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11/22 1963

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JFK Zapruder film re-touched • Cluesforum.info.

Was JFK even killed, or was he exiled to Argentina or some blocked off South Pacific military island?

The Zapruder film was clearly media fakery … but the question still remains what happened to the actors of that fateful day 49 years ago…

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Sally Ann – toy hoax?

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Whistleblower behind Salvation Army investigation into $2 million loss – thestar.com.

While I don’t want to be too skeptical, this story came and a solution was found (huge alleged toy donation from toy companies) so quickly that I smell a rat, or at least question it.

How do you fence “$20 toys” successfully? What is the method the thief used to abscond?

Why is this announced at such a strategic time in the organization’s toy drive?

Whether this be a critical or paranoid mind, questions must be asked.

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