Death to revive a music catalog

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Could musicians be 0;killed off” to increase sales? It is a fact that many dead artists do better than they did while living. Elvis, Michael Jackson, for instance.

Is MUSIC used as a propaganda/mind-control tool? •

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2 thoughts on “Death to revive a music catalog

  1. CappyHynic

    Hello, I’ve been listening to you and you do a good job. Very clear, calming, open and easy to understand as opposed to angry sounding people or seeming to have a certain agenda and things of that nature. Good job. I tend to think the same way that you do on things of this world and media. For entertainment purposes I watched a whole series convincing us that MJ is alive. I brushed it off just like I did when it first happened like, “well, big circus, just like his life was, crazy world”. One thing did grab my interest and I would like to hear what you think about all of this.… It starts about half way to 7mins in the video. Let me tell you that I am past all the ‘hand signals/illuminati in music’ videos a long time ago. It comes to a point where we know what’s generic and what isn’t. That word is overused and becoming too mainstream in music/movies/tv and makes me think they are selling it to us and we need to think beyond that. Also, did they ever clear up that whole ordeal that JanErikHansen is SimonShack? Thanks for reading. I understand you are a busy man. Thanks again.
    PS I’m changing my screenname because I got banned from VigilantCitizen(sites kinda hacky) And Cluesforum(I believe because I blabbed too much or wasn’t clear enough….not sure really) about 2 years ago. I rarely type into the internet. But, I still enjoy CluesForum. VC is kinda like a rag magazine I feel.
    Thanks again, I’m feeling what you do and you do a good job. Would appreciate your insight on the MJ and JanSimon deal.

    1. Ab Irato

      I am as sure as I am sitting here that Simon and Jan are two distinct entities. I also like both and chat with each on and off. One day I will attempt to do it at the same time! As for MJ I am curious so I will look into it. I think the hand signs/occult is a distraction for those that are somewhat religious, but another clue for the rest that we are being gamed. Thanks for listening!

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