Ep25:Reviewing abirato.info

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audio_mp3_buttonEp25-Reviewing abirato and 911

Showtime: Saturday, January 26, 2013 – 8pm EST

A general maintenance show: we will be going over recent blog posts at abirato.info.

Tonight a great show featuring Gabriel, his fiance, Jan Erik, , John from the UK. Gabriel told us all about his awakening a year or so back, and the path he took to realizing the manufactured world around him.

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9 thoughts on “Ep25:Reviewing abirato.info

  1. kirenajoslo

    I dare Simon to cal in saturday so we can lay dead this nonsense that he is me.
    It pisses me of as i differ from him on core issues…..
    Jan Erik Oslo Norge

    1. Herge Degrelle

       Your ‘core issues’ are peddled by a holohoaxing clown called Frank O. Collins LOL
      None of the major contributors at Clues Forums believe in such a ridiculous and absurd hoax, illegal to question with prison sentences of up to 5 years in 17 friggin countries.

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