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The invention of AIDS

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AIDS as an instrument of fear for social control? Makes sense to me. “The original AIDS cases were all found in homosexual men in the “fast track” lifestyle–those having hundreds or thousands of sexual contacts and using enormous amounts of hard drugs to make such promiscuous activity possible. For the CDC, the trick was to make the illness seem contagious; a simple drug-induced epidemic among homosexuals would hardly have frightened the public. nor have allowed the CDC to accomplish its radical public health agenda.” “Next was to explain the syndrome; to the CDC, this meant trying to find an infectious agent This would be no simple task, since essentially all of the first fifty cases admitted to heavy use of poppers. a drug preferred by homosexuals as a means of facilitating anal intercourse. Even if this toxic drug presented itself as the obvious explanation, the CDC investigators had no intention of letting the evidence interfere. According to historian Elizabeth Etheridge, “While many of the patients were routine users of amyl nitrites or ‘poppers,’ no one in the KSOI task force believed the disease was a toxicological problem” (Sentinel for Health. 1992. p. 326) www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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