Markus with Adam Curry

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Marku$ has a good interview with Adam Curry – who I’m not sure is fully on board with and its . I did try and listen earlier to Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak (who I always used to read). The podcast didn’t interest me though. I’ll have another crack at it perhaps.

Adam Curry interview with Markus

The thing I took away from the interview was ’s apparent complicity in the 9/11 broadcast. Harkening back to the day, I remember Crazy Cabbie going on about what he could see from his balcony or rooftop. I don’t remember what he said – but if there was just a 102 minute movie playing on TV – then there wouldn’t have been much to see that day 0;for real”.

The by Howard and Robin of the official talking points, Osama and Muslims and terrorists and the need to get even – was undeniable.

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