India Gang rape

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An Indian woman whose gang-rape aboard a bus in New Delhi spawned mass protests has died, according to a doctor who was treating her at a Singapore hospital.

via Doctor: Young woman gang-raped in India dies –

Part of the 0;problem” of being a media skeptic and being a student of the media hoax is all large scale media events become suspect.

While India may be a world away, it’s still a member of the worldwide community. As such, its media cannot be taken for granted as being truthful.

While I cannot possibly follow every media hoax, this Indian gang rape story has some severe anomolies that need addressing:

  1. Story has gone viral worldwide – heavily promoted by all major news (propaganda) outlets
  2. Why was the victim transported out of the country for medical care? India is well known for its American trained physicians being top-notch. 
  3. The story of the police officer(s) directly involved in the case keeps changing
  4. Victim’s name kept private for “privacy reasons”
  5. Bollywood actor(s) twittering away messages

Is rape a problem in India? Is there a cultural bias against females and their rights? Perhaps. Will laws be inspired and enacted because of this? Probably.

If this was in fact a , is it justified? Is ever justified? Do those that perpetrated 9/11 and consider them justifiable? No doubt that they all figure the end justifies the means.

Problem, reaction, solution. are worldwide – and everyone must be aware.

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