More Sandy Hook Psyop Propaganda

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Dr. Oz, who’s apparently questionable status can now be moved solidly over to the perps, adds his 202 cents to the fakery.…

Notes of interest

  1. Kid mentions it was a drill to jump under desk (there is always a drill to make an excuse to get the actors and props in position. It even works on the non actor dupes)
  2. Mother says it 0;was like a movie” This is critical as done on to make you suspend disbelief
  3. Oz tells us kids have their answers ready to 0;make it easier”
  4. green ribbons on everyone

Using children as supporting actors is very dangerous. Kids around 6 are usually not quite mentally there to understand they are dupes, but on the flip side they are prone to blurting out truths without knowing.

Somewhere Lucifer is smiling.

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