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Shack on the shooting psyops

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Simon says:

Ok folks, here we go…Shame on us all ! If the primary underlying motive for these recurring “shooting” psyops was still a bit foggy until recently – I think it should now be much clearer – at least to all of us here at Cluesforum. The perps have been caught with their pants down faking “3000 victims” on 9/11.

www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic…. This psyop is clearly well thought out, to military precision and depth.

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Puppetmasters of last 300 years

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More education of the puppetmasters of the last few hundred years. There is so much good information here that I have to rewatch this a few times.

Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith” on YouTube

Another Sandy Hooker actor

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Brother shares story of shooting | WTNH.com Connecticut.

This kid does a good job acting the part. This video is complete with the usual talking points and “edits” or “glitches”.

Using children (albeit teenagers) to propagate this myth is again reaching a new low point.

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