Toronto shooting fake?

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Apparently there was a shooting in a Toronto suburb the other night.

As a media analyst, one tends to be skeptical of most stories, including the local ones. The difference with local stories, however, is they tend to catch us more off guard – since we don’t believe they can happen that close to home.

Toronto Shooting story.

The photos published below all have elements that cause me to suspect fakery. The different pictures even look like different people. The bottom picture with the green and white shirt and the blue background looks like a composite.

The Ronald McDonald shot has Ronald’s face in focus and the child’s face out of focus – again indicating bad cut and paste of different photos.

Since guns are difficult to obtain, let alone carry, in Canada, one wonders what the express purpose of faking this event could be. Is it just more fear? Is it to keep us on the same or similar level of gun events as the US? Is it to keep everyone in the Western world on the same agenda page?

Of course not all events are fake – I suspect – but they all have one thing in common. They are all unverifiable if one believes that the authorities cannot be believed due to their past complicity of obvious fakery.

That is the real problem.

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