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Markus with Adam Curry

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Marku$ has a good interview with Adam Curry – who I’m not sure is fully on board with 9/11 and its fakery. I did try and listen earlier to Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak (who I always used to read). The podcast didn’t interest me though. I’ll have another crack at it perhaps.

Adam Curry interview with Markus

The thing I took away from the interview was Howard Stern’s apparent complicity in the 9/11 broadcast. Harkening back to the day, I remember Crazy Cabbie going on about what he could see from his balcony or rooftop. I don’t remember what he said – but if there was just a 102 minute movie playing on TV – then there wouldn’t have been much to see that day “for real”.

The psychic driving by Howard and Robin of the official talking points, Osama and Muslims and terrorists and the need to get even – was undeniable.

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The Great Divides of the US populous

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The US is divided as never before.

Not simply guns and no guns, and not simply black and white. The are divisions on groups that simply won’t melt into the pot. There are divisions in education. There are divisions in many places that threaten the cohesion of the nation as a whole.

The military clearly dominates and permeates the culture and economy. Without it there could easily be a collapse. Is this what the goverment is getting prepared for?


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