Sandy Hook Psyop hits home

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The tentacles of this world-wide media hoax beast reach far and wide. Fear has no borders.

Commentary: TDSB, not me, told my 6-year-old son about Newtown –

On the way to school Monday my son Benson, who turns 7 on Saturday, was upset, asking me over and over: “Why do people litter?”

A few hours later, his sprightly, sensitive little brain was processing another level of horror, that a man had stormed a U.S. school and shot 20 little kids — kids like him — to death.

My wife and I had chosen to not tell Ben about the Connecticut massacre. Newspapers were flipped, radios hushed.

What lessons could he learn from this bloodbath? We were mindful that his 4-year-old sister has been clinging to us, afraid to sleep alone, in the two months since she spied the Wicked Witch of the West on TV at her school.

I was shocked when, at 2:54 p.m. Monday, I received an email from the vice-principal of my son’s Riverdale school with the ominous subject line: “ information.”

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