Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Flareup of conspiracy conflict

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Looks like Cass Sunstein’s plan to control the opposition and spread disinformation is in full gear this past week. bit.ly/XpBBkR

Two shows in particular have hit my radar. One is Fetzer, who took his one man monologue to newcomer Pete Santilli. bit.ly/XpCbPz Lots of conflict with no discussion of what really happened in 9/11 (complete media.fakery)

The other biggie was Piers and Alex doing their dog and long show.

Conflict abound – keeping people focussed on the thesis antithesis while the man behind the curtain orchestrates the synthesis using his media fakery to inflame the false debate.

It’s clear they’ve got the pedal to the metal creating their divide.

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