Canadian in space

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English: The launch of the Zvezda service modu...

English: The launch of the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station on a Russian Proton-K rocket. (Photo credit: )

So pleased Canada is doing its share in world affairs. Our asstroNOT is now leading the mission to the ISS. Great that a happy is taking our minds off the dark psyop.

Some observations on the latest launch:

  1. Poor quality official video
  2. Launch done in a place no one knows to keep those pesky tourists from recording/questioning
  3. Occult constantly echoed by launch commentator: 1100, 3300, 13500 mph
  4. Not one bit of camera jiggle at 13,500 mph
  5. ASStroNOTS busy waving and thumbsupping at camera, only pressing the odd button with their space stick
  6. How come they are still using the Model T version of a space craft in 2012?
  7. This is the real reason the shuttle program was canceled. It was just too close to all the awakening masses.

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