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Great research at, including this latest post by Simon and Brianv.

It would appear that these ‘mad shooting’ have multiple goals and objectives. The first two are easily understood:

1 – To keep people under constant fear (a very old tactic used by the governing bodies of this world)

2 – To make people give up their firearms so that only the government can own firearms (self-protection by the elites).

The third objective of these recent certainly has to do with their botched (and now fully exposed) 9/11 hoax:

3 – To feed the people such abysmally bad acting (by alleged “mourning family members”) so as to make the poor actors enrolled in the 9/11 hoax look ALMOST REAL in comparison.


4: To make us forget about the terror and mass-murder commited by the entity known as the “USA” in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan, by painting them as victims over and over.

5: To hide the fact that their lame government has no policies of any kind to sell, and all parties have become one. The Politics of the Spectacle is all they’ve got.

6: has been busted as a charade, and they fear the humiliation backlash.

via Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting 14 dec. 2012 •

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