9/11 Video & Victim Fakery-“The Matrix” vs.Your Freedom

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My guest onebornfree wrote a great essay. He discussed it on my radio podcast http://bit.ly/XEaVxj

Congratulations, you’ve seen through 0;the matrix”! 

I assume you now know that the 911 “live” media broadcasts were mostly faked [i.e. no planes hit and 2, or the Pentagon, for example, or, as the F.B.I. and others now claim, magically completely disappeared into the ground in P.A.] ; the “live” collapse of the 7 buildings that made up the WTC complex was in actuality, most likely nothing more than a series of computer animations, and that most likely, many/ most of the reported 3000 or so victims were actually made up using computer image morphing software for the portraits and fake bio information.


Beyond Politics and 9/11 • View topic – 9/11 Video & Victim Fakery-“The Matrix” vs.Your Freedom.

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