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Sandy Hook Psyop hits home

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The tentacles of this world-wide media hoax beast reach far and wide. Fear has no borders.

Commentary: TDSB, not me, told my 6-year-old son about Newtown –thestar.com.

On the way to school Monday my son Benson, who turns 7 on Saturday, was upset, asking me over and over: “Why do people litter?”

A few hours later, his sprightly, sensitive little brain was processing another level of horror, that a man had stormed a U.S. school and shot 20 little kids — kids like him — to death.

My wife and I had chosen to not tell Ben about the Connecticut massacre. Newspapers were flipped, radios hushed.

What lessons could he learn from this bloodbath? We were mindful that his 4-year-old sister has been clinging to us, afraid to sleep alone, in the two months since she spied the Wicked Witch of the West on TV at her school.

I was shocked when, at 2:54 p.m. Monday, I received an email from the vice-principal of my son’s Riverdale school with the ominous subject line: “Sandy Hook information.”

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More Sandy Hook Psyop Propaganda

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Dr. Oz, who’s apparently questionable status can now be moved solidly over to the perps, adds his 202 cents to the fakery.


Notes of interest

  1. Kid mentions it was a drill to jump under desk (there is always a drill to make an excuse to get the actors and props in position. It even works on the non actor dupes)
  2. Mother says it “was like a movie” This is critical psychic driving as done on 9/11 to make you suspend disbelief
  3. Oz tells us kids have their answers ready to “make it easier”
  4. green ribbons on everyone

Using children as supporting actors is very dangerous. Kids around 6 are usually not quite mentally there to understand they are dupes, but on the flip side they are prone to blurting out truths without knowing.

Somewhere Lucifer is smiling.

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