Ep24:Jesuit Jewish Debate

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audio_mp3_button2013-1-19-Robin John Jesuit Jew Debate

Jesuit/Jewish debate with John Friend and Robin Fisher. Robin will have the first hour, John the second hour, and a back and forth the third hour. The previous comment thread went long – so we will try and air this one out on air. We will stream here tonite:


Figures the free service is the only one I can get working!

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130 thoughts on “Ep24:Jesuit Jewish Debate

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  2. UNreal

    Just a thought on the jewish/jesuit issue:

    wouldn’t it make much more sense if Hegelian dialectics applies ?

    so, what if both groups just cooperate, and that they are in fact the same ?

    would be exactly their recepy, don’t you think ?

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