Ep22:Robin Fisher

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Robin Fisher is our guest. OBF and Erik dropped by for a chat. Topics included controlled opposition, , .

Robin’s Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/RobinMFisher?feature=watch

OBF truth and shadows thread: http://truthandshadows.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/multiple-suspects-a-profusion-of-weapons-and-arrests-suppressed-in-sandy-hook-shooting-story

NB: Our stream wasn’t working right at show time last night. Coincidence? Just like all the coincidences I am sure. Therefore I am more off my game than normal during the call. A new server and backup server will be sourced and found under STREAMS under the banner. You can always skype in to listen at ab.irato99 (add me as a contact).


73 thoughts on “Ep22:Robin Fisher

  1. KubonaSplashdown

    we have to remember that we not talking about normal decent jewish people but SECRET SATANIC CABALA SECT ( Ancient Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine,AIPAC,Christian Zionism and John Hagee and so on) that is using his nation as the shield to get away with all the dirt its involved into.
    They combine all religions into one and called that satanizm.Moloch is their god.


    1. RobinMFish

       I know we are not talking about decent jewish people (specifically torah believing jews). But all those who pull the “jew” card fall victim to the plot when they employ the tactics of blaming the jews. Mystery Babylon and the Eqyptian priests of Nimrod/Horus is the Roman Catholic Church, Rome even admits that the site of the Vatican itself is new Babylon. And I am pretty sure they even parts of architecture from Babylon moved to Rome. The Jesuit Oath even admits to claiming, “we will be Jews among jews…” Yes it is all satanism, luciferianism. But it’s funny that no one can find the headquarters to the Jew Zionists, they still evade and elude the masses. So where do they all meet? Who’s ring do they all kiss? The Pope.

      1. KubonaSplashdown

        @RobinMFish They don’t have to meet they communicate thru Hollywood movies and false flag Mossad,MI6, NSA, and French secret service ops.
        and then mercenaries comes into action and Halliburton,Schlumberger etc

        1. RobinMFish

           You are so looking at the small pictures they want you to believe in. But then again, I already know you know the truth, that is why you defend it with such vigor.
          “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Volitare (*Voltaire was educated by the Jesuits at the Collège Louis-le-Grand (1704–1711), where he learned Latin and Greek; later in life he became fluent in Italian, Spanish and English – Wiki)
          See, God has opened my eyes to the truth, that is why you people have to keep this whole bs contrived system of lies going, because you all know it’s falling apart.
          Now stop messaging me with your worthless rhetoric, circle arguements, false facts and twisted reasoning. It’s pointless to debate with reprobates like yourself. You people are the ones ushering the New World Order, whether you know it or not.

        2. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish I don’t defend anything.All is evil.
          What is twisted in your opinion. Exactly. Katyn massacre ?
          I just gave all the facts. You talkin about Pope only. I’m questioning everything.
          And don’t tell me what i know or believe in….just tell me that 6 000 0000 jews died in polish holocoust.

        3. KubonaSplashdown

          Why are You insulting me.Simple no facts just wiki links.I’m ushering the NWO. You must be out of your mind.

        4. RobinMFish

          Oh you are defending lies. And no, not everything is evil, that is your twisted interpretation. For God, hath made all things good through the Christ. I question things, I question your agenda, and pointing out meaningless and trivial facts that you claim to have substanial weight to anything.
          Romans 16:18
          King James Version (KJV)
          18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
          Yes, get with the program reprobate, you are the enemy. You are ushering in the NWO with your hyprocritcal bs and no I am not insulting you, I am speaking the truth. And the truth is that you have to hide on a webpage forum spewing your lies and disinfo and getting people to worry about illusions and fictions and facts that don’t pretain to the real situation. Oh course I am out of my mind, a tactical linguistic all you reprobates and agents use when you are confronted on your lies and agenda.

        5. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdownSee, here you go again, you should be a professor at an institution in circle arguements 101.
          I told you to stop messaging me, which means you care to not honour my wishes as an individual. Which definately shows me your ushering in the NWO and your agenda straight up and the lack of human qualities you have.
          Keep ousting yourself and promoting all your misleading youtube videos that spew filth from men with silly stupid hats.
          I take it Ab Irato is your new home for cointelpro? Good job. Are you like this in real life? You must be a real stand up person.

        6. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish You just started attacking me with no reason and call me the names. Why ?
          How do You know what disinfo agents do by the way. Cuz I don’t. Did You meet and talk to one ? Just wonder.

        7. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish Those hats aren’t stupid. Obviously You have no reference in history of any kind . Just wiki links about pope and jesuits.

        8. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish  To this radio station i came thru Simon Shack 9/11 september clues.
          …and just bother to listen to your disinfo ..that i regret now.

        9. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdownOh I’ve given enough some simple references, which you seemed to overlook completely, to swindle me back into your pathetic escapade of disinfo. You keep messaging me like you live on this site. Is this your day job? I didn’t attack you, you claim that to play the victim card, like a 12 year would do, just like your “reget” comment. You also say those hats aren’t stupid? Why? Because you wear one? lol Yeah, did Jesus need a stupid hat? NO!
          But maybe you are right. Maybe I am being tough on you. How would like me to help you see the truth? I am here to help through the Lord. Do you know the Lord? The Lord will help you see the truth in all this mess, like he has done others.

        10. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish Still insulting. All the way.Insult insult insult .And You caliing yourself believer in Lord ? What kind of Lord is it ?
          I asked You to point me lying ….3 2 1 action

        11. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdownMy point proven, you’re a reprobate, an abomination unto the Lord, all the way.

        12. KubonaSplashdown

          . @RobinMFish
          You wanna be above me all the time. This is the sign that U are fraud.False prophet.
          Don’t worry I dont care some much.
          I just gave some facts but You have to .have the point proven.I don’t cuz there is one truth and U not obviously its messenger.
          Bye shill

        13. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdown Nice spelling. Real educated man I’m talking to. I know you don’t care so much, you’re just here to slander and discredit and promote false teachings. You’re facts are null and void because you pick and choose what you want to hear and say. You can’t even research past your own fallible ideologies and you like to frame the debate any which way you can. I don’t have to prove anything. In fact it was you and the other shills that showed up here spewing your false teachings, remember, you guys were the ones who showed up first and started writing lenghty reports to sway opinions and emotions. I gave small responses because I already know who is genuine and who isn’t. You can throw your garbage back all you want. But I remind you, you should learn how to spell correctly and punctuate proper sentences if you’re going to have anyone with a real brain believe you.

        14. KubonaSplashdown

          I knew it that your next move going to be literacy.Tell the same to Simon Shack and his english.
          But hundreds of people now read and listen to his movies about 9/11 fakery.Is Tesla was less inventor because his native language was not english.Education have nothing to do with it. Grown up.

        15. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdownWell if education has nothing to do with it, than I guess I can’t believe anything you provide. See how flawed your own statements are? You want me to believe your false teachings when you say education has nothing to do with it? What other quicksand traps you going to walk into? And because you ousted yourself in the english department, I guess you come from another country where english isn’t a primary language, which means what, Spain, Italy, Norway….
          And stop trying to skew the onus of responsibility for your false teachings off on language from others and misleading the conversation towards Shack or Tesla. Horrible fail on your behalf.

        16. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish What false teaching I promote in your opinion ? Its alredy there. History.
          Katyn massacre , Smolensk psyop . Shriners part of jesuit cabala order…etc
          It really does not matter who is behind it.There is no way we can stop it. You think killing pope would stop it. By the way  Pope John Paul II was jewish .You knew that didn’t U.

        17. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish You stop twisting around every word i write. You think that all the knowledge comes from english…maybe american english.Laugh.Who broke the Enigma code ? Guess

        18. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFishsomething about english department because you only speak one language so you have to believe in all the translation whatever they right or wrong.So how do You know whats true or not.

        19. RobinMFish

          @KubonaSplashdownDid I ever say killing the pope would stop it? No. And your false teachings are the Jews that run the world, subsequently all your related videos that take the onus away from the real stucture and people in charge of that structure. Did you know Knight of Malta Larry Silverstien is also a jewish or Knight of Malta Henry Kissinger? See those that call themselves jews but are not. And if pope john paul ll is jewish, than I’m the president of the united states.
          I am not twisting around your words, I am simply calling you out on your bs, and otherwise ignorant research methods and framed debate(s). I don’t think all knowledge comes from english, but you want me to take you at face value and you spell “cause” as “cuz and use “you” as “u”…..Seriously? Yeah, you seem legit. I bet Tesla even knew the correct spelling of those words.
          Look here, I know a deceiver when I hear or see one, and you are a deceiver.
          Go read the book The Two Babylons, go read the book, The History of the Jesuits. You know, those books that tell the truth, the ones most people don’t know of, because they have been hidden away behind all the propaganda books of the Zionist Jews. lol Seriously man, you’re treading on thin ice here.

        20. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish don’t worry i know how to spell. Writing You I even use the capital letter Y didn’t You notice.
          Stop write that I false teach….I don’t blame jews for all the pestilence.The idiots whoever they are equally take part in this scam.The jews jesuit christian arabs or angry power men.
          You just become the president of the united states becaue Pope John Paul II was jewish after his mother  Emilie Scholz and father Feliks Katz.
          You don’t have pattern for truth,remember that.

        21. KubonaSplashdown

          @RobinMFish  To add Michael Bloomberg’s grandfather comes from the same polish village as Pope Jan Paul II father.

  2. KubonaSplashdown

    ….one more thing.Why in this matter no one has mentioned about Poland’s 2010 Smolensk Plane Crash …that was PSYOP as well.
    In April of 1940, thousands of Polish leaders, intellectuals, officers and business owners were killed by the secret police of Jewish Bolsheviks from the Soviet Union in what became known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. Katyn Forest is only a few miles away from Russian town of Smolensk.
    Fast forward to 2010 and viola – 96 Polish leaders, including Polish president Lech Kaczy?ski, his wife Maria Kaczy?ski, former Polish president Ryszard Kaczorowski, senior Polish military officers, top members of Polish clergy, the president of the National Bank of Poland, chief of the Polish General Staff and other top government officials died in a plane crash in Smolensk.
    Learn and put all the facts together…then talk on the radio.

  3. KubonaSplashdown

    The real truth who is behind all of that shit which is going on at the moment is unknow and never be.For our suprise they working together arabs,jews,catholic.All of them are wealthy satanic pedophilie idiots.
     I found Rossia s Nogom v Spine for all of U to watch….unfortunately in russian language


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