The Parker Family Blog fakery

Be the 1st to vote. Been looking through this blog via While I’m not sure the person portraying Robbie Parker is in fact named Robbie Parker, I thought I’d plow through the comments and drill down the comment authors to see what I could see. I’ve been blogging and computing for a long time … including a family blog. I’ve given access to the family blog to all my family – and I’d be shocked if any of them visit it. Heck, I don’t even visit it. No one comments on it…especially since most can’t be bothered to make a username login. Therefore I conclude that the Parker blog, complete with minimalist entries and one liner comments-is fake. Drill down the fellow families usernames and a very similar canned style of writing is apparent. Almost factory assembly line output. The interconnectivity is also suspect, betraying fakery. Boy these sure use man hours. Blogs fit for a sim.

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