Alex Jones playing his role

Be the 1st to vote.… Alex Jones made it to the show today, after his outburst on Piers Morgan. Alex is clearly another level of the disinformation campaign. He appears to be going after the NWO by exposing false flags but one he 0;makes it” he appears maniacal and his message is lost to the herd. It’s a more sophisticated part of the but it works.

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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones playing his role

  1. Andy Tyme

    I have long maintained, Tim, that Alex Jones (a fictional character, partly based on Bill Hicks but played by a chubby, gravelly-voiced actor at least ten years too old for the role) is a key part of the plan to initiate FUTURE armed-conflict incidents all across the USA (“patriots” vs. “the NWO”) — much like “the False Maria” riled up the worker-drones in the sci-fi classic METROPOLIS. But Jones and his well-financed/publicised cadre do serve a counter-purpose, too.

    Frequent visits to provide us with a very useful “litmus test” as to which net-spread conspiracy memes are currently useful to the esoteric/occult controllers and which are not… yet. Although the Fakery-at-Sandy-Hook meme did get some initial traction (via informed/suspicious posters on the chaotic PrisonPlanet Forum) it has been consistently blocked from the PP “news” pages, just as has been the case with all no-planes/video-fakery/empty-towers/bogus-victims material.

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