Ep19:More Sandy Hook

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With guest Robin Fisher www.youtube.com/user/RobinMFis…

We go through my latest posts from here abirato.info/category/psyops/s…

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24 thoughts on “Ep19:More Sandy Hook

  1. waterwitch

    Hi again, Tim,
    i am really looking forward to your next show. NASA would be a great topic, or the continuing saga of Sandy Hook ( although because of the bad acting, it’s getting to be a bit boring these days:-))

  2. JohnFriend1

    Christopher Marlowe is exactly right.  
    Good article destroying the Holohoax PSYOP and photo fakery:
    Break the Spell! Magic and Trickery are what the “Holocaust” is made of
    By Carolyn Yeager
    This very famous image associated with the so-called “Holocaust” that was discussed in the previous post has turned out to be fraught with fakery. A sharp-eyed reader, Paul Borresen, noticed something that, once seen,  makes one wonder how it was not seen before!
    What he noticed is that, in addition to the fake standing man exposed in my previous post,  one of the men in the bunks appears twice in this Famous Buchenwald Lie Photo, and the similarity is unmistakeable. 
    Viewing the photo enlarged as much as it can be … find the young man lying on his back with head turned toward the photographer,  in the 2nd row up from the bottom, 3rd from the left. His head is resting on his food bowl. (close-up on left, below, designated ‘Original’) …
    View photos being discussed and the rest of the article here:

  3. Christopher Marlowe

    I’m very disappointed in this radio show. You have a lot of evidence, but you started off on a bad foot by deciding to just make assertions and not bothering to provide support. That’s really pretty worthless to listen to. The story of the old Jewish man with the kids showing up in front of his house sounds like pure BS, and it’s good to shred stuff like that. And the whole story sounds very fabricated. But at the same time, claiming that the Catholic Church is behind this is just a worthless comment with no support. Even your own example features a Jewish guy, not a priest or a Jesuit. A Jew. Whose fingerprints are all over 9/11? Jews. Everywhere. No Jesuits. No Popes.  Yet somehow the Catholic Church is behind the new world order? That is such a foolish comment, and there is no proof to support it. When you make comments like that, you put yourself into the category of shill. People try to blame 9/11 on Jesuits are shills. The ones who have benefitted the most from 9/11 are the Jews and israel. Claiming that the Church is related to masons or the illuminati shows that the speaker hasn’t done any homework, and hasn’t got the faintest idea what he is talking about.

  4. JohnFriend1

    I started laughing hearing the guy on with you saying the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, and the Vatican were the main players in the global power structure.  Organized Jewish groups and interests are by far the most powerful faction of the global power elite.  They are behind virtually all of the problems facing humanity.  Jews openly brag that they own and control the mass media and Hollywood:
    Israel and an international network of Jewish criminals did 9/11:
    They are behind all these PSYOPS as well.  The Holohoax was one of the first big PSYOPS.

    1. waterwitch

      @abirato Hi Tim love the show, but where can I post comments? It’s great to hear people actually talking about these things. It makes me feel less isolated. As you say, it’s really hard to broach subjects like media fakery on this scale with friends who have had no reason to question these ridiculous news fictions. Keep up the good work.
      Carole ( aka waterwitch at SC)

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