Chamish on Solving 9-11

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Solving 9-11, a Review.

After listening to hours of Fetzer, he seems to have taken a turn towards blaming the Zionists and holograms at the WTC in his research.

I say blaming the Zionists, and there are different factions of them, is too easy.

When a magician tells you which way to look, in this case the Zionists, it’s really the other hand you have to look at. While Chamish alludes to the CFR (and who might control them, hmmm?), he doesn’t really spell out who they represent.

First and foremost, was a military media hoax. The actors set before us to take the blame are simply a slight of hand to throw the profane off track.

The real perps are never named, if even alluded to at all.

That’s why the goes strong, to this day.

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