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Buffalo fake flight 3407 crash

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Was thinking about this crash the other day.

Strangely, I didn’t realize Simon Shack of cluesforum.info had done something on this – especially since I downloaded and saved his short video on it.

There isn’t really anything on cluesforum.info about this (fake) flight, but it’s pretty clear that this crash didn’t happen as we were told.

FLIGHT 3407 STUDY – YouTube.

The fallout from this “crash” was enormous. I remember them doing many docs on pilot fatigue. The whole damning of the Toronto-made plane also seemed ridiculous, since it had state of the art de-icing.

It appears one of the main goals was to stop the Beverly Eckert story. The quickest way seems to be kill off the character, by either a plane crash, drowning, or suicide.

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Amanda Todd arm

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One of the more subliminal and awful parts of the Amanda Todd hoax video (time of images is 8:06 and 8:09) is an image of a scored arm (then bandage), allegedly caused by “cutting”.

abirato.info reader Robin is helping analyze the evidence and has found a glaring example of fakery in the arm images flashed into your psyche.


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