Oil – A control mechanism

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Great explanation of what oil is all about. Explains why Iraq was invaded: we haven’t seen $20 oil since Iraq was invaded in Gulf War 2. Saddam simply would not turn off the taps.

by reichstag fireman on October 19th, 2012, 2:56 pm The question: if there’s no oil shortage then why all the fighting for it? It’s not about securing finite oil supplies (Abiotic Oil has virtually limitless supply). It’s about controlling the world oil market for racketeering. And that means eliminating the competition, and creating a sparsity scare. He who controls the well-heads controls the barrel price. So invade the oil fields, and control the supply. And as the authors of that EIR article make clear, there’s even more money to be swindled on the derivatives market. Peak Oil is just another economic warfare weapon. It goes hand-in-hand with Global Warming, Alternative Energy and other forms of Environmentalism.

Link: bit.ly/QBPx8P

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