. Why no funeral news? Why so long to actually say hanged? Why is mom always on TV – not exactly devastated. Why did govt put distance between them (not at anti-bullying conference)? Why no more news from RCMP? Faked – she’s in care, and will get new identity. Why do school experts recommend video isn’t shown?

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