Horrific acting – Sandy Hook Psyop

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I don’t know what makes me more upset: those that are falling for the latest shooting or the HORRIFIC media manufacturing of video and images. I surfed over to CNN – a leader in media as seen on 9/11 – and am APPALLED by the terrible acting of adults and children alike.

This guy is stomach turning bad.


 http://bit.ly/ZbgY0Q CNN Video linkhttp:// is a relatively big psyop – lots of actors and actresses. It’s big enough that once a thread started on cluesforum.info, the site was likely under a DOS attack for over a day.

Of course the vicSIM images are equally terrible. The “shooter” is a black and white, barely human looking image. A “heroine” as also been identified. There are so many anomolies that it’s impossible to research this without into endless clues.

To my American cousins: there are some in the world that know you are good people. It is so anti-human to promote or simulate child-killing – it’s Luciferian. It’s clear that some group in control has an agenda to remove guns from Americans, as has been done in most of the world. If Americans want to remove the 2nd amendment, let them do it on their own. -ing them into it is evil.

I wonder what will happen first: Americans waking up to the media fakery to promote an agenda or an amendment to remove the 2nd amendment. Both are such longshots it’s a race impossible to call.

One side has all the money and power – the other side has only unused brain cells that maybe one day will come alive.

That is my hope.


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