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Simon Says

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Great research at cluesforum.info, including this latest post by Simon and Brianv.

It would appear that these ‘mad shooting’ psyops have multiple goals and objectives. The first two are easily understood:

1 – To keep people under constant fear (a very old tactic used by the governing bodies of this world)

2 – To make people give up their firearms so that only the government can own firearms (self-protection by the elites).

The third objective of these recent psyops certainly has to do with their botched (and now fully exposed) 9/11 hoax:

3 – To feed the people such abysmally bad acting (by alleged “mourning family members”) so as to make the poor actors enrolled in the 9/11 hoax look ALMOST REAL in comparison.


4: To make us forget about the terror and mass-murder commited by the entity known as the “USA” in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan, by painting them as victims over and over.

5: To hide the fact that their lame government has no policies of any kind to sell, and all parties have become one. The Politics of the Spectacle is all they’ve got.

6: NASA has been busted as a charade, and they fear the humiliation backlash.

via Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting 14 dec. 2012 • Cluesforum.info.

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Canadian in space

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English: The launch of the Zvezda service modu...

English: The launch of the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station on a Russian Proton-K rocket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So pleased Canada is doing its share in world affairs. Our asstroNOT is now leading the mission to the ISS. Great that a happy psyop is taking our minds off the dark Sandy Hook psyop.

Some observations on the latest launch:

  1. Poor quality official video
  2. Launch done in a place no one knows to keep those pesky tourists from recording/questioning
  3. Occult numbers constantly echoed by launch commentator: 1100, 3300, 13500 mph
  4. Not one bit of camera jiggle at 13,500 mph
  5. ASStroNOTS busy waving and thumbsupping at camera, only pressing the odd button with their space stick
  6. How come they are still using the Model T version of a space craft in 2012?
  7. This is the real reason the shuttle program was canceled. It was just too close to all the awakening masses.

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